7 Tips for Your Personal Branding Photoshoot

branding Apr 09, 2014

Quality head shots are an important part of a successful signature brand. By quality head shots, I don’t mean a nice picture of you that your mom took… I mean professional photos with a professional photographer who knows how to bring out your unique awesomeness.

If you find that…

  • Your website and promotional materials don’t convey who you truly are and therefore don’t attract your ideal clients,
  • Your current head shots don’t elevate the professionalism of your website and other marketing materials,and…
  • Having a camera pointed in your general direction causes anxiety that negatively impacts the resulting images,

Then you’ll want to find a brand photographer who specializes in helping women business owners express their signature brands through their photos. This special kind of photographer is adept at helping you express your unique brand personality on photoshoot day, as well as helping you have fun and feel at ease during the process!

If you’re ready to step into the spotlight and build own unique brand, professional photos are a must.

But before your session, be sure to check out my 7 tips below for ultimate success on photo shoot day.

7 Tips For Client-Attracting Head Shots

1. Loosen Up

Sometimes women try way to hard in their photos and end up looking stiff and contrived. I like to shake out my body or do a little dance right before my picture is taken. This gets my energy moving naturally and results in photos that are authentic instead of stiff and posed.

2. Get Into a Confident Mindset

Your mindset makes a big difference on photo shoot day. Two weeks leading up to your photo shoot, immerse yourself in confidence boosting activities. Confidence boosting activities are different for everyone, they could be going on a hike, dressing in clothes that make you feel beautiful, spending time with friends who believe in you, listening to certain music, or even jumping out of a plane.

3. Set an Intention

Before your photo shoot, set an intention for the day. Your intention could be to have fun, be authentic, tune into your heart, show depth and compassion, or anything else you’d like to experience or project during your photo shoot.

4. Be Super Healthy

The way you feel physically, impacts your emotional state and energy level. You want to feel your absolute BEST on photo shoot day so your pictures show the amazing, vibrant, authentic you! Two weeks before your shoot, eat extra healthy, drink tons of water (I drank about 96 oz per day), and exercise regularly.

5. Sleep A Lot

Sleep is just as important as diet and exercise. It’s pretty much impossible to project a Powerful Presence when you’re sleep deprived, so make sure you get enough sleep in the weeks leading up to your photo shoot.

6. Makeup and Hair Matter

There’s a difference between everyday makeup and professional makeup for camera. I didn’t have my makeup done professionally, but I did watch YouTube videos that explain how to do camera-ready makeup, and I also visited the ladies at Sephora who recommended which products to use for camera.

Make sure your hair is freshly trimmed and colored. I did have my hair professionally done because unlike my confidence in doing my own makeup, I know that I sometimes struggle to make my hair look good.

Use your best judgment when deciding whether you do your own hair and makeup or you have it professionally done, but don’t downplay the importance of hair and makeup – it can make the difference between amateur and professional looking photos.

7. Choose Clothes That Represent Your Brand

Before you choose your photo shoot outfits, think about how you want to represent your brand. What are your brand colors? What are your brand emotions or characteristics – soft, daring, modern, spiritual, elegant, etc? As a business owner, it’s your job to make sure you’re “on brand” through all platforms, including your headshots. If this feels overwhelming or confusing, ask me, I can help you discover and rock your signature brand!

I hope this list is helpful. Make sure you send me your gorgeous, authentic photos when you have them done! I want to see how they turn out!


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