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The Beginner’s Path to a 6-Figure Business

Today is for you if you're Just starting your business.

And it's also for you if you've been in business a while, but just aren't seeing the results you'd hoped for from all your hard work. 

If you're feeling overwhelmed and confused about where to focus your time, energy and...


9 Ways to Stand Out When Everyone Looks the Same

Spend a few minutes on social media these days and it's easy to quickly become discouraged. There's so many businesses vying for attention that it can make even the best of us wonder...

"What's the point?"

"Will I ever be able to make it with all this competition?


Your discouragement is...


But WHY?

WHY do you do what you do?

You know... beyond making money?

This was the question we asked at "Daring Divas Connect" in Boulder, CO earlier this week - a "non-networky" networking event that I designed to help our members cut the chit chat and get to know each other beyond "what do you do?".



Personal Branding: Self-Obsession or Self Love?

If you're single (or have ever been single ) you've probably heard that knowing and loving yourself is an important step in finding your soul mate.

It makes sense right? Because the more we know, love and accept ourselves, the more we'll radiate confidence, which is attractive to other people....


What is Personal Branding Anyway?

First things first, let’s define branding in general.

A brand is the promise of an experience that is consistently delivered everywhere your business shows up.

If you’re a service-based business owner, speaker, author or online influencer, we need to take this concept of branding a...


QUIZ: Where to Spend Your Time and Money in 2019

Earlier this month, over 50 women entrepreneurs packed the room in Boulder, CO at my live training, "How to Plan Your Most profitable Year Yet". 

At the beginning, I warned attendees that they may not hear what they expected (or even wanted) to hear from me. 

But by the end, the...


How to Know if Investing in Your Brand is a Smart Decision

Investing in your brand is a big decision.

It’s not just a financial investment, but an investment of your time and energy too.

Plus, there are so many places where you could invest in your business, how do you know if your brand is the right place to invest?

Then, if you decide you want to...


Discover Your Brand Style in 3 Simple Steps

Your Brand Style is the first experience potential clients and tribe members have of you; and your style isn't just limited to how you dress, it also impacts how you decorate your office, the event spaces you use, and the images and graphics you post on social media and feature on your website.


How to Position Your Brand for Premium Pricing

You are amazing at what you do and your clients get phenomenal results. Isn't it time that your income reflect all your hard work? 

Being paid more for your services is totally possible and easy with a few tweaks to how you're communicating your business to your potential clients.



How to Keep Your Brand from Falling Flat

As a personal brand, one of your jobs is to create content that helps your tribe get to know the real you.

After all, choosing to work with you is an emotional decision, based on how much your tribe likes you as a person, and trusts that what you have to offer can solve their problem.


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