How to Write Your Brand Story

How to Write Your Brand Story

branding Jul 16, 2021

Your Brand Story tells your audience how you got to where you are today, why you started your business, and is key to helping you stand out amongst the many other coaches, healers, and online experts. 

The online world is very saturated with coaches today, so it’s important to communicate your Brand Story in a way that creates connection with your audience and builds trust with them so that you stand out and they feel inspired to choose you as their guide. 

Your Brand Story is a foundational part of your business, and once you have it, you’ll share it everywhere you talk about your business … from live talks, to webinars, to podcast interviews, in newsletters and more! So, writing and telling it in an inspiring tone is incredibly important.

Why You Need a Brand Story

You’ve probably heard me say this before, but I’m going to repeat it because it’s important to remember.

People don’t invest in your content, programs, or courses – they invest in a relationship with YOU. 

Your Brand Story tells the journey you went through to get from where you were (and where your audience probably is now) to where you are today. Showing your audience exactly how you overcame similar struggles and hardships they’re currently facing is not only inspirational to them, but it builds connection and trust: because you did it yourself, you can also help them do the same.

For Example… 

Maybe it took you 5 years of working at entry-level pay before you decided to ask for a raise or promotion, even though you recognized your worth and knew you deserved it much sooner. After you asked, your boss had more respect for you than ever before and decided to offer you even more than what you asked for. Now, you help young(er) women negotiate corporate salaries that they know they deserve and coach them on how to ask for more at their jobs. 

Or, perhaps you were in a constant cycle of weight loss and weight gain your entire life, and it wasn’t until you made this one change that you actually achieved the mindset and routine you needed to stay at your desired weight. Now, you teach women how to break the toxic dieting cycle so they can feel healthy, happy, and confident in themselves. 

Choosing Your Brand Story

As coaches and service-based entrepreneurs, we go through many trials to become the people (and business owners) we are today. Through all of this, how do you know which story is best to use as your Brand Story? 

Ultimately, you’ll tell countless stories throughout your brand, but your Brand Story is the one that becomes the foundation for your brand and your most consistent messaging to your audience. It serves as an introduction to your business, and is what will initially pique your audience’s interest (or send them running the other way … which is also a good thing). 

First and foremost, you’ll want to choose a story that connects your brand to the solution of the problem that your ideal client is currently facing. Ideally, you want your story to closely mirror your ideal client’s journey – it begins where they currently are, and ends where they want to be. 

Usually, we are our own ideal client - we went through a challenge that we learned to overcome and now we help others do the same. However, if this format doesn’t apply to you, you could try using the story of a client, friend or family member who you helped through the process that you take your clients through now.

Keep in mind, your Brand Story doesn’t have to be the craziest thing you’ve ever gone through (especially if it’s not relevant to what you do or who you serve). However, your Brand Story should include mentions or hints of your values, beliefs, credibility, struggles, and ultimately, your triumph.

Making Your Brand Story Memorable

I get it, the online world is a saturated market, especially for coaches – so, how do you make your story stand out from the crowd so that it’s memorable to your ideal clients? 

Yes, the story you tell is important, but what’s equally, or even more important, is how you show up as the leader of your brand and tell that story to your audience. Your audience’s experience of you is the piece that ultimately allows them to build a relationship and feel truly connected to you as their guide. 

One way to bring your story to life is to get vulnerable. I always say that nobody relates to a perfect leader – which is so true – don’t be afraid to tell your audience about your struggles, share your fears, share the hardships you went through to get to where you are today. Diving deeper into your vulnerability and daring to share that with your audience goes an incredibly long way in trust- and relationship-building. 

Another way to make sure your brand story is memorable is to lead with intention and show your audience the heart behind who you are and what you do. If you want your Brand Story to connect with your audience on a deeper level, it’s essential that you share your why and your big-picture vision. 

Last but not least, remember that the most important part is to keep your story authentic and true. Nobody likes a perfect leader, but what they like even less is an untrue one. Once you choose your Brand Story and have outlined your journey as the leader of your brand – don’t embellish, don’t exaggerate, and don’t tell an untrue story. 

Are you ready to write your brand story in a way that inspires your audience to take action, builds trust, and serves as the stepping stone to help your audience feel a genuine connection to you? If so, then let’s take this topic even deeper. 

In The Impact Tribe, I have an entire course and workbook on Building Your Brand Story. 

If this blog resonated with you, this Impact Tribe course will give you even more, such as: prompts and questions that guide you to choose which story or part of your story to tell; more ways to make your brand story memorable (even if you think it’s boring); and most notably and importantly, a guided template that walks you through the 6 key parts that every great Brand Story must include! Click here to join us in the Impact Tribe and take your brand and your Brand Story to the next level. 


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