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The Hustle Scam: How Creating Spaciousness in Your Day Leads to More Fulfillment and Financial Freedom

How many entrepreneurs do you know or see online who boast about working 24/7 and wear their burnout like a badge of honor? 

If you’ve fallen for the “hustle scam,” you’re not alone. It’s easy to get sucked into the idea that we have to work every night and...


How to Create a Client Management System in Trello

Having an organized client management system is essential to having a great working relationship with your clients. Not only that, but having an organized system also saves you time, keeps you and your clients organized and on-track, and makes space for communication. Using a shared Trello board...


5 Signs You’re Over Complicating Your Business

I believe in simplicity. Especially in business. 

Complicated businesses lead to overwhelm and confusion. They're also so cluttered that there's no space for new ideas and creativity to unfold, making growth nearly impossible.

Think about the personal reasons you went into business –...


Enoughness: You Already Have Everything You Need Inside to Build a Million-Dollar Brand

Would you believe it if I said that you already have everything you need inside of you to build a million-dollar brand?

So often, entrepreneurs (especially fempreneurs) feel like they have to be a million things at once, pulling themselves in multiple directions just to make sure they're doing...


No More Waiting ... How to Become the Business Owner You’ve Always Wanted to Be ... NOW

You know that business owner you want to become? The woman you picture in your head when you think of your future as a fempreneur? Well, a key part of evolving yourself and your business and becoming the leader you want to be, is to start showing up as her now. 

Everything you do –...


How to Build a Community That’s Eager to Invest in You

If you’re looking to build a six, or even seven-figure business, here’s a hard truth: Vanity numbers don’t matter. 

I get it, you want to have 10k Instagram followers, a massive email list, the most popular Facebook group and the biggest Meetup group in your town…...


Top 9 Reasons Why Kajabi is my Platform of Choice

If you’re tired of trying to duct-tape everything together, dealing with mismatched parts that don’t flow together, and worrying about chasing down tons of different platforms with a million moving pieces, then this is for you.  

I’m talking about the platform...


(Vulnerable Share) 3 Lessons I Learned from Almost Going Down the Wrong Path in My Business

If you’ve been in The Daring Fempreneur community for the past few months, you know that since August 2020 when I last opened the doors to the Impact Tribe, I’ve been telling you that the Impact Tribe would be transitioning into a group program in 2021. 

And this was still my...


7 ways to Get More Referrals in Your Service-Based Business

Attracting a consistent stream of high-quality, IDEAL clients into your business is a struggle for MANY of the fempreneurs I talk to.

But you know what makes attracting clients SO. MUCH. EASIER?!


Referrals can put an end to the daily struggle to make money in your biz because your...


Free vs. Paid Content: How to Know if You're Giving Too Much Away for Free

Last week, one of our Impact Tribe members asked a great question about what kind of content to share in her free Facebook group, so she doesn't end up giving away everything in her paid program for free.

As a business owner who creates transformation for a living (rather than selling tangible...

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