From networking and workshops, to intimate masterminding and a rockin' Facebook group, we offer many free and affordable ways to connect with Daring Fempreneurs while you build your business.
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At The Daring Fempreneur, we're passionate about connecting purpose-driven powerhouses like you, with other women on a similar path.

Since 2011, we’ve hosted over 665 workshops and networking events (many free!) to help you build your business, expand your impact and create meaningful connections that support your business and beyond.

We’d love to welcome you into our community!


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Connect with daring femprenuers across the globe and access free weekly trainings to help you build your tribe, up-level your brand, attract more clients and make more money doing what you love!

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Move beyond “what do you do?” into the meaningful connections you crave at our free monthly "Dare to Connect!" event in Boulder, CO. Live out of state? We LOVE welcoming visitors!

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With Jessie May as your coach and a close circle of fempreneur sisters at your back, you'll be able to build your business with confidence ... all for a ridiculously low investment. 

Is TDF Community Right for You?

We get it, your time is your most valued resource. You don't want to waste it at another stuffy networking event where nobody shows up, or inside a Facebook group where people are pushing sales down your throat. 

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You'll feel right at home with us if...

  • “Being daring” is a daily practice. You know growth can’t happen in your comfort zone.
  • You want to build incredible connections that could lead to new clients, speaking gigs, referral partners or your new business bestie! 
  • You're sick of competitive women’s groups - you believe there's room for us all at the top and get psyched about celebrating your sisters' successes!
  • You want to be part of a community where you feel seen, heard and understood. Sometimes being an entrepreneur can be lonely. You know... friends and family can think you're crazy... and working long hours at home can be isolating.
  • You’re committed to leaving the world a better place than you found it through the impact you're making in your business.
  • You value keepin’ it real. You’re willing to get a little vulnerable and let us get to know the real you.

At The Daring Fempreneur, we do "networking" differently. 

We value community over competition. 

And we believe in leaving chit chat and small talk at the door. 

In our world of shallow interactions, we’re passionate about building a supportive community where you can take off the pressure of having to be perfect and be accepted for being yourself.

Because let’s face it, being an entrepreneur is NOT for the faint of heart and we need a strong community of powerful women who SEE US and HAVE OUR BACKS if we’re going to conquer this journey with success.

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"At The Daring Fempreneur, I feel supported to be who I am, as I am. Jessie May brings so much value and heart-felt guidance to assist us in being edgy, being ourselves, and striving for success in multiple areas of life. Her commitment to helping women entrepreneurs succeed is obvious in how she consistently shows up to our mastermind meetings, events and Facebook group with such generosity."

Vanessa Tavernetti
Earth Magic Academy

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"I love that there's a variety of ways to connect (live events, masterminds, Facebook group, guest speakers) and that there’s great opportunities to get my business seen in front of the group. Jessie May is always growing in her own business and thinking of new ways to serve in the best way possible. She shares her business knowledge with such generosity. The Daring Fempreneur is my entrepreneurial home base!"

Johanna Walker
Public Speaking Coach

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"I've received numerous referrals through TDF community that have resulted in new leads, speaking engagements and clients. Jessie May puts a great deal of time, thought and resources into creating high-value interactions and events that respond to our needs. In turn, this attracts action-oriented women who are interested in sharing their talents with others as they work on taking their businesses to the next level."

Eileen Purdy
Anxiety Therapist

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"I ALWAYS leave jazzed with deep gratitude for being part of such a genuine group of women. One significant component of TDF community, which is the bow that keeps this group wrapped up, is Jessie May. She exudes warmth and sinscere regard for creating an extremely supportive space. She imbues the group with wisdom, intelligence, fun and enthusiasm."

Lauren Wilson

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The Daring Fempreneur Story

The Daring Fempreneur was born from my courage to step into the unknown. 

It was 2011, a couple years after I took the leap to start my coaching business and I was struggling as a new business owner.

With few clients, money was tight, but what was most painful was not having an outlet to share my gifts.

It was eating me up inside.

In college, I’d always wanted to start a women’s group, but I was afraid no one would show up … plus who was I to step up and lead?

"But the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud became more painful than the risk it would take to blossom." ~ Anias Nin

So I took the leap and started my women’s community. I named it Daring Divas (Now, The Daring Fempreneur) to reflect my vision:

To create a place where women could dare to ditch expectations of what their lives “should” look like and build businesses on their terms while feeling supported every step of the way.

Fast forward 9 years and The Daring Fempreneur has grown to over 2,800 local members, held over 670 events and become the home for women entrepreneurs across the world in our global FB group.

But the best part? Getting to witness the incredible impact that you, our members, are making in the world every day. 

I’m so grateful I dared to take that leap back in 2011, and honored that you’ve stepped up to join me!

Jessie May



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"Love this group! It doesn't have a "networking" feel. It's not a "pitch fest", but rather an opportunity to genuinely connect with other women entrepreneurs. Everyone is so warm, inviting, and excited to learn about one another!"

KellyAnne Zielinski
Business Coach

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"A fantastic group of really together business women. Everyone I've met is enthusiastic about her own and each other's businesses. Jessie May is an excellent leader who keeps things flowing and the group on target."

Barbera Aimes
Marketing Strategist

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"One of the most frustrating things is when you go to a networking event and no one is there. At The Daring Fempreneur there are always new connections and it's clear that the women who attend are serious about their businesses."

Dr. Alison Bremner
Cervical Spine Chiropractor

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"These women make me want to step up my game! What a genuine, open and inviting community. The events and trainings always bring valuable and applicable information I can apply to my business right away and every time I attend I feel welcome and supported."

Dr. Jennifer Drake
Holistic Chiropractor

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