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How to Create a Client Management System in Trello

Having an organized client management system is essential to having a great working relationship with your clients. Not only that, but having an organized system also saves you time, keeps you and your clients organized and on-track, and makes space for communication. Using a shared Trello board...


No More Waiting ... How to Become the Business Owner You’ve Always Wanted to Be ... NOW

You know that business owner you want to become? The woman you picture in your head when you think of your future as a fempreneur? Well, a key part of evolving yourself and your business and becoming the leader you want to be, is to start showing up as her now. 

Everything you do –...


How to Build a Community That’s Eager to Invest in You

If you’re looking to build a six, or even seven-figure business, here’s a hard truth: Vanity numbers don’t matter. 

I get it, you want to have 10k Instagram followers, a massive email list, the most popular Facebook group and the biggest Meetup group in your town…...


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