How to Name Your Business

branding business Jan 27, 2014

You wouldn’t believe how many women entrepreneurs I meet who are hung up on choosing their business name. They want it to be cool, creative, unusual, catchy, etc.

I used to be in their same predicament. In fact, when I first started coaching I named my business “Blossoming Brilliance Life Coaching.” Blossoming Brilliance was a pretty sounding name, but it’s not a smart business name because it’s completely ethereal - there’s nothing concrete to grasp onto.

The other problem with trying to come up with a catchy and unusual business name is that it can keep you stuck from moving forward with other more important parts of your business until you figure out the perfect name.

Don’t waste time like I did trying to think up the perfect business name, only to have it distract from your business’s core messaging.

If you are the face of your business, you are in luck because I’m about to share a super simple way for how to name your business so you can get on with making the impact you’re here to make!

How to Name Your Business:

Use Your Own Name!

I recommend using your own name as your business name for a couple reasons:

1. It makes it easier for people to find you. Instead of having to remember two names: your name and your business name, they just have to remember one.

2. Using your own name makes it easy for your business to grow and change with you. You can add and remove programs and services under the brand of your name without having to completely change your business name if your direction changes.

If you want to get creative, use that creativity to name your products, programs, and services, but never at the expense of those names being confusing to your ideal client.


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