The “Young Myth”: Why Your Age is an Advantage in Your Business

The “Young Myth”: Why Your Age is an Advantage in Your Business

When I started my coaching business at age 24 (but looked 16), my biggest concern was that no one would take me seriously.

Today, at 32, 65 year-old women sit in my office and share that they aspire to be more like me. That they are drawn to me because I am dynamic, well-spoken, present, organized and….you guessed it, YOUNG.

In fact, 99% of my clients are at least 10 years older than me.

Rather than being a client-attraction roadblock, being young is a big reason why many of my clients choose ME as their coach.



But here’s the thing: if you’re hung up on your age being an issue, it will be until you get over it.

As long as you believe in the “young myth”, you will…

  • Assume you are being judged and therefore try to hide it. When you try to hide a part of who you are, you end up coming across as inauthentic (like when I used to wear fake glasses to try to look older).
  • Attract situations and people into your life that affirm your fear. The universe sends these experiences to give you the opportunity to stand your ground, but until you learn the lesson, you’ll see them as affirmation that no one wants to work with you because you are young.
  • Take fewer risks. You assume people won’t want to work with you because of your age, so you don’t put yourself out there and at least try.

Being young does NOT have to stand in your way. If it’s a new concept to think about your young age as the very reason why someone might want to work with you, let me help you understand.

5 reasons why being young is actually an advantage in your business:

  • You offer a unique perspective. Many older people might feel stagnant in their approach or perspective. They want fresh eyes to give them new insight and inspiration.
  • Your education, tools and materials are fresh. Rather than a coach who has been stuck in the same groove for 20 years, you recently completed your training and everything you learned is fresh in your mind.
  • Your vibrant energy is attractive. This can’t be said for every young person, but many young people have a pep in their step that some older people have lost…and they want back. Being around you inspires them to make that happen.
  • You are more tech savvy. Again, not true for everyone, but often times, younger people can set up a Facebook profile in 5 minutes rather than the two-hours it might take some older people. I know lots of older people who want to hire me for technology-related tasks that are simple as pie for me, but very overwhelming for them.
  • You have more time! If nothing else, know this for yourself: if you give it all you’ve got now, at say, age 22, just image how successful you’ll be in 10 years from now when you’re only 32 and STILL YOUNG!!!

This last point was a big one for me. I’m only 32 now, but because I started young, I had time to work out many of the kinks during my first few years. Not that there’s no more room to grow (there is!), but I’ve reached a level of success at age 32 that I only dreamed of in my 20’s.

I’ve grown a local following of over 2,000 amazing women biz owners, I host monthly events that overflow with attendance, I easily attract new clients every time I give a talk or lead a workshop…and I have 65 year old women who tell me that they look up to me, admire me and want to learn from me!

…and at age 32, I still have many years ahead of me to grow - image where I’ll be at 42!

If you were like me and find yourself believing that your young age is standing in your way of success, I encourage you to dump that believe ASAP. The sooner you can get over the “young myth”, the faster you’ll be able to achieve the results in your biz that you want!

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