Building a Purposeful Life and Business as an Entrepreneur

My Favorite Tool for Building a Purposeful Life and Business

life Nov 18, 2022

This year, I've made a commitment to myself to be better TO myself. I've been prioritizing the things that are most important to me, like my health, relationships and happiness and I've stopped trying to squeeze in just one more thing before I close my computer for the day. 

As an entrepreneur, there will ALWAYS be one more thing we could cross off our list. But if we really want to be more productive ... if we really want to build a business that feeds our souls ... if we really want to impact more lives and make more money ... then we MUST put our own health and happiness first.

The Power of the Right Tools 

If you know me, you know that I LOVE Trello for keeping my business organized and on-track, and staying on top of my to-do list. It’s where I house all of my calendars, appointments, tasks, planning, notes, ideas, quick links, brand information, and just about everything else having to do with my business. 

But, it wasn’t until I started using the Monk Manual (affiliate link) for my planning and tasks that I realized the areas Trello was lacking when it comes to creating a to-do list. The Monk Manual allows me not only to create a to-do list, but also to constantly look back at the big picture and make sure my daily tasks are getting me closer to my goals. 

It is the one thing that’s really allowed me to align my mindset and actions and live more in accordance with the things I value. Using this as the foundation of my daily journaling practice allows me to set foundations and priorities for each day, and helps me take action to stay aligned with the things that I value. It’s helped me put into perspective whether the life I’m living is really in accordance with my values and beliefs, and helps me show up as the person I want to be. 

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Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Planning 

The Monk Manual is designed to find the balance between being and doing. As much space as there is for creating a to-do list, there is just as much space for gratitude, personal priorities, goals, and reflection. To compliment the balance of being and doing is the balance of planning and reflecting. 

In the Monk Manual, (affiliate link) the monthly, weekly, and daily pages all do a great job of bringing you back to your priorities and helping you reflect and put into perspective the things that are most important to you. Each daily and weekly page aligns back to your monthly priorities and big picture goals, and helps you stay on track to reach those goals.

Incorporating Gratitude

The Monk Manual (affiliate link) makes gratitude a main focus, with an entire section of the planner dedicated to creating a gratitude practice. Incorporating gratitude into my daily routine has immensely helped me appreciate the little things in life, and feel more connected to myself and the world around me than I did in the past. 

Gratitude can be difficult to access because we live in a culture that constantly tells us we shouldn’t be happy with what we have, that we constantly need to “hustle” for more. However, I’ve learned over  many years in business, that gratitude is absolutely essential to becoming a successful entrepreneur – not only in terms of building a business, but in terms of building a business that is fulfilling.


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