How to Write a Brand Promise that Attracts More Clients

How to Write a Brand Promise that Attracts More Clients

branding Oct 22, 2021

Your brand promise is the thread that ties together everything you say and do in your business. 

Similar to how your Brand is the promise of an experience that shows up wherever you show up, your Brand Promise is the promise of an outcome that shows up wherever you show up. 

So, whatever you’re teaching (in any context, whether that’s in your content marketing or coaching program) it should be aligned with your Brand Promise.

Purpose of a Brand Promise

Not only does your Brand Promise help you avoid overwhelm in your business by keeping your content and offers focused on the outcome you deliver, it also creates trust, because people will know what to expect from you. 

For example, my Brand Promise is: “Build a brand you feel proud to share with the world!”

This means that no matter what I say or do in my business, whether it’s an article I write, a talk I give, or a one-on-one client I work with, this promise will be met in some way, shape or form.

I write, speak, and coach on topics related to my Brand Promise - anything related to branding and helping business owners clearly communicate their value is aligned with my Brand Promise.

I have different angles from which I do this, for example, maybe one day I teach about visual design, another day I teach about messaging and another day I teach about brand strategy - but no matter the angle, it’s always rooted in my promise to help my clients and audience “Build a brand they feel proud to share with the world!”

My Brand Promise helps me stay focused. Sure, I might have found an amazing healthy recipe last night that a lot of people would like, but would sharing that on my blog be related to my Brand Promise? NO.

I might be tempted, but I’m going to refrain because “healthy recipes” are not related to my Brand Promise.

Once you have a clear Brand Promise, you’ll know what to share and what not to share within your business. 

Brand Promise in Relation to Your Other Messaging

You may find some overlap between your Mission Statement, Vision Statement and Brand Promise (we go in depth on these 3 important parts of your brand foundation inside the Impact Tribe). 

That’s ok - you’re creating a cohesive brand after all!

To see an example of how all three can work together, here’s my own Mission Statement, Vision Statement and Brand Promise:


To ignite CONFIDENCE in Fempreneurs across the globe with beautiful, authentic and strategic brands that position them to attract higher level clients, opportunities and income.


A world where women entrepreneurs are connected with their power, aligned with their purpose and beautifully compensated for their value. 


Build a brand you feel proud to share with the world!

How to Write Your Brand Promise

Now it's time to write your Brand Promise. But before you begin, know that the point isn't getting this perfect - similar to your Mission and Vision Statements - there's not only one right way to write a Brand Promise. 

The point is to dig deep and clearly communicate your #1 commitment to your audience and clients. 

It’s important that your Brand Promise is relevant and true to you and your business, because your ability to consistently deliver on your Brand Promise across every platform where your business shows up, ultimately determines the success of your brand.

What’s the #1 result you want to become known for helping people achieve? 

For example: “Helping you make your first million online.” or “lose the last 10 pounds without dieting.”

I recommend brainstorming answers to this question, then choosing whichever feels the most powerful and aligned with the outcome you can commit to showing up to deliver day after day, every way you show up.

Take some time today to write your own Brand Promise. Then list a few different categories related to your promise that you can write, speak and coach on.

Once you do this, I promise, your brand will be so much clearer to potential clients!

Do you want more guidance and journaling prompts for writing a Brand Promise that helps you attract more clients? 

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