What is Personal Branding?

What is Personal Branding?

branding Jan 13, 2023

Before we can define a personal brand, we need to understand the concept of branding on its own. 

A brand is the promise of an experience that is consistently delivered everywhere your business shows up.

If you’re a service-based business owner, coach, consultant or healer, who is the face of your brand, we need to take this concept of branding a step further. You’re not just building any brand; you’re building a personal brand that’s based on your own identity. 

Building a personal brand for service-based entrepreneurs is wildly different than building a product-based business. Your personal brand is based completely on YOU – your values, vision, personality, mission, and so much more. 

Your personal brand is still the promise of an experience that shows up wherever you go. But as a personal brand, this experience is delivered through everything YOU do as the face of your business, and becomes how the world sees and gets to know you

Your brand is your essence, and it is essential to creating a thriving business. 

Who is personal branding for? 

Put simply, personal branding is for anyone who is the face of their brand. 

As a service-based coach, healer or consultant, your ideal clients’ experience with your brand is their impression of you – how they feel when they’re around you, what you do and how you do it, what it’s like to work with you, what you sound like and even how you dress. 

If that describes what you do, or what you want to create, then personal branding is for you. Keep reading to discover what a personal brand can help you achieve, and where to start in creating your own personal brand. 

What’s the point of a personal brand?

Today’s online landscape is more crowded than ever before, with more and more entrepreneurs launching their businesses every single day. 

When we’re looking for professionals to hire for any service – graphic design, marketing, copywriting, personal training, etc. – our options are seemingly endless. But when it comes time to hire someone, we ultimately make our choice based on how we feel about the person.

  • Do we relate to the life they portray online?
  • Do we resonate with their perspective? 
  • Do we share similar values and vision? 
  • Are they inspiring? 
  • Do we like their methods?

These are the things that inspire us to choose one provider, coach or healer, over another. 

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As the face of your service-based business, you’re not selling a service, because the hard truth is there are so many other people out there who offer the same service as you. What you ARE selling, is a relationship with you! This is why it’s essential for potential clients to know who you are, and how they feel about you. 

When you are clear on your personal brand, the experience you deliver through that brand, and how you show up as the face of your brand, you are able to attract ideal clients with ease, act in complete authenticity, and build the business of your dreams. 

How is a personal brand developed? 

A good place to start when it comes to branding your service-based business is with a self evaluation that can help you look at who you are in terms of how you will show up in your brand. Even though you may feel like you have a good grip on your personality, you likely haven’t considered it through a branding lens. 

Most of us are incredibly multi-faceted, and have countless things we believe in and different parts of our personalities at play – and it can be hard to reign it in and communicate it through a cohesive brand. 

The reason we start with you as the face of your personal brand is because an authentic brand can only grow from your truth. Branding is not about changing who you are, it’s about amplifying who you are! You want your clients and community to love the real you – and that includes what you believe in, what you stand for, what you value and even what you refuse to tolerate.

One common mistake I see so many fempreneurs make is starting the branding process with their ideal client. While it’s essential for your ideal clients to resonate with who you are and how you show up, building a brand centered on your ideal client does a major disservice to YOU as the face of your brand. When you consider yourself first, you won't compromise your truth or values trying to morph yourself into what you think other people want. Instead, you'll build a brand that attracts clients who value you for YOU.

Why do you need a professional brand? 

Think of any personal brand you trust, and feel a connection to. I’m going to guess they don’t just use stock photos and standard graphics with random colors, fonts, and elements placed haphazardly around their website, social media, and marketing materials? I’m also going to assume that they are incredibly consistent in how they show up as the face of their brand. This is BECAUSE they have a professional brand. Creating a professional brand helps you communicate the real value you offer, and makes your ideal clients feel excited to work with you. 

Once you establish a professional personal brand, it becomes how you are known and remembered. You’ll start to become the “go-to” expert in your space and sought after for podcast interviews and speaking opportunities.

Without a recognizable, professional, consistent personal brand, being sought out like this is really difficult because you’re not quite clear in other people’s minds. It’s only through clarity they can say “oh you’d be the perfect coach for my friend!” or “I know the perfect speaker on this topic for our conference!” 

Without even fully understanding it, having a professional brand subconsciously communicates who you are, what you do, and how you do it with your audience. Through things like color psychology and your brand archetypes, you have the power to develop a personal brand that represents who you are, resonates with your ideal clients, and communicates professionalism and reliability to the world. THIS is the thing that is going to set the stage for you to take your business to the next level. 

I get it… building your personal brand is no small feat, and all of this can feel incredibly overwhelming, especially if you’re just getting started. Whether you're just starting in your business or have been an entrepreneur for a while, each day there's more and more that we have to learn, understand, and excel at to stand out as the go-to person in our niche.

In the Impact Tribe, you'll learn the foundational stages of branding and niching, AND how to apply them to your offers, messaging, website and marketing. No other business membership is this holistic. Through courses, coaching, resources and community, you'll get the right steps, in the right order, to build a beautiful, authentic, engaging brand that resonates with and inspires your ideal clients to hire you for your brilliance.

You'll get immediate access to:

✓ An entire library of courses to teach you the right steps, in the right order, to confidently increase your income and impact.

✓ Community to learn with, learn from, and find support, including twice monthly coaching calls, and the 24/7 Facebook Group.

✓ Personalized coaching on your burning questions you need answered to move forward in your biz with confidence.

✓ A strategic content calendar system designed to save you time with content prompts to inspire you, and a schedule to keep you on track.

✓ Easily customizable Canva brand bundles based on the archetypes, including mood boards, color palettes, font sets, style guides, accent elements, patterns, image libraries, logos, marketing collateral templates with social media graphics, workbooks, business cards and more.

✓ And so much more!

The best part? An entire community of women entrepreneurs who have your back and support you in your business ENDLESSLY! If you are ready to say a big bold YES to building your personal brand and becoming known, loved, and hired for your brilliance, then learn more and join us in the Impact Tribe today at the link below.


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