How to Write a Better Sales Page for Your Signature Program

How to Write a Better Sales Page for Your Signature Program

kajabi websites marketing Aug 13, 2021

Traditional sales pages can so easily feel manipulative, conceited, and degrading rather than uplifting and inspiring, and this style just doesn’t resonate with so many fempreneurs and their businesses. It can be tricky to figure out how to write a sales page for your program, course or membership that feels good to your feminine soul… a page that feels inspiring, uplifting, and inviting. 

To find success and make the impact you’ve set out to create, you’ll need to enroll clients in your programs. So, you need to write your sales page in a way that not only feels aligned with your values and speaks to your clients, but that also inspires them to take action and feel good about their purchasing decision. 

The feminine way to write a sales page is to write it in a way that feels inspiring rather than pushy, uplifting rather than degrading, and welcoming rather than manipulative. 

So… Here are 4 things you can do to write your sales page in a more effective, feminine way.

Uplift Your Reader

Traditionally, it’s believed that pain drives purchasing decisions. And there is truth to this … but so many women entrepreneurs I work with (including myself) aren’t motivated to buy when we feel scared, insecure, hopeless and all around terrible about ourselves.

And this is a big problem with traditional sales pages - they lean way too heavily on shaming, embarrassing and guilt-tripping their reader right from the beginning which feels so misaligned with our feminine values.

Rather than making your reader feel like crud, try writing your sales page in a way that reflects their brilliance, potential, and wisdom … first! Then tap into their desires … and then … communicate their pain points with compassion.

Communicate With Compassion

Of course, in order to write an effective sales page, you do need to identify your readers’ pain points and present solutions to their problems. But, in order to write a better, more effective sales page, it’s important to present these pain points with compassion rather than guilt. 

What do you notice about these examples?

“Your messy brand is costing you tens of thousands of dollars per year.”

“You desire a brand that makes you feel confident and inspires your ideal clients to take action, but your current brand is missing the mark .”

The first example is more of a traditional way to write a sales page that directly and harshly calls out the readers’ pain points, whereas the second example leads with desire and speaks with inspiration. 

Not only is the second example more powerful and more respectful of your reader, it’s a much better representation of the work you’re doing as a healer or coach in helping your client step into the best version of themselves. Inviting them in by showing that you understand their desire for growth is much more powerful than kicking them down with shame and guilt.

Speak Directly to Your Reader

Your sales page should make your reader feel as though you’re speaking directly to them, and only them. To create a sense of intimacy and connection, it’s important to speak to ONE reader: the person reading your page at any given time.

The first way to make this happen is to avoid plurals and generalizations. Instead of, “women like you,” say, “you.” Instead of, “members of this course will gain,” say, “you will gain.” 

Another important distinction is to avoid using jargon on your sales page. In order to maintain direct connection with your reader, you’re going to have to show them that you understand where they’re at and that you can meet them there. 

The most important thing you can do to create connection with your reader is to truly show them that you understand them. This is why doing your research on your ideal client before writing your sales page is absolutely essential.

End with Inspiration

Throughout the entirety of your sales page, you’ve shown your reader that you understand them and can meet them where they’re at, you’ve led with desire and inspiration, and you’ve spoken in a way that is uplifting and inspires them to grow into their true potential. 

It’s only fitting that you continue that inspiration all the way through to the end of your sales page and end on a note that uplifts and excites your reader. 

Take a look at the two examples below… 

“Think about how many clients you’ll continue to lose if you don’t take action today!”

“Imagine how many new clients you’ll attract with your new-found sense of confidence!”

The first example follows the very traditional, degrading sales page tone; whereas the second example sets the inspirational and uplifting tone that will make your reader feel good taking action. 

When writing your sales page, it’s important to write in a way that feels good and authentic to you, that you know your ideal clients will resonate with, and that inspires them to take action. 



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