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42 FREE STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY WEBSITES (with actually good photos)

branding marketing Oct 15, 2021

The images you use for your brand, whether they’re on social media, blog posts, your website, your lead magnets, marketing materials, or anything else, speak volumes as to who you are and how your clients feel when interacting with you and your brand. 

Brand imagery is an important part of building a brand that's professional, cohesive, and credible; but unfortunately it’s something that many fempreneurs don't get right. For more tips on choosing images that are the best-fit for your brand, check out this blog post.

If you’re not a professional photographer (or handy with a phone camera and some props), that’s totally okay – you don’t have to be! 

While using your own brand photography will ultimately be more “on-brand” and relevant, there are plenty of free resources out there that house tons of free stock photos for you to use in your business. This list has any and every type of photo you could possibly need for your business – so, happy searching!

Unsplash - Gone are the cheesy stock photo days of women jumping and men shaking hands. Unsplash offers breathtaking, high-resolution photos that are free for you to use wherever you like! They add 10 new photos every 10 days.

Adobe Stock - One of the most popular paid stock photo websites also offers an entire collection of free photos, images, and vectors that you’re free to use for commercial purposes.

Canva - This site has thousands of free graphics. Canva is also a great resource for photographs. Canva is more than just a site to download images though, they are a graphic design tool where you can easily create things like business cards, course workbooks and social media banners.

Kaboompics -  Images include abstract, city/architecture, fashion, food, landscapes and more, and are usually very aesthetically pleasing and on-trend. May not sell or redistribute photos.

Burst - This free stock photo resource from Shopify focuses on images that help entrepreneurs make better products, websites, and marketing campaigns. Some photos are licensed under Creative Commons CC0 and others fall under Shopify’s own photo license.

Barn Images - While this site does have images of barns, it also has a variety of other photos and subjects as well that all have a clean look and are free to use.

GoodStockPhotos - Thousands of high-quality images with a cool editorial feel that are completely free to use for personal or commercial projects. They’re all shot and owned by Steven Ma, founder of design firm SparkFlow.

Styled Stock - Free feminine stock photography, great for fashion bloggers. Lots of flat lays.

Pixabay - Over 350,000 free photos, vectors and art illustrations for you to use wherever you like. Search by category or use the search bar.

StockSnap - I love this site because they have thousands of super high-quality photos, hundreds of new photos added weekly, and a great search feature that allows you to find anything you’re looking for.

Pexels - Over 2,000 photos and 35 new photos added every week - all free for you to use.

The Gender Spectrum Collective – a free resource created by Vice that exclusively features trans and non-binary models, so you can add some much-needed diversity and representation to your images. 

Nappy - This site provides exclusively photos of black and brown models in a variety of settings for a wide array of business types – these photos are also stunning and another great option to help diversify your image collection.

Life of Pix - Hundreds of beautiful, on-trend photos gifted to you by Leeroy Advertising Agency in Montreal and its network of photographers.

Gratisography - High-quality photos that are a little eccentric. New photos are added weekly and all are created by Ryan McGuire of Bells Design.

Splitshire - A collection of free photos by web designer Daniel Nanescu. Simply start typing to search for a keyword.

FoodiesFeed - If you're a food blogger, you'll be in heaven. Foodies feed provides thousands of high-quality, realistic food images.

FreeStocks - A wide range of beautiful and professional images released under Creative Commons CC0.

Death to the Stock Photo - Sign up for their email list and receive 10 high-quality photos in your inbox once a month. The 10 photos per month is all they send, you won’t get a bunch of other emails. Check out their free trial!

Picjumbo - More free photos delivered straight to your inbox for you to use wherever you like. 

Picography - Gorgeous, free images to use however you like. These photos by Dave Meier and other photographers are released under Creative Commons CC0.

MMT Stock - Free photos and videos to use on your website, social media, print material and anywhere else. Good resources for computers, workspaces, flowers and nature.  All photos are released under Creative Commons CC0. 

Freepik - Free vector art, graphics, illustrations, and photos for you to use, as long as you credit the artist.

Skitterphoto - All photos are public domain, released under Creative Commons CC0, meaning you can use them for any purpose. Lots of great images taken by the owners of the site. 

Free Images - Over 410,263 free images for you to use, but some must be credited. Be sure to read the agreement on each photo before you use it.

New Old Stock - All vintage images from the public archives that are free of any known copyright restrictions.

Stock Free Images - This site is owned by Dreamstime, one of the bigger, paid stock-photo sites. There’s over 1 million free stock photos, but be careful of the cheese factor, some of these images get a little cheesy.

Jay Mantri - Photos by Jay Mantri, free to use however you like. Released under Creative Commons CC0

Shot Stash - New free professional photos for your projects added daily. 

StockVault - Hundreds of thousands of beautiful, free stock images with new photos, textures, and illustrations added daily!

PikWizard - Over 1 million free stock images that you can use for any purpose, including commercial and editorial. Some of these may get a little cheesy, but there are countless options on this site.

RawPixel - This site is packed with beautiful, aesthetically pleasing, on-trend stock photos, design elements for Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, textures, templates, and so much more that are all free to use! 

ReShot - Tons of free images, icons, and illustrations with no attributions required. 

Foca - Free stock images, videos, and templates for commercial use provided by Jeffrey Betts. Jeffrey specializes in photos of workspaces and nature. All photos are released under Creative Commons CC0.

PicSpree - Backed by Getty Images, this site provides royalty-free images, illustrations, and vectors that are free to use without worrying about licensing. 

ISO Republic - With new photos added every day, this site offers thousands of free high-resolution stock images and videos released under Creative Commons CC0. 

Libreshot - This site offers thousands of fine art photos by photographer Martin Vorel. His images are of very good quality and cover various subjects, and are free to use. 

FancyCrave - Commercial photographer Igor Ovsyannykov offers his and other professional photographers‘ images free to download and use. These photos feature a strong focus on travel and have a very modern, professional style.

Negative Space - Thousands of free stock images focused on a variety of subjects and topics – all submitted by photographers around the world, and all free to use. 

DepositPhotos - A seemingly endless collection of free, high-resolution stock images, videos, illustrations, and vectors that you’re free to use for any purpose. 

Magdeleine - One new, “hand-picked” photo is added each day – they’re all submitted by independent artists and released under Creative Commons CC0. 

RealisticShots - The name says it all! This site offers tons of realistic-looking stock photos from hands on cell phones to landscapes, and everything in between. There are 7 new photos added each week, and all are free for personal or commercial use.  

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