3 Keys to Overcoming Burnout for Women Entrepreneurs

daring member of the month Jun 03, 2022

Each month, we select one of our Impact Tribe members to be our “Daring Member of the Month.” This month, I’m highlighting someone who has shown an impressive amount of dedication to growing her business over this past year. Not only is she incredibly supportive of other members, I love the level of dedication, commitment, and hard work Mary brings to everything she does, as well as infusing a sense of calm and deep intention into her work. 

Today, Dr. Mary and I will be discussing how women entrepreneurs can overcome burnout and get back to living the life they're meant to live. We’ll be sharing how you can:

During this insightful interview, Dr. Mary will help you:

  • Determine whether or not you’re experiencing burnout – and learn how to identify it before it hits.
  • Boost your energy centers, so you can show up as the leader you need to be to change the world through your business!
  • Overcome the various stressors in your life with positive psychology, functional medicine, and energy medicine.

Meet Dr. Mary Sanders

Dr. Mary has over 25+ years of experience as a self-employed business woman and consultant … AND 15 years ago, she experienced burnout firsthand and crashed hard! At the time, she didn’t have the necessary tools or resources to navigate the difficult period in her life, so she panicked and ran away to the other side of the world. Now, she is wholeheartedly committed to supporting women who want to transform the way they show up in this world and experience thriving health, happiness, and purpose, utilizing the tools of energy medicine, chiropractic, functional blood chemistry analysis, and positive psychology.

Dr. Mary earned her doctorate in Chiropractic from Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, MO.  She completed her Certificate in Positive Psychology from the Wholebeing Institute in Lennox, MA and studied under Dr. Tal Ben Shahar.  In addition, she completed her Masters in Intuition Medicine® from the Academy of Intuition Medicine® in Sausalito, CA and studied under Dr. Francesca McCartney.  

As Dr. Mary’s gift to you, she’s sharing her free guide to help you boost your energy centers so you can show up as the leader you need to be to build a wildly successful business.

Get access to this incredible resource HERE

Q: How did you get started in your business and down this path?

From a very young age (like, 3 years old), Mary knew intuitively that she needed to have her hands on bodies and make a difference in that way. After attending chiropractic school at a young age (just 25 years old), she resonated completely with the philosophy that the human body is so capable of healing itself. Unsure of how to manifest actually working as a chiropractor, she packed everything she owned into her 2-door car, left the midwest, and opened her own practice in Colorado. Being observant to people and running healings all day long is truly Mary’s calling. After starting her business at such a young age, though, just 10 short years later she was feeling incredibly burnt out, so much suffering, and severely unsure of what was coming next for her. 

So, she followed her husband to the other side of the globe to live in Vietnam! For the first time in her life, she found herself with so much time on her hands – which is when she got deeply invested into meditation. This only led to a deeper and deeper understanding of the body, not only physically but also mentally now, which organically evolved to her studying Intuition Medicine in Sausalito. 

Q: Who do you love to work with, and what’s the most common problem or challenge you help them overcome? 

Dr. Mary is deeply passionate about helping women 40 years of age or older who have been faced with burnout, so they can achieve health, happiness, purpose, and alignment with their life’s work and what their soul is calling them to do. She specializes in addressing burnout for female entrepreneurs via a very integrated and holistic approach – incorporating her expertise in energy medicine, functional medicine, and positive psychology. 

Q: Why do you think burnout is so common, especially among women?

Dr. Mary defines burnout as, “the result of too much energy output and not enough energy self-invested. In other words, it's burning too much fuel than you've put in your tank.” 

She realizes a phenomenon of Human Giver Syndrome, where women in American society feel morally obligated to be of service and take care of others at a cost to themselves as individuals. The culture we’re being raised in forces us to pull ourselves in so many different directions, and places so many demands on us in every realm of our lives. 

