How to Leverage the Holidays in Your Business (for Last-Minute Planners)

How to Leverage the Holidays in Your Business (for Last-Minute Planners)

marketing Dec 10, 2021

First and foremost, it’s important to note that with YOUR business, you are the one who gets to decide what to do for the holidays (if anything at all). The holidays can be an incredibly stressful and busy time, so if you’re not in a place to add more to your plate – then you don’t have to promote a special offer or change anything about your business structure to suit the season. 

However, the holidays do offer us a chance to take advantage of a warmed-up buyer base and plenty of promotional offerings. Here are some immediate benefits that the holiday season can bring to our business. 

4 Immediate Benefits the Holidays Bring to our Business

Positive Energy is Already Associated With the Holidays

Despite any shopping or family stress some of us may experience, most people still associate the holidays with feelings of joy and anticipation. This means that when you use things like holiday colors and symbols to represent your product, people experience those same positive emotions in relation to your business and product. 

People are Much More Likely to Buy

Most people are looking to give meaningful gifts this season. How many times have you gone to the mall, or an online store, and walked around until you found something that you wanted to get everyone on your list? Consumers today are doing the same thing. They are shopping with intent to buy – even if they don’t know exactly what they want – and it creates urgency for people to buy by a certain date. PLUS, there are more people shopping during the holiday season than any other time of year – which means increased traffic to your pages and eyes on your business. 

People Turn to Social Media for Inspiration 

While most of the year we turn to social media for entertainment, during the Holidays, we turn to social media for shopping deals and inspiration. When you use the power of social media to promote your holiday campaign, you’ll get your content in front of more potential buyers than you do the rest of the year, because consumers are intentionally on social media looking for gifts to give their loved ones. 

More Desire to “Do Good” 

Sometime between Thanksgiving Turkey and New Year’s Fireworks, we become a little softer, grateful, and more giving.  Consider using these emotions to partner with another local organization for a cause – if done well, not only will it feel good, it will increase your sales and help build your brand-image associated with giving and generosity.

If you don’t have anything planned for the holiday season yet, but are thinking you want to promote a special offer in your business, here are some ideas to help you make the most of the season… even at the last minute. 

Holiday Promotion Ideas You Can Seamlessly Pull Together at the Last Minute

Create a Holiday Gift Guide

Creating a helpful guide makes it easy to take the pressure of holiday shopping off of your audience. To do this, plan out specifically what you want to promote (this can be your intro or smaller offerings and/or your affiliate connections), and then curate and send a Holiday Gift Guide campaign to your email list/tribe - include your own products/services, affiliations, and some of your favorites that may not be yours, but related to your business. 

This is also a great opportunity to collaborate with other business owners you know or want to build relationships with by featuring each other’s products and services in your gift guide. 

Offer Gift Certificates, Holiday Coupons, or Gift Packages 

Offering special holiday discounts, coupons, or gift certificates presents another buying option to your audience, and makes it easy to gift your products or services. Some ideas are to offer a gift certificate with a purchase, or a coupon on specific Holiday Gift packages, like bundled services or products.

Create Holiday Contests and Offer a Prize

Contests work wonders on social media! Create a photo contest, recipe contest, a gratitude challenge – whatever works best with your business model and values – in order to bring more eyes onto your product and get your business in front of new potential buyers. 

Get creative and have fun with it! The winner will get a prize, the runners up can get a discount, everyone gets on your list, you have new potential clients to market to. 

Host a Giveaway

While it may be a little late to coordinate hosting a giveaway with other businesses, you can also host a successful giveaway on your own! Choose something of value (more than just the free lead magnet on your website) that you know your audience would be interested in. 

Use social media to encourage your audience to share your offer for a chance to win, and invite new audiences to follow you and share your giveaway offer if they’re interested in winning! This is a great way to increase the size of your audience and bring new potential clients into your community to whom you can present future offerings. 

Give Thanks

Get in the spirit and give without asking in return in order to create more connections and strengthen your relationship with your clients, customers, and community. 

There is no better time to thank your clients and customers than during the holiday season. A small gift, video, or meaningful note goes a long way in terms of building relationships and showing appreciation to your audience. 

Some other ways to give thanks could include creating a new, valuable, free lead magnet for your audience, or featuring another business owner in an adjacent niche in front of your audience. 

List-Building Promos

The holidays can also be a great time to focus on list-building activities so that you can promote a bigger offering in the new year. If holiday promotions don’t align with your life, your business, or your values, then focus on growing your list this season so you can create the best offering possible in the new year, AND have a larger audience to launch it to. 

All in all, you became a business owner to live a lifestyle you want to live. So, it’s important to make sure that whatever you decide to do this holiday season, whether you’re doubling down on marketing or unplugging and taking a break, make sure it suits your needs and lifestyle. 

Also, caring for yourself this season is the most important thing you can do. So, make sure that YOU are your first priority. 

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