Girl/Guy Next Door

You are a realist, a BFF, and an advocate. You live by common sense, kindness, and respect. You are a genuine, down-to-Earth, practical hard worker who “gets things done.” Equality is your middle name and connection is your jam (or your everything). Your real, actionable and warm approach make it easy for people to relate to you. Your big purpose is to create strong communities with meaningful, lasting connections. Your gift is to make people feel understood, included and welcomed just as they are.

Girl/Guy Next Door Brand Archetype Inspiration on Pinterest

Girl/Guy Next Door Brands Promise...

That if you stay humble and work hard, you can have a good life. To be friendly, fair and accepting. To make you feel like you belong.

The Girl/Guy Next Door Client...

Is wholesome, no-nonsense and won't like your brand if it puts on airs. She affiliates with your brand, not to demonstrate status, but to show that she's part of the group.

Good for Brands That...

Want to positively differentiate from elitist brands. Sell a product or service used commonly in everyday life. Help foster connection.


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