How to Attract a Constant Stream of Clients and Income: No Hype – Just Practical Lessons from My Entrepreneur Journey

business marketing Jun 23, 2016

This month, I’ve had the pleasure of working with an incredible young woman named Gianna.

At 20 years old, she’s my youngest client yet, but I must say…she’s one of the most dedicated, resourceful, and responsible people I’ve ever worked with. She’s stole a place in my heart because she reminds me of my own journey of starting my business at such a young age.

One thing that’s awesome about Gianna is that she asks great questions and she’s eager to learn. I want to share my answer to one of her most recent questions, because although simple, it’s super important and super fundamental to building your business.

Gianna’s question: How to Attract a Constant Stream of Clients and Income?

My answer: while there’s not only one path to a constant stream of clients and income, I can share what’s worked for me.


1. Patience

The first thing to understand about a “constant flow of clients and income” is that it takes time. Most business owners don’t achieve this overnight. In the beginning there’s lots of ups and downs as you get clear about your direction, message and ideal client.

Over time, as you become known, liked and trusted, you will attract more consistent clients. It’s kind of like a snow ball. It takes time to pick up speed, but once it does it tumbles faster and builds up with more and more snow. This is what will happen with attracting clients and income.

2. Simplicity

My next key to a constant stream of clients and income is to keep your products, programs and services simple. I understand how tempting it can be to want to create home-study products, membership sites, meetup groups, group coaching programs, and private coaching programs… but I strongly caution you against this at the beginning.

Start simple with private coaching and perhaps a VIP Day. That’s it.

It’s important to keep your marketing simple too. Don’t try to tackle every social media platform out there. Master one before moving on to the next.

When you keep things simple, you’ll become better at what you do (because you won’t be spread thin) and your brand will be clearer to potential clients. When people understand who you are and what you do, you’ll attract clients more consistently.

3. Smart Marketing

While it’s important to keep your marketing strategies simple, it’s also important that the marketing strategies you choose are smart choices for your type of business.

Because it’s so important for service-based businesses like yours, to establish Know, Like and Trust with potential clients before they work with you, marketing strategies that get YOU in front of your ideal clients will be most effective.

A great example of this types of marketing is live speaking.

4. Consistency

Smart marketing strategies won’t do you any good if you’re not consistent.

Consistency is what makes YOU the person your potential clients think of when they need your service. It doesn’t matter how many other business owners are out there doing the same thing as you - if you’re the one that your potential clients remember, you’ll be the one they call.

Because I’ve been consistent with a few very focused marketing strategies (Live Speaking, Instagram and Meetup to be specific), I’m now at a point in my business where all I have to do is give a talk and I know I’ll attract at least one new private client.

When my client list is full, I back off on public speaking. When I need more clients, I give a talk!

I’ve generated 18K in profit from Instagram in the past 10 weeks by consistent and quality posts.

And Meetup, well, this is where I attract 80% of my clients. My Meetup group, Daring Divas, just celebrated its 5-year anniversary and during this time, I’ve hosted over 500 events - talk about consistency!

5. Flow

Finally, to maintain a constant stream of clients and income, it’s important to structure your offerings so that one product, program or service easily flows into the next.

This way, there’s always a next step for someone; and although all clients won’t take the next step, many will. For example, if someone does a VIP Day with you, don’t leave them hanging.

Make your VIP Day the first step in a larger program and let them roll their VIP Day investment into the next program if they want to.


I know what it’s like to struggle to attract clients and money in my business. I was there for longer than I like to admit.

I also know what it’s like to have more clients than I can handle and generate over 20K/month.

While there’s always an ebb and flow in clients and income as an entrepreneur, what used to be my income ceiling is now my income floor.

If you implement the keys I share above, my hope is that you attract enough clients to transform your income ceiling into your income floor too.


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