The Importance of Having an Organized Client Management System

How to Create a Client Management System in Trello

business Apr 30, 2021

Having an organized client management system is essential to having a great working relationship with your clients. Not only that, but having an organized system also saves you time, keeps you and your clients organized and on-track, and makes space for communication. Using a shared Trello board makes it easy to keep all of your information in one place in a way that not only makes sense, but is also easy and convenient to use.

The board we’re breaking down in this post (and that is shared as a template for Impact Tribe members) is designed to be shared between you and your client. However, you may also find it beneficial to create an internal board just for your use as well. As you’ll see, there are countless ways to use Trello to organize boards that help keep you, your clients, and your business on track.

Organizing Your Client Management System

Creating a Trello management board that’s shared between you and your client allows you to keep the relationship and the work organized and on-track. Even though your client management system may contain the similar information or structure as the one I’m sharing with you today, it will look different depending on your type of business, what kind of coach you are, or the service you offer.

For example, a mindset coach, brand designer, and financial advisor may all need different structures and information within their client management boards. A mindset coach may need to track answers from their client’s writing prompts, whereas a brand designer may need to store visual branding and brand identify information, and a financial advisor may need to organize numbers and data. While all of these systems are going to be set up differently from one another, they are all accomplishing the same goal of storing and organizing information for both the coach and the client.

Setting Up Your Client Management System

The first step in setting up your client management Trello board is to figure out what you need to share with your client, what you need them to share with you, and how you’d like to communicate. Here are some ideas of things you can include in your Trello board:

  • Login information for accounts you may be analyzing or managing
  • Your contact details and working hours
  • Link to your calendar to book a coaching session or schedule a meeting
  • Signed agreements and contracts
  • Payment details, schedule, and invoices
  • Notes and homework 
  • Resources
  • Deliverables 
    • If you offer a done-for-you service, you can easily visualize which elements you’ve already delivered, and which still need to be completed. For example, I offer many different branding elements in my coaching packages, and I use Trello to keep track of what's been delivered and what still needs to be done.
  • Process 
    • If you have a standard step-by-step process or structure for your program or service, you can create an outline of it to be tracked on the Trello board.

Remember, your board is likely going to look different than mine or someone else’s. It’s important to include sections that are important and relevant to the work you’re doing with your clients. 

Once you’ve figured out the various elements of your board and things you’d like to use it to keep track of, it’s time to set up the board in a way that is accessible and intuitive. Trello offers so many features that make communicating and tracking progress a breeze. There are built in deadline trackers, checklists, a calendar, and project labels – all of which allow you to clearly see the progress being made and work being done.

Using Your Client Management System

Creating an organized system is a great first step, but what’s more important is actually maintaining the system and using it for the purposes you intended. Showing up for yourself and your clients in a way that’s organized and consistent will help build trust and authority, and ensure client satisfaction, mutual understanding, and consistent communication. This is why it’s absolutely essential that your system is easy to use, intuitive, and relevant to the transformation you’re offering your client. 

Want a done-for-you template and tons of other helpful resources like this? 

I’ve created a Trello template just for Impact Tribe members to copy over to their own accounts and modify to fit their needs. Most of the work is done, directions are included, and every single step is broken down in detail. If you want to take advantage of this resource along with countless others in the Resource Vault, a Biz-Booming Course library, Monthly Masterminds, Laser Coaching Sessions, and so much more, join us in the Impact Tribe at this link

If you want to hear more about how I use Trello to organize my client management system, tune in to this week’s Facebook Live replay in The Daring Fempreneur Facebook Group.


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