Your Brand’s Edge: 5 Secrets to Shine Above the Crowd

branding Jul 15, 2015

Do you ever worry that there are so many other people who do what you do, that your business will get lost in the crowd?

If you do, you’re not alone because many of my clients come to me with this worry too.

I’ll tell you what I tell them: don’t worry!

First, it’s a good thing that others operate similar businesses – if they didn’t, it would be a bad sign that there is no market demand.

Second, there is no one who does exactly what you do, in the exact same way, for the exact same people.

Your brand’s “edge” is that thing that makes you different from all the other biz owners who offer a similar service.

It’s important to be clear about what your brand’s edge is so you can position your business to shine above the crowd.

Below are ideas to help you explore what your brand edge might be.

5 Secrets to Shine Above the Crowd

1. Personal Presence

One way to stand out from the crowd is to be that woman who walks into a room and magnetically draws others to want to be in her presence. She is confident and at home in her body and connected and engaged with others.

There are so many coaches and other service-based biz owners out there who lack personal presence. If you can master your personal presence, you will shine above the crowd.

2. Signature Process

This is your one-of-a-kind process that you take clients through. You develop this process, so it’s yours – no one else does what you do in exactly the same way.

You will become known for your signature process. Clients will search you out because you’ve figured out the steps to get them from where they are to where they want to be.

Developing your signature process helps you shine above the crowd of coaches who don’t have a process at all – coaches who just offer one-off coaching sessions or monthly coaching to help people “set goals” and “live more fulfilled lives.”

3. Ideal Client

When you decide to serve a specific type of person – your ideal client – this sets your apart from the crowd. For example, a financial planner who specializes in helping women business owners, will shine above the crowd of financial planners who help men, women and children.

Choosing an ideal client helps you become known and sought after by a specific type of person. It helps you attract more clients because people know who to refer to you and you know who to market to.

4. Rule Breaker

Being a Rule Breaker is a great way to shine above the crowd of coaches who are trying to fit in, be liked, and follow the rules.

As a Rule Breaker, you evaluate your industry’s rules – what is being taught and/or general ways of thinking that are accepted as true.  Then you devise a counter opinion to these rules and share why the rules don’t work.

People like to follow leaders who blaze their own trails and Rule Breakers do exactly that!

5. Align with a Cause

If you want to shine above the crowd and build a business that makes a difference, a great way to do this is to align your business with a charitable cause.

Sure, you could donate a percentage of everything you make to a charity of your choice…or you could get even more creative like TOMS Shoes did. For every pair of shoes sold, TOMS donates one pair to a child in need.

This brand strategy helps TOMS become known for its charity work, and people love to support businesses when they know their money is making a difference.

How can you use these ideas to influence your own brand’s edge?


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