Should I Rebrand?

Should I Rebrand?

branding Apr 27, 2023

It’s part of the human experience that we grow and evolve… but what happens when we outgrow our brands? Not everything that changes signifies the need for a rebrand. But, it’s good to look at your brand in detail every few years and understand how it’s serving you, and how it could better communicate your values, mission, and vision. 

When you look at your brand, does it feel like an easy hell yes, or are you a little more unsure? If you feel unsure at all, then it may be time to reevaluate your brand. 

Your brand should NEVER feel like an anchor to the past, keeping you stuck somewhere you don’t belong anymore. Your brand should give you the freedom to move forward on your right path, and give you what you need to do that successfully. 

Today, I’m here to share with you my personal experience with rebranding, and ask some important questions to consider if you are wondering whether a rebrand is right for you. 

My Rebranding Experience

In 2019, I went through a full rebrand, completely redefining every single part of my brand – even down to the foundations. 

I had started feeling like the brand I created, which had two facets to it, wasn’t resonating with me anymore. One part of my business was “Coach Jessie May,” and one part was “Daring Divas.” Even though I’d had the name “Daring Divas” for a while and had become well-known in my local community over the prior years, I was no longer resonating with the word diva and the connotations that came along with that. It felt like I was juggling two businesses, and I was looking to simplify and bring everything under one roof. 

So, I did that with the rebrand into The Daring Fempreneur. 

Along with the name change, came a shift in my entire visual brand identity, and my brand foundations. I rewrote my core messaging, values, mission statement, vision statement … everything. While there wasn’t a complete shift in what I do and who I help (I still work with female entrepreneurs helping them build their brands), all of the identity and supporting factors changed.

Since that rebrand, my business has felt so much more aligned and I’ve been loving what I continue to create here!

But, I can honestly feel that in the coming years, I’ll need to partially rebrand some aspects of my business. I’ve been going through a lot of personal changes lately that I know will impact how my business evolves moving forward (so stay tuned for that)!

What is Your Brand Archetype?

When you look at your brand, does it feel like it’s holding you back in the past, or helping you get to where you want to go in the future? If you’re feeling held back, you have likely changed as a person since you first defined that brand, and it may be time to take another look at it. 

I used to be a very strong Ruler archetype. If you’ve been in this community for a while, you’ve seen me grow and evolve into my Explorer archetype over the recent years – which is one of the changes I made in my 2019 rebrand! I was ready to embrace that part of me more, and bring that more to the forefront of my brand. While the Ruler is still a part of me, it’s no longer the defining part of me. 

If you’ve taken my Brand Archetype Quiz in the past, you may also feel like you’ve identified with one archetype in the past, but now you feel yourself being drawn to another that is pulling you into the next phase of your business and your life. The same thing can happen with the Power Profile – changing your color palette over time can be another sign that you’ve changed somewhere deep down inside, and it’s time to present a new version of yourself to the world. And that’s okay! 

How Do You Rebrand Without Losing or Confusing Your Audience?

One of my most prominent business philosophies is honesty and transparency – and this applies to rebranding too. Before you fully announce your rebrand, share with your audience what they can look forward to, what to expect, and when to expect it. This way, you can limit or even avoid brand confusion. 

Another important piece is sharing your why with your audience. People love a why they can get behind, so don’t be afraid to share why you decided to rebrand! From there, consistency is key. Showing up with your new brand identity might feel a little strange at first, just like embracing any new change. But it’s important to switch fully to only your new brand identity, discarding any remnants of the past, to avoid brand confusion with your audience. 

Deciding that it’s time for a rebrand can be intimidating in some ways. You may fear that changing your brand will ruin everything you've worked so hard to build, that it will cause brand confusion, that people won't approve. However, it is possible to rebrand without losing, confusing, or disappointing your audience and yourself in the process. 

If you’re ready for a rebrand, or even just considering whether a rebrand is necessary for you or not, I'd love to invite you to join us in the Impact Tribe, where you'll get immediate access to branding courses, monthly coaching calls, Canva brand bundles, and tons more resources to help you build or rebuild your brand. Learn more and join us today at the link below!


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