Holiday Gift Guide Featuring my Favorite Things

Holiday Gift Guide Featuring My Favorite Things

life Dec 09, 2022

I know the holidays can be stressful when you’re trying to decide the perfect gift to give your friends, family, or team… or even when you want to treat yourself and just aren’t sure what to get!

So, I've put together this collection of some of my favorite things – business necessities that really help me move the needle forward, lifestyle products that help me stay on track towards my goals, and fashion/accessories that really make me feel like my best self! 

Check out my lists below, and consider these items if you need a great gift for someone else OR for yourself! And just so you know, some of the links below are affiliate links. 


In this section, I want to share some of my must-have business tools that you could gift to the entrepreneur, or budding entrepreneur, in your life! These are great for small business owners, but many could also apply for personal use. P.S., Some of these links are affiliates, which means they may  have discounts for you to take advantage of! 


This might not be the first thing you think of when you’re looking for the perfect gift – but a Kajabi subscription (or even just a couple months paid for) can make a great gift for any entrepreneur or creator in your life who is looking to expand their business! Kajabi makes it EASY to completely customize every single aspect of your website and offers. I could go on and on about how incredible this tool is, but to save you some time here, check out this blog for some more reasons why I love it so much. 

Plus, as a bonus with this one – I have an affiliate link for you to use, and you’ll receive a FREE 40 minute Kajabi Kickstart session with me to help you begin your journey on this amazing platform! 

Interact Quiz Builder 

This is the tool I use to create my Brand Archetypes Quiz and Power Profile assessment. The entrepreneur in your life likely knows how powerful of a lead magnet quizzes can be for growing your email list. Interact Quiz Builder makes it so easy to create impactful quizzes, and so seamless to fit them to your brand and website. With affordable pricing, this is an easy gift to give! 

Creative Market 

Creative Market is my go-to for finding new fonts, graphics, photo filters, non-cheesy photos, and almost anything else you can think of using in your digital marketing efforts. It’s easy to get lost in all the fun to be found here, so consider gifting a membership to the site!


Canva is so beyond useful, from fun and quick designs for personal use to the most sophisticated business designs, and more – the options on Canva are endless. And, a Canva Premium membership is just what the entrepreneur (or honestly, anyone who spends time in the online world) wants as their next gift. 


As a Brand Strategist, the first thing I appreciate about Moo is their incredible branding. But beyond that, they are the best source for all of your printing needs – from holiday cards to promotional materials and more ... everything I've received from Moo is amazing quality! 

Shure iphone Mic 

I use this Shure iPhone Mic for every video I record on my iPhone. It plugs right into my iPhone and makes the sound quality about a million times better, and even blocks static caused by wind when recording outside. Ease of use, plus convenience and the quality of videos recorded with it make this an incredibly worthwhile gift for anyone who likes to record videos on their iPhone. 

iPhone case with kickstand 

I recently got this phone case with a kickstand with my new phone, and I’ve been loving it so far! It’s made of a non-slip, grippy but still soft material. And, it’s so convenient to be able to sit on my desk so it stands up and I can use it, or just see notifications better, while I’m working. The all-black design is the cherry on top. 

Selfie Stick Tripod with Remote 

Anyone who records videos on their phones (and especially entrepreneurs recording Reels and TikToks to grow their business), needs this selfie stick tripod with a remote. This tool has been a game changer, especially with the remote that makes recording so much easier. Not only does it function as a selfie stick so you can take selfies that don’t look like selfies, but it also stands on its own as a tripod for photos or recording. You can even take group photos that look like they were taken by someone else. And, it folds up small so you can fit it in your bag for the most convenience. 

Adjustable Laptop Stand 

I have been using this adjustable laptop stand every single time I work on my laptop lately – and it has been such a savior for my posture and my neck. This stand brings your computer up to eye level so you aren’t hunched over, straining your neck all day while you work. If you or someone you know works at their computer all day, this is the gift for them. 


Now I'm going to share some of my favorite things that help keep me sane, organized, and on track towards my goals. These are things I use each and every day, and cannot recommend enough. 

Monk Manual  

My commitment to using the Monk Manual every day for the past year has truly felt revolutionary in the way I manage my life and work. If you’ve been around for any amount of time you’ve probably seen me rave about this planner from time to time, so it was only necessary to include it in this gift guide. For even more reasons to love it, check out this blog post. Needless to say, I highly recommend this for almost anyone, and I know that it will make the perfect gift! 

Hydro Flask  

Living in Colorado, it’s incredibly important to stay hydrated. And, I like to make my goals fun! So, I have a few of these HydroFlask bottles that I fill up in the morning and drink throughout the day to make sure I’m keeping myself hydrated and healthy. These bottles (actually) keep your drinks hot or cold, and can hold ice all day and night. Plus, they come in a staggering variety of shapes, sizes, and colors – so there’s definitely (at least) one your gift recipient will love! 

Mindful Modern Meditation Cushion 

I use this meditation cushion every single day for my meditation practice – and it is easily one of my favorite things. The incredibly soft velvet is just what I need when I wake up, and it comes in plenty of fun colors to match the design of whatever room you want to use it in. Using this makes my meditation practice more beautiful and comfortable, and my meditation practice is one of the things that keeps me most grounded. If you know someone who already meditates, or who wants to start, this is a great gift for them! 

Pilgrim Essential Oil Diffuser 

My Teo oil diffuser is an absolute must-have for my office (but of course, it can be used anywhere). The bottom is real wood and the top is a ceramic-like material that can light up when it’s on. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s also incredibly functional. Essential oils help create the mood of my office while I work to keep me in a good headspace throughout the day. Plus, this one features a timer that turns itself off once the oils and water are gone. I highly recommend this for anyone who loves essential oils and just needs a better way to diffuse them!

