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No One is Inspired By the Perfect Leader

Are you striving to build the perfect brand and business? To be the leader who always says the right thing and never makes a mistake? 

Do you think that by doing so you'll be seen as more credible, build a tribe of raving fans, attract more clients and make more money?

I get it. I'm in the...


Conviction Wins The Gold!

"The soulpreneur with the greatest conviction wins the gold!"
Conviction was a hard skill for me to grasp during the first few years of my business because I wanted to come across as open-minded, accepting and welcoming of other people's ideas and beliefs.

I feared that by...

Getting Personal…The Key to Building Trust with Your List

How do you communicate with your email list?

Do you send them…

  • excerpts from blog posts that link back to your website?
  • announcements about upcoming products, programs or services?
  • promotional emails from your affiliates?
  • newsletter articles that include tips and strategies...

Your Brand Requires Your Opinion

Think of any personal brand you know.

How about Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres or Lady Gaga just to give you a few ideas.

These are all powerful, influential women, who many people know, trust and love. And one thing they all have in common is that they courageously share their opinions, loud and...


Is Inconsistency Killing Your Business?

There are thousands of solopreneurs out there trying to make their messages heard. The hard truth is that only a small percentage actually succeed, while the majority get lost in the noise.

If you want to be the brand that stands out, attracts clients and impacts other people’s lives while...


How to Prepare for Your Personal Branding Photo Shoot

If you can only do ONE thing to improve your visual brand, it should be professional head shots. Professional headshots can make the difference between you being perceived as lacking credibility, to being THE person who your ideal clients trust and want to work with.

As a service-based...


How to Make Competition Irrelevant

If you’ve ever attended a Daring Divas event or worked with me privately, you’ve probably heard me express how I feel about competition: I don’t believe in it.

It’s not that competition doesn’t exist, but rather, it exists as a notion we make up in our heads out of a...


3 Personal Lessons from 2016

Happy 2017 !
I hope you had a restful, rejuvenating holiday and are ready to kick off 2017 with a bang! 
I'm excited for the year ahead, but first, I want to give a loving goodbye to 2016. 
2016 taught me some important lessons in my business and life...

Lesson #1:...

5 Ways to Get a Grip… On Your Crazy Schedule!

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with everything there is to do to build your business. Especially when you’re just starting out.

And it’s true – there can be a lot to do. But one thing I’ve learned throughout my eight years of being a business owner, is that...


15 Brand Myths to Bust Right Now

Have you fallen for any of the following branding myths?

If you’re anything like me (I’ve fallen for almost all of these myths to some degree at certain points in my business), then I’m going to guess that you’re under the influence of at least one of these myths right...

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