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You have an important gift, and you need to expand your reach so you can help more people. 

But you’ve been holding back because, at some level, you feel embarrassed or insecure about your brand.

My name is Jessie May, and I’ve got your back. I’m on a mission to help you boom your brand so you can build your tribe, get your message out to more people, and be seen heard and hired for what makes you AWESOME!

During your 40-minute Brand Review, I'll look for holes that are causing you to lose clients and income in the following areas: 

  • VISUALS (website, business card, logo, colors, images, etc)
  • MESSAGING (web copy, words/phrases, tone, tagline, names, etc)
  • OFFERINGS (packages, programs, services)
  • PERSONAL PRESENCE (body language, voice, vibe, style)
  • OR… if you don’t have a brand at all we’ll discuss the above and talk about your next best steps.

You'll walk away with a personalized action plan, just for you, so you're clear about the steps to boom your brand and build your tribe!


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