10 Things Your About Page Needs to Include

kajabi websites Oct 21, 2022

Your about page isn’t just your bio slapped onto your website to tell potential clients about how great you are… and it’s also not your life story, recounting the journey you took to get where you are today … 

It’s so much more!

Your about page is where potential clients go to discover how you can help them, and learn more about who you are and the work you do. It’s what determines if they will stick around and explore your site and services, or if they leave your site and never return. 

With this much power in just one page, it’s crucial that you take full advantage of the real estate to create an about page that inspires your ideal client to take action and hire you. You want to use this page to build trust, differentiate yourself from competitors, and let your unique personality shine through so your potential clients can start to feel connected to you. 

So, with that being said, let’s get into the 10 things that your about page NEEDS to include.

Opening Headline 

Your opening headline is the first thing a potential client sees when they land on your About Page, so it’s important that it makes a clear first impression. This can look like one powerful sentence that captures their attention and makes them want to read more; asking a question; or sharing the transformation you can help them achieve. For example, on my about page I share the transformation I offer with my first line reading, “Empowering coaches & healers to look, sound, and BE the part so they can attract clients who see their value and are eager to pay them for it!”


Next, you want to welcome your reader to the page, just how you would if you were actually speaking to them! For example,”Hey there Daring Fempreneur, I’m Jessie May…” and then go into the next part – keep reading to see what that is!

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Now, you’re going to tell your clients exactly what you do in relation to the problem they want to overcome (A.KA. get them excited about the results they can experience when they work with you).

As an example, my page reads, “And there’s nothing that breaks my heart more than a woman entrepreneur who has an important gift … a gift that the world desperately needs … but she doesn’t know how to communicate her gift in a way that inspires people to join her programs, attend her workshops, buy her book or follow her on social media…” You can read more of my about page and see the rest of my introduction by clicking here.


Pull Back the Curtain 

We already know that nobody is inspired by the perfect leader – so this is your chance to get vulnerable and show your reader that you “get them” because you’ve been in their shoes. Now, that doesn’t mean you should use this space to detail your entire life’s story, but this is the perfect spot to share a condensed version of your brand story.

You could also keep it simple by bullet-pointing some of the struggles you experienced at the beginning of your journey (that you know your potential client is experiencing now), followed by a short sentence that communicates where you are today. 

Keep in mind that depending on the direction you took your Introduction, Big Why and Differentiators sections (coming up next), you may not need a separate section for this if you already covered it in one of those other sections

Big Why 

Sharing WHY you do what you do is one of the best ways to build the ever-important know, like, and trust factor with your audience, and gives them a very authentic look into who you are, what you believe in, your values, and your vision. 

Many clients want to work with people who are out to make a bigger difference in the world, who have a mission they can align themselves with. Sharing this helps inspire your clients and gives them yet another reason to want to work with you!

If you haven’t covered this in a previous section (which, you might have, and that’s okay), then now is the time to include it!


It’s no secret that your clients may be looking at a few different options for the service you provide. So, if that’s the case, then it’s absolutely crucial for you to use your about page space to differentiate yourself from everyone else. 

Make your clients’ decision easier by sharing information about yourself that makes you stand out from the crowd, including but not limited to your credentials, experience, case studies, and more.

This section of my page starts with, “know you have MANY options when it comes to investing in your business … And I know finding the right coach can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack … So let me lay out a few ways working with me is unique.” From there, I go into a list of 5 reasons why working with me is different than working with someone else, and each list item has a short explanation along with it.  

If you need help figuring out what makes you different, check out this blog post.


If you didn’t include your credentials in your differentiators section, then now is the time to share them! 

For most clients, credentials aren’t the #1 deciding factor in working with you. Sure, they want to know you’re qualified to help them, but most importantly, they want to feel emotionally connected with you because you’ll be working together closely. 

Depending on your business, you may choose not to list credentials at all and focus this section on your hard-earned experience; while for others (like therapists and doctors), including your credentials on your About Page is a must. 

Getting Personal 

Your clients will want to know that the person they’re considering working with shares a similar lifestyle, or at least similar values. So in this section, you’ll get personal by sharing who you are outside of your business.

This is a great section to share “less professional” pictures of you with loved ones or partaking in passions outside of work. On my about page, I have photos of my husband and dog, as well as some information about me like my astrology sign, enneagram, archetypes, passions, past, and values.

Ideal Client 

Don’t worry – we haven’t forgotten about speaking directly to your ideal client! This section’s purpose is to help your reader feel completely certain they’re a good fit to work with you, OR to show them they might not be the right fit. 

Mine looks like this, “​​Thinking you’d like to work together? Here are some signs we’ll be a great match:

  •  You’re not here to build just any kind of business, you’re here to make an impact and lead a movement through your coaching, healing or purpose-driven, service-based business. 
  • You’re amazing at what you do and you want a brand and business that clearly communicates your value so others see it too.
  • Following expectations has never been your thing - you dare to blaze your own fulfilling (and sometimes scary!) path to success.
  • You’re eager to speak on bigger stages, partner with bigger names, and take your business to the next level in general.
  • You desire more freedom and flexibility to explore the world and soak up the sacred in everyday life.

Don’t waste another day keeping your impact (and income!) small because you aren’t clear and confident about your brand! “

Call to Action

So… now that they’ve read all of this information about you, gotten to know you well, and feel inspired to either learn more in a discovery call or sign up for your program… where should they go?! Include a call to action at the end of your about page to direct your reader to the next step you’d like them to take. 

I suggest sending them to your Work with Me Page that outlines your services or programs. 

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