how to keep your brand from falling flat

How to Keep Your Brand from Falling Flat

branding Jun 04, 2018

As a personal brand, one of your jobs is to create content that helps your tribe get to know the real you.

After all, choosing to work with you is an emotional decision, based on how much your tribe likes you as a person, and trusts that what you have to offer can solve their problem.

If you've been having trouble coming up with content ideas lately that help your tribe get to know the real you, I want you to ask yourself a serious question: 

"How interesting is my life?"


  • Do I do things that I enjoy with people I love?
  • Do I have passions and hobbies outside my biz?
  • When was the last time I took a spontaneous adventure?
  • How often do I take action that scares the crap out of me?

If you spend all your waking hours, head down in your biz, you're probably not feeling very fulfilled in your personal life, nor are you creating experiences for yourself that expand your perspective and help you grow.

You need to keep your life interesting.

Not only does this ensure you always have something to share that helps your tribe get to know you beyond your biz... 

But as a visionary entrepreneur, keeping yourself ever evolving is your responsibility! Just like if you were a personal trainer, your responsibility would be to stay physically fit. 

So... what lights you up? What adventures have you been longing to take? I dare you to schedule something fun and personal NOW, then let it inspire your content creation.

My most recent adventure...

About a month ago, I decided to ditch my plane ticket to Oregon, where I planned to visit friends and family, and drive instead.

Yes, flying would have been faster and easier, but that wasn't what I was looking for. What I wanted was to slow down, feel spacious, experience the freedom of the open road and create time to unplug and reflect on some big life and business decisions I've been pondering lately.

At first, the thought of driving instead of flying felt pretty unrealistic and a little scary...

  • Would I be able to pull off 19 hours of driving by myself?
  • Would I go stir crazy? Get bored? Feel lonely?
  • Once I got to Oregon, would I dread driving all the way back to Colorado?
  • Could I really spend over 2 weeks alone on the road, away from my life and biz in Colorado?
  • And then there were those friends and family who were concerned for my safety as a woman traveling alone...

But the more I thought about it, the more empowering the idea felt. I wanted the challenge, I wanted the alone time, I wanted a new experience!

So I decided to ditch my plane ticket and take the cross-country adventure instead!

I planned my trip into 3 legs: 

1. Portland, OR where I visited one of my best friends and her new baby.

2. Eugene, OR where I visited my dad and stepfamily, my favorite aunt and amazing new uncle and one of my best friends from grade school.

3. Bend, OR where I am currently doing a solo biz/personal retreat at an adorable Airbnb on the river

Now that I'm getting ready to make the drive back to Colorado this weekend, I'm not dreading it at all. I'm actually looking forward to feeling the freedom and spaciousness of the open road again. 

If you'd like to see more from my adventure, you can check out my Instagram.

I'll share more about my internal journey and the shifts that this adventure inspired in a future post. Gotta finish the adventure first:-)

Until then, if you've been feeling stagnant, or pondering some big questions in your life or biz, when is the last time that you took a step back and unplugged to gain perspective?


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