The 6 Pillars of Personal Branding

The 6 Pillars of Personal Branding

branding Jan 24, 2023

Throughout this blog post, we’re going to explore the 6 pillars of personal branding and why they are essential in creating a brand that stands out online, and stands the test of time. 

While we are referring to them as pillars because of their important distinctions, it’s also important to note the interconnectedness of each of these elements. I typically refer to these pillars as a whole, as your Brand Tree, to portray just how dependent they are on one another. 

You as the Leader of Your Personal Brand 

First we start with the soil, you as the leader of your brand – no tree can grow without healthy soil, just like no personal brand can grow without your authentic truth as the foundation of everything you do. Branding is not about changing who you are. Branding is about amplifying who you are and showing it to the world! 

Wherever you are in your business and your branding, whether you’re just starting out or trying to rebrand, the first and most important thing you need to do is figure out who YOU are so you can attract the people who love, appreciate, and value you for YOU! 

As a service-based coach or healer, your ideal clients’ experience with your brand is their impression of YOU – your personality, how they feel when they’re around you, what you do and how you do it, what it’s like to work with you, what you sound like and even how you dress. As the leader of your brand, you also need to consider your vision, mission, values, position, personality, and interests. Beyond that, this is where your tools and credentials play into your brand as well. 

If you need some help figuring out who you are as the leader of your brand, a good place to start is with this free Brand Personality Quiz! 

Brand Niche and Ideal Client 

While your Soil is important for growing a strong Brand Tree, it’s not your entire brand. Now, it’s time to think about who we’re sharing our brand with. This is where your brand Roots come in.

Your Roots represent your ideal client and niche. 

Establishing a clearly-defined niche is essential to building a sought-after, 6 or 7 figure brand. Despite its importance, there’s lots of confusion and misinformation about what a niche actually is. Your niche is not the same as your ideal client, the service you sell, or the field you work in… although it encompasses these things. 

Your niche is a specific segment of a market. In other words, a clearly identified ideal client with a specific problem or passion. 

Understanding who your ideal client is and what they need is essential for creating a brand that meets them where they're motivated, and inspires them to hire you or join your programs.

Brand Voice 

Now that you know who you are as the leader of your brand and who your ideal client is, you need to know how to communicate with them effectively – that’s where your brand voice, or tree trunk, comes in. 

From your business name to your marketing message, bio, brand story, and even on-brand words and phrases, your brand voice encompasses all of the words your ideal clients will read or hear when interacting with your brand. 

When you have a personal brand, your brand becomes a direct reflection of your personality. So, discovering your own personality and tone of voice is going to make creating your brand voice much easier. If you’d like to learn more about discovering your brand voice, here’s a blog post that takes it deeper: How to Find Your Brand Voice.

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Brand Visuals 

Your brand’s visual identity, also part of the trunk of your tree, is extremely important for setting a good first impression with anyone who comes across your website or social media profiles – It will either catch and keep a prospective client’s attention, leading to sales down the road, or repel them forever, costing you that client and any referrals they may have sent your way.

Your brand visuals are made up of colors, fonts, logos, imagery, elements, patterns, and more – these are your brand assets. Brand Assets are the building blocks that your website, social media graphics, business card and all marketing materials are created from. 

One of the easiest places to start when designing your brand visuals is with your Power Profile. This incredibly valuable tool will identify the colors that resonate most with your brand personality, plus so much more. From there, you can determine the overlap between your Power Profile and your Brand Archetype and use the Brand Bundles in the Impact Tribe to design all of your brand visuals and collateral easily while staying on-brand. 

Brand Collateral 

Your brand visuals need places to be expressed, which is where your brand collateral comes in. Brand collateral consists of things like slide decks, business cards, social graphics, brochures, and any other marketing or communications materials. 

It’s through repeat interaction with your Brand Collateral that your audience grows to recognize and remember your brand amidst all the distraction and noise online (and in the real world too!).

Brand Offerings

Your brand offerings are what I refer to as the branches of your brand tree. They are grounded in and grow from your soil, roots, and trunk, but they are also their own, each branch unique but connected. 

Your offers are actually a major part of your personal brand. This is what ultimately creates the brand experience of working with you, and directly impacts how your clients feel and what they achieve through your programs, products and services. 

Your offers can take many forms – including done for you services, done with you services, memberships, courses, masterminds, VIP days, or almost anything else you can think of! It can be a great strategy to have 2-3 offers at different price points for your potential clients to choose from, such as a private coaching program, group coaching program, and online course. Inside the Impact Tribe, there’s an entire course dedicated to helping you decide which offer is right for your business – and you’ll get immediate access to this and so much more when you join us here.

Each of the 6 pillars of personal branding tie together and build off one another to create a truly powerful personal brand that is completely unique to you, and completely unforgettable to your ideal client. 
Creating a stand-out brand isn’t easy, and there are many moving parts, just some of which are outlined above. But with the courses, community, coaching, and resources provided in the Impact Tribe, you’ll have everything you need to build a business that embodies your purpose, and feel fully supported throughout (and beyond) the entire process. Learn more and join us today at the link below!


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