You are a purist, a dreamer and an idealist at heart. You adhere to traditional values, simple pleasures, and serenity. Your glass is always half full and your purpose is to create happiness, spread optimism, and encourage new beginnings in your cheerful demeanor. Your joyful and gentle approach is a breath of fresh air in our hectic, fast-paced society. You inspire others to truly enjoy living in the present moment.

Innocent Brand Archetype Inspiration on Pinterest

Innocent Brands Promise...

Rescue from an imperfect world. That life can be simple, pure and peaceful. That hard times can lead to happy endings.

The Innocent Client...

Wants to be cared for. Dreams of going back to simpler, slower times.  Wants the perfect life - work, marriage, home, kids - everything has to be perfect.

Good for Brands That...

Sell clean, natural or virtuous products or services. Are associated with morality, simplicity, childhood or spirituality.


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