Meet October's Daring Member of the Month: Terra Ramachandran

daring member of the month Oct 01, 2021

Once each month, I have the honor of interviewing one of our Impact Tribe members as our featured Daring Member of the Month – someone who has gone out of their way to help others, accomplished something huge in their business, been a good business friend, or contributed something exceptionally special to the group.

Today, Terra Ramachandran is joining me to share a little bit about her story, the breakdown she experienced, and what she created from it. She shares about: 

  • Why we get stuck and how you can get yourself going again.
  • What to do when you feel lost and don't know what you want anymore.
  • The bet you have to make if you want a life that feels like freedom.

This month, we celebrate Terra for showing up as a dedicated and supportive Impact Tribe member for over three years!

Not only have we had the pleasure of watching her grow over these past three years, but we’ve also seen her shift into a new business that's completely aligned with her purpose. We can’t get enough of her grounded, loving presence and I'm so honored to be able to share her passions with you.

Meet Terra Ramachandran

Terra is a life coach, entrepreneur, amazing writer, and empathic cheerleader for the REAL you! 

She is the founder and CEO of Soulfire Shift, a business dedicated to helping women stop making compromises and selling themselves out so that they can live the life their soul is longing to live.

She is currently enrolled in Dr. Martha Beck’s Wayfinder Life Coach Certification program, which she’ll complete in December. 

Q: How did you get started in your business?

Back in 2018, Terra experienced what she calls the “perfect storm” in her life. She was experiencing massive amounts of loss in her business, family issues coming to a head, debilitating panic and anxiety for about half the year, and health issues on top of all of that. She recounts going through that process and feeling that deep terror that comes with panic and anxiety, wondering if her life was really worth living, and healing from that – and she says that this is what allowed her to be the person she today, and is what made her feel so compelled to help women who may find themselves in a similar place – and to help them before they get to the place she was at. 

There’s so much pressure that we as entrepreneurs constantly have to carry, not only in our businesses but also in our personal lives, and it’s not talked about enough in the entrepreneurial world. Terra is here to break down those walls.

She left the corporate world in 2010, and was in her first business as an entrepreneur for 8 years before she found her soul’s purpose and started the business that she has today – Soulfire Shift. 

Q: Leaving what you had to start something new is not an easy decision. How do you know when it’s time to make a change, and how do you find the courage to do it?

Terra shared that there were parts of her first business that she enjoyed, but overall it just wasn’t in alignment with who she was and what she wanted. 

She recommended that if you don’t feel aligned, it’s time to leave. If you aren’t happy, and are pushing and forcing yourself to do something you don’t truly want to do, then the longer you stay in it, the worse things will get – The body always wins, and you will feel the effects of it mentally, spiritually, and physically. 

It can be incredibly hard to start something new. She says, “Honestly, the best I can say is to just keep your intention towards what you want to do. If you do that and you keep your eyes open, opportunities will come along that will create the space for you to shift into what you want.”

She further said she understands that sometimes the thing you don’t want to be doing is the thing that pays the bills. But, if you have the financial resources to quit something you’re misaligned with, do it sooner rather than later – don’t let your soul, and body take those little hits every day. 

Q: What is the most common problem that you help your clients with?

Her original intention with starting Soulfire Shift was to help people who are experiencing similar situations to what she was in – who wanted to make a change but felt stuck, who were at the place in their life where they suddenly looked up and wondered how they ended up where they are. 

She shares that, for her, getting back to herself and remembering who she was, what she stood for, and what her values were was an incredibly slow process. She had to learn to say yes to things that I wanted to be doing and stop making excuses. 

But, the process of saying yes is hard. 

In her business, she finds herself helping women with being stuck – feeling trapped in a job, a marriage, wanting to start their own business, or whatever it may be. A lot of what she sees is that stuckness comes from making compromises and selling ourselves short. In her work, she and her clients work on recognizing that compromise and stuckness, and feeling strong and powerful enough to stand in their truth and say what they want. 

Terra believes that when you say yes to what your soul is telling you, you are ultimately on the right path. 

Q: We can become so disconnected that we don’t even know what our soul is saying. How do you figure that out and untangle everything you’ve built to create something new?

If you are at a point where you don’t know what you like anymore, Terra says that how she found her way back was by starting small. In her experience of what she went through, she learned that your soul isn’t going to give you the big answers you’re looking for until it trusts you’ll follow through. She realized that once she started saying yes to the little hits of inspiration she was getting, she started feeling inspired by bigger and bigger things. 

Usually when we’re stuck, we’re believing something that isn’t true. I believe that we were meant to live the life that makes us happy and joyful. 

As far as getting untangled, that’s a long and hard process. Coaching or counseling can help you find the clarity and the roadmap to getting untangled, but the biggest thing is that you need to give yourself the grace of time and the gift of grace – it’s not going to happen overnight. Whatever it is that you need to untangle, try to find the clarity that you can and then just know that it is going to be hard, and going to take time – just put one foot in front of the other.

It’s so easy to sit back and just look at everything there is to do. Finding clarity on what to do right now, for the very next step, is the first thing you need to do – Looking at everything all at once is incredibly overwhelming. Getting back to where you were, or back to where you feel good can feel like a huge mountain and is incredibly overwhelming. Terra shared that she thinks it’s important to look at the current moment and focus on making a good decision in this moment. One step at a time. 

Q: What does it mean to you to be daring?

Daring means betting on yourself instead of betting on fear. 

She recounts that she bet on fear for a lot of her life – she was too afraid of what people would think, of failing, and all the other things we’re afraid of. 

Betting on yourself DOES require dealing with a lot of fear and working through your limiting beliefs, the stories you tell yourself, the things you have experienced – but there is nothing more worthwhile, because it leads to freedom. 

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