Rethink the Rush: Embrace Your Brand’s Integrity During Black Friday

Rethink the Rush: Embrace Your Brand’s Integrity During Black Friday

marketing Nov 09, 2023

Every year, the Black Friday sales season tends to start earlier and earlier – this year, I even came across an offer on HALLOWEEN, earlier than I’ve ever seen it before. With all the buzz, it can easily feel like we have to jump on the Black Friday bandwagon and offer some sort of deal through our own businesses – but I’m here, permission slip in hand, to tell you that it’s okay to rethink the rush and make an informed decision about whether or not you want to participate. 

If Black Friday isn’t aligned with your brand values, you don’t have to participate. If discounting your services isn’t aligned with your brand values, you don’t have to discount services. While Black Friday can be a great time to create an offer and benefit from the rush of sales this season, you aren’t required to participate. 

But if it lights you up and you’re excited to offer your audience a discount around Black Friday weekend, then I want you to feel empowered to do so while staying true to your brand values and who you are! This is by no means the only time of year that you can create a sale or special offer. However, the holidays do offer us a chance to take advantage of a warmed-up buyer base and plenty of promotional offerings. 

In this blog post, I’m going to go through some tips to help you stay aligned with your integrity and embrace your brand values this Black Friday, as well as share some creative ideas you can join in on the fun of the season in your own unique way. 

Should Personal Brands Participate in Black Friday?

If you’re looking here for an easy yes or no answer to the question of whether or not personal brands should participate in Black Friday deals – let’s look inward instead. Personal brands are just that – personal. So, it’s ultimately up to you to decide whether participating in Black Friday aligns with your brand values, and even your desire to participate. 

With YOUR business, you are the one who gets to decide what to do for the holidays (if anything at all).

Before making a decision, come back to the heart and soul of your brand: your WHY. Why did you create your brand in the first place? Whatever your reason is, make sure you’re staying true to that, no matter the season. 

There's something to be said about cultivating conversations, about nurturing connections that transcend transactions. This is where your brand thrives year-round, in the genuine exchanges that don't end at the checkout. If Black Friday means sacrificing these things for a fleeting spike in sales, it may not be worth it. Your brand’s integrity is priceless, and its reputation isn't built in a day or sold out in a week of deals.

Beyond brand values, something to consider is all the noise that Black Friday produces. It seems like brands are almost coming out of the woodwork with “the best sale ever” and “an offer you absolutely can’t miss.” While marketing to the masses might mean you get lost in the crowd, tuning in to your warm, engaged, ready-to-buy audience might be the best move to make this season. 

Think of the people on your email list, those who are following you on social media, all the members of your facebook group or listeners of your podcast – these are people who already know, like, and trust you, and are more likely to buy from you any time of year, including Black Friday! They're your tribe, your people. Tailor your offerings to them, the ones who are more than just spectators; they're the cheering crowd.

Your potential clients have almost come to expect Black Friday deals from brands they love, so delivering on that expectation might create the momentum you need with those who already love you. 

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How to Live by Your Brand Values 

We’ve already established that Black Friday is more than just an opportunity to make a quick sale – and if you choose to participate in the season of sales, this is a great opportunity to show your audience your values and integrity, and live up to the image you’ve been portraying through your brand thus far. 

Living by your brand values means decisions are more than a reaction to a trend; they're strategic choices that echo your brand's ethical compass. This integrity becomes crucial, especially during high-stakes sales seasons like Black Friday. 

It can be tempting to create a sense of fake urgency, to ride the wave of scarcity that these sales periods are known for. But is that truly in alignment with your brand's message? Does it reflect the authenticity and trust you've built with your customers?

Your pricing, your value proposition, they stand for something – something that doesn't wane with the season.

Ultimately, your approach to Black Friday shouldn't just mirror the market; it should mirror your mission. It's about standing firm in the value you provide and the relationship you've nurtured with your clients. And whether you choose to offer a Black Friday deal, a value-adding offer, or no sale at all, what matters most is that your actions remain consistent with the brand you've built and the story you're telling.

Creative Ideas for Black Friday Offers

Playing the price-slashing game is hard. There is always going to be someone with a cheaper offer, and if you’re competing for attention on the basis of a lower price point, you’re ultimately not going to be attracting an audience who is excited to continue to invest in you down the road. 

But, Black Friday doesn’t have to mean deep discounts. There are many creative ways to craft a compelling offer that aligns with your brand values and serves your audience this holiday season. It could be an exclusive event, a limited-time product release, or a bonus that adds to the value you’re delivering without reducing your price. 

Such an approach reinforces your brand's premium positioning and underscores that while you may not compete on price, you lead with quality.

When it comes to reimagining Black Friday offers, the possibilities are as vast as they are varied. Here are some creative offer ideas to consider:

  • Build a bundle of services or products you offer to create a complete, curated experience
  • Offer a special experience, either in-person or online, that’s only available to enroll in for a limited time. 
  • Consider donating a portion of sales during this time to a charitable cause that reflects your brand values or beliefs, and resonates deeply with your audience. 
  • Offer a special product/service that is only available during this time
  • With each purchase, throw in a limited-time bonus – maybe even something as valuable as a private coaching session or another form of personalized attention. 
  • Enter each buyer into a giveaway with the chance to win something awesome!
  • Combine a smaller-ticket offer with a virtual masterclass to give students more help in implementing what they’ve learned
  • Offer a gift card for future use with every purchase
  • Offer a complimentary consultation with every purchase

By redefining Black Friday offers in ways that align with the sophistication and integrity of your brand, you not only preserve your brand's identity but also enhance your relationship with your customers, offering them something truly memorable in a sea of forgettable discounts. 

Black Friday is overwhelmingly a day that epitomizes the peak of consumerism, which can conflict with the values of intentional, minimal living that so many of us hold near and dear. But, deciding whether to participate is not about outright rejection or blind acceptance based on concept alone; it's about discernment. 

If there's a need, a genuine desire, or a heart-set intention behind a purchase or an offer, then Black Friday can be a timely ally in your journey. But, the pressure to conform, to craft offers, to slash prices, to amplify marketing efforts can feel at odds with the tranquility and authenticity we've cultivated in our brands and in our lives if it’s not something that’s aligned with where you’re at in your business or life. 

If you find yourself in a season of reflection rather than a flurry of promotion, honor that. Your business, your brand, your peace of mind – these things shouldn’t be thrown to the wind just because of the season we’re in. Should inspiration strike, should you feel a genuine eagerness to create and share a special offer, embrace it wholeheartedly. But do so from a place of joy, not obligation.

Whether you choose to embrace the buzz of Black Friday with open arms or observe from a distance, I'm here, cheering you on. Celebrate your brand's authenticity, and let that be your guide through the holiday season and every day that follows.

And, if you need some support in your journey of crafting compelling offers and building your brand, the doors to the Impact Tribe are open to you and our members are ready to embrace you with open arms! Learn more and join us today at the link below. 


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