Is Your Brand Sending a Weak Signal?

branding May 31, 2017
“Trying to attract a big tribe of raving fans without a personal brand, is like trying to attract a boat from the shoreline with nothing but a match.”

Imagine trying to attract a boat from the shoreline with nothing but a lit match. It would be pretty hard for the boat to find you wouldn’t it? 
Even if the boat could see the match, it would be difficult to decipher from all of the other small twinkling lights on the shoreline.
To help the boat find you, you would need a big, clear, bright light. A light that breaks through the darkness and shines apart from all of the other little lights.  
Same goes for your brand and attracting people to your tribe. If your brand’s signal is weak, like a lit match on the shoreline, your tribe won’t be able to find you.
When I started my Meetup Group, Daring Divas, in 2011, my brand’s signal was really, really weak. I didn’t understand or even consider the importance of personal branding as it relates to building a tribe. I just, well, kinda winged it.
And while a few people trickled in, it wasn’t until I got really clear about my personal brand (my message, what I stood for, the experience I wanted to deliver, how I wanted to show up as the leader of my tribe), that the right people found me, my tribe started to grow, and I started making a big impact and earning money from all of my hard work.
To become an inspired and dedicated member of your tribe, people have to have a clear understanding of who you are. They have to resonate deeply with your message and believe in what you stand for. 
If you yourself are unclear about these things, it will be impossible for anyone else to feel clear about YOU. And what happens when people don’t feel clear? They go somewhere else - to a tribe with a big and bright signal that aligns with who they are and what they stand for. 


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