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Once Jessie May helped me get clear on my brand identity and signature process, I was able to position myself as an expert in my field and grow my business internationally!

I'm now the founder and host of an International Virtual Summit Series and I am frequently contacted to write guest articles and be interviewed as an expert in my field.

Heather Debreceni,
Divorce Coach
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Jessie May is masterful at creating an environment that is supportive and expansive. The way she deeply listens and can pin point your need, sometimes, without you even saying it, is a true gift.

Her commitment to helping women entrepreneurs succeed is obvious in how she consistently shows up to our mastermind meetings, events and Facebook group with such generosity.

Vanessa Tavernetti,
Earth Magic Academy
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I attended a presentation by Jessie May and I was amazed by how she showed up 100% embodied in who she is and what she does. I didn’t even question if she was the right person to help me manifest my dream-it was just so clear.

One of the best things I received from working with her is a quiet confidence in being able to reflect what I love in my look, my messaging, my website, my conversions, and my Everyday 52 Cards.

Stacy Boston,
Contentment Coach 
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