Stress Away Essential Oil

Speaking of oils, I am constantly diffusing this stress away essential oil in my office.  It smells amazing, and is literally made to help keep you calm, which is the perfect scene to set for your working environment so you don’t end up stressed. This has been my favorite oil lately, and is definitely a winner for anyone who might be a little too stressed. 

Nordace Backpack

This Nordace Backpack might look small, but she sure is mighty. There are so many highly-organized compartments that make this bag incredibly versatile. From towing your work setup to the local coffee shop, going on an adventure, or even using it as a carry-on (or in my case, your only bag) for your next trip – this bag has so many different uses. I highly recommend this for anyone who needs an easier, more beautiful way to carry their belongings. 

Blue Light Glasses

These glasses have been a game-changer while working at my computer all day. My eyes used to feel so strained by the end of the day and this would often result in headaches. With these glasses those days are gone - I seriously can't work at my computer without them because I can instantly tell the difference. You can wear these if you have a subscription or even if you don't, like me. And bonus points, they are super cute!


This category is full of gift-worthy pieces that are as practical as they are beautiful. From my daily work-from-home joggers to my favorite pair of earrings, and even gifts I’ve bought for others, these are definitely some unique items to consider gifting to your loved ones. 

Vuori Jogger 

I am not exaggerating when I tell you I have a pair of these Vuori joggers for almost every day of the week. These are hands-down the most comfortable pants I’ve ever worn, while still being presentable if you do have to get up on a Zoom call or answer the door. I Practically live in these pants, and cannot recommend them enough for anyone who loves to be comfortable while they work. 

Dazzle Dry 

My nails are almost always painted, and it wasn’t until I found this Dazzle Dry nail polish that I really fell in love with painting my own nails. It is completely non-toxic, which is perfect for feeling good about the products you use on your body. Plus, with their system the nail polish actually lasts 7-14 days without chipping, which is so much longer than regular nail polish. And the best part is it dries in literally five minutes, so you don’t need to spend all day avoiding touching anything while your nails dry. 

Etsy Raw Crystal Jewelry 

Every time I wear a piece from this store, at least one person asks me where it’s from – so now I’m here to share! The Chrysalism store on Etsy has some of the most beautiful crystal jewelry around, is run locally in Boulder, and has a variety of pieces so there’s something for everyone. 

Etsy Gold Needle Necklace 

I love wearing this gold necklace, almost as much as I love supporting small businesses. So when I find something beautiful and from a small business, that’s just a win for everyone involved! I get lots of compliments on this set of necklaces, so if you are wanting to gift jewelry, this is definitely a piece to consider. 

Etsy Mala Bracelets 

I gifted these Mala bracelets to my husband one year, and he loves them. Now, he wears them every day and they look incredible. If you’re looking for a gift for a man in your life, or if you just love the way they look too (I know I do), then this small shop is definitely the place to get them! 

Men's Wooden Watch 

While we’re on the topic of gifts for men – I gifted this beautiful watch to my father one year, and he absolutely loved it. It’s not a smart watch, so it’s perfect for someone who isn't into keeping up with all the technology and constantly staying connected. This watch makes a beautiful art piece, and you can even engrave something custom on the back, making it more personal and meaningful. 

Etsy Simple Gold Stud Earrings

Every girl needs a pair of simple gold studs as a staple. I wear this pair almost every day, and they make me feel so much more put together and elevated, even while I’m working from home in my joggers and sweatshirt with my hair up and no makeup on. 

Etsy Trucker Hats 

You can find me wearing one of these hats on almost any outdoor adventure. This small, women-owned Etsy shop has so many beautiful designs to choose from, and you can even create custom designs with whatever sayings or images you want – from your business logo, to your family last name for your next reunion, this gift is really great for just about anyone you know! 

Etsy Zodiac Tees 

Anyone who loves astrology will love this zodiac tee shirt. I have given these as gifts countless times, and they are always so well-received by my friends and loved ones – I know yours will love it too. They have tees for every sign, and I wear my Virgo shirt often! 

Etsy Throw Pillows 

While decorating our van this past summer, and now as we plan to decorate our new home, we’ve been looking for beautiful, natural textiles to use throughout these spaces. One of my favorite things I’ve found has been these Krinto pillows. They are available in several beautiful designs, and make the perfect gift for your favorite home-improvement enthusiast. 

Etsy Beautiful Boho Jewelry 

Aspen Glow Studio on Etsy is a small, women-owned business creating beautiful made-to-order jewelry. This has been one of my go-to shops for my own jewelry, as well as for gifting jewelry, and everyone I have gifted her pieces to has absolutely loved them! 

Etsy Gold Moon Necklace 

You can find me wearing this gold moon necklace in almost every single one of my videos. It compliments any outfit and adds just a little more of a polished look to any outfit. This is a great gift for someone you love who likes to wear gold necklaces, or even for yourself if you’re looking for an easy way to elevate your outfits. 

Bohemi Feather Earrings 

The pictures don’t do these Bohemi feather earrings justice – but you can find me wearing these in just about any video or photo I create. This is a local (Boulder, Co), woman-owned small business and she creates the most beautiful boho earrings. These are easily my favorite earrings, and I highly recommend them for anyone in your life who loves a boho look. 

I hope you found something you like on this list, and I helped you either find the perfect gift for someone else, or find the next thing you’re going to treat yourself with. 


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