But, Dr. Mary sees a potential for us, as a collective of women entrepreneurs, to address what we’re facing so we can shift the paradigm away from the constant burnout cycle. 

Q: How does burnout show up, and how do we know if we are burnt out?

Mary recounts from her own experiences a level of severe exhaustion, so much so that your head is foggy, you’re experiencing hormonal imbalances, you’re feeling anxious and over-driven, always on the go, and have little to no time to simply sit and exist.

Q: For anyone who may be experiencing burnout right now, what can we start implementing in our lives to help us work through it? 

Before we get started, take a deep breath. Bring yourself into present awareness, and know that this too shall pass. 

We all have energy centers that are intimately connected to our endocrine systems (aka, hormone regulators). So, if we can cleanse these centers by releasing energy, we can cause a shift in the autonomic nervous system and auto-regulate your central nervous system to balance out with the parasympathetic nervous system. When it comes to Energy Medicine, one of Dr. Mary’s favorite techniques is to stimulate the adrenal energetic reflex points in your abdomen. To do this, first find your belly button; go up one inch from the middle, then out one each on either side; then massage those points for counts of 20-30. 

From the aspect of functional medicine (aka, taking an integrative, holistic approach to learn how each bodily system relates to the others), we can help ourselves overcome burnout by using tools like functional blood panels. Dr. Mary recommends measuring the glandular biomarkers within your blood – such as cortisol or DHEA – so you can know what’s happening in your system before it crashes. Burnout is a true physiological response as a result of excessive adrenal production. When we look at what happens in our body and bodily systems as a whole, we can truly understand burnout. 

If you think you’re too busy to meditate… Dr. Mary says YOU are exactly the person who should be meditating. Beyond just the typical, sitting on a cushion in silence for 40 minutes, there are so many moments of our day we can take to silence our thoughts and enter a meditative state, even if it’s just for 5 minutes a day – every day. Taking that time to connect with yourself is what actually allows you to be of service to others. 

When you aren’t taking the time to care for yourself, to truly focus on yourself, the world is going to work in a way that it forces you to stop – that’s burnout. 

Q: What’s the benefit of boosting our energy centers, as entrepreneurs?

Mary recognizes the intimate connection between how we show up and what we struggle with as entrepreneurs and our own personal, spiritual journeys. There’s an immense energetic exchange that happens when you’re working with someone as a service-based entrepreneur, meaning it’s so important to make sure you’ve established healthy energetic boundaries. To be of greater service, you have to take care of yourself and commit to yourself FIRST. You HAVE to be at the pinnacle of your best self to truly be of service to others. 

Dr. Mary urges all of us, especially as entrepreneurs, to take care of ourselves FIRST – and I couldn’t agree more. 

As a bonus to this interview today, Dr. Mary has given us all access to an incredible and in-depth resource she’s created on how we can balance our energy centers so we can better show up for ourselves and our clients. You can get access to her free gift HERE

Q: What does “daring” mean to you?

Dr. Mary defined daring as, “leaning forward into action.” Personally, for her, that looks like allowing the space for meditation, looking inward, and intuitively asking what her next steps should be – then leaning into that and taking the actions to follow through. 

Q: What are you most excited about in your business right now?

Starting at the end of July, Dr. Mary is launching a program she’s incredibly passionate about – How to Bounce Back From Burnout: From Surviving to Thriving. Women over 40, who welcome change, will embark on a 5-month journey based in energy medicine with Dr. Mary to work through their energy systems, up-level their mindsets, and step into the best versions of themselves. Mary absolutely lights up when she talks about this program, and has poured her heart and soul into creating it – and I KNOW this is going to be incredibly game-changing for anyone who partakes in her program.

You can learn more about Dr. Mary’s work and business, and get in touch with her at this link. If you’re interested in learning more about her new program, or are interested in setting up a complimentary consultation with her, you can do that here.

If you want to join Mary and other amazing women entrepreneurs in the Impact Tribe, we would love to welcome you!

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