Personal Branding: Self Obsession or Self Love?

Personal Branding: Self-Obsession or Self Love?

branding Feb 14, 2019
If you're single (or have ever been single 😜) you've probably heard that knowing and loving yourself is an important step in finding your soul mate.

It makes sense right? Because the more we know, love and accept ourselves, the more we'll radiate confidence, which is attractive to other people. This confidence also makes it easier for our soul mate to find us, because when we know who we are, the clearer we come off.

Knowing and loving yourself doesn't just work for finding love - you guessed it, it also works for finding more of the right clients and expanding your brand.

Personal branding is a deep discovery process that helps you know yourself better than ever before and LOVE yourself for the unique qualities only you possess.

When you're clear and confident about yourself, you'll attract more clients and tribe members, because they are clear and confident about YOU!

Look at this way, personal branding is not only an act of self love, but it's also a necessary step to impact more lives and create the positive change you were put on this planet to make!

 But unfortunately, personal branding isn't always seen in such a positive light.
Recently, I came across a blog post called "You Are NOT a Brand".
In this article, the author said (paraphrasing): Wouldn’t it be great if instead of worrying about our personal brands we worried about our integrity? The quality of our work? Or perhaps if we had been kind that day?
As a Brand Strategist this makes me sad. Not because I don't agree with being in integrity, being kind or delivering quality work. Of course I do!
What makes me sad is that the author is perpetuating (I’m sure unintentionally) a fundamental misunderstanding about personal branding: that to have a personal brand means you're self absorbed, superficial and materialistic.
Now let's be clear, the context of this blog post was talking about young online influencers who are obsessed with posting pictures of themselves on Instagram and how many followers they have.
But let’s not make personal branding the scapegoat for an unhealthy cultural phenomenon that social media has led to for many young people.
Personal branding is NOT about being self-absorbed! Instead, it's about knowing yourself, loving yourself and being confident in yourself, so the people you're meant to serve can find you!
If you’re ready to take the ultimate plunge of self love in your business this Valentines Day, investing in your personal brand is a gift you can give yourself that will keep on giving.
I’d love to be your guide, contact me and we’ll talk: jessiemay @ coachjessiemay. com (without the spaces).


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