The Keys to Manifesting Clients Like a Queen!

daring member of the month Jul 06, 2023

Each month, we select one of our Impact Tribe members to be our “Daring Member of the Month,” and today, I'm excited to introduce you to Business Coach for Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Kadidja Yansane. We love the warmth and grounded, queen-like presence Kadidja brings to our community, plus her incredible business wisdom that she so generously shares with our other members.

Today, Kadidja and I will be discussing how to:

  • Uncover the biggest obstacles to enrolling clients into your programs
  • Open up the path to manifesting more income and opportunities
  • Get the support you need to thrive in both your business and your life

Meet Kadidja Yansane

Kadidja Yansane is the Founder of and the Creator of the “The Business Queen Academy” where she helps women entrepreneurs launch, enroll and deliver their soul signature coaching program.

Over the past decade she’s coached her clients to do things like: package their experience and expertise into a marketable offer, get their first & next paying clients, have their first $10K month, and position themselves as leaders in their niche.

Kadidja was a Women’s Studies major at UC Berkeley and is a Certified Coach. She is devoted to empowering women to stand in their value, charge for their service and do what they love.

She is the proud Mom of two together with her husband and Business Partner Mike. They live in the San Francisco Bay Area. When she is not working with clients she loves to garden, antique shop and go on walks with her family.

Q: How did you get started being a business coach for spiritual entrepreneurs?

About 10 years ago, Kadidja went to get her second coaching certification, after not taking any action after receiving her first certification. From there, she started a Meetup group from her tiny one-bedroom apartment in an attempt to grow her community and attract clients, however, she was only making passive offers to her members. After her members started asking her how to attract clients, her current focus as a business coach naturally evolved. 

As someone who is very passionate about spiritual growth and personal development, her roots and energy are fully grounded in holistic women’s circles. She believes deeply in how we feel throughout the process of achieving the things we want in life, and wants to help her clients create a life that they wake up and feel thrilled about living – something that can unfortunately get lost all too often on the business path. 

Q: How should our life’s purpose be connected to our business – when is it helpful, and when is it not?

At the time Kadidja started her business journey, she felt very unexpressed and like she wasn’t living her potential, even though she was a very creative person. Starting her business was ultimately her way to find her voice through writing and speaking, which also led to community and relationships she cherishes. Her business has also been the vehicle to ultimately finding self-love in all parts of her life. 

Of course, your business or job doesn’t have to be your purpose, Kadidja states, and that’s perfectly okay! Sometimes your business or job is just the thing that fulfills your needs to provide for your actual purpose outside of work. 

For many heart-centered entrepreneurs, they find themselves seeking something from their business. And while it’s easy to put so much pressure on our businesses, they don’t have to last forever. It’s normal and natural to seek change and growth in everything we do, including our businesses. While Kadidja loves learning, she doesn’t necessarily feel like a perpetual student in her business anymore, which she recognizes as the next sort of phase of her business. Now that she’s built her knowledge and business up to this point, it has shifted into serving a different purpose in her life. 

Q: Who is your ideal client and what do you help them with the most?

Most of Kadidja’s clients come to her because they have knowledge and expertise that they want to sell. She notes that the biggest challenge she helps them overcome is putting themselves out there. 

Women are so often taught that selling is wrong, or that making money through helping people isn’t right. She helps them overcome this mindset so they truly start to believe that they are doing their clients a service through selling. The most heart-centered people are worried about being salesy or pushy, but something that Kadidja has found through her work is that the people who are worried about this the most, are actually the least salesy and pushy, and they could benefit from being more assertive. 

Service-based entrepreneurs are here to serve, which people all too often lose sight of. Your audience is looking for what you have, which is why they’re there in the first place. We all have a choice, and extending an open invitation to your offer is about supporting your audience rather than forcing them into something that isn’t right for them. 

Q: How spiritual entrepreneurs overcome these common beliefs about money and selling and aren't serving them or their clients? 

While most of it does come down to mindset, there are also scripts and templates that can be helpful. But the first step is creating an offer that you feel really good about, and that meets the market where it needs to. 

Sometimes we can become divorced from the results we achieve because of the constant sales cycle. But it’s important that we come back to the results that our clients have gotten and really take those in, and share those with our audience. Then you can use that to invite someone else into your offer that can truly be so transformative. 

She also notes that it’s important to realize that you can be the shift in your clients’ lives that they’ve been needing. Letting people see you being honest about the transformations you and your clients have achieved helps them know that they don’t have to do it alone. One of the best ways to do this is by capturing the testimonials you receive, whether formal or informal! 

Q: How do you work with manifestation in your business and with your clients?

Our businesses are our manifestations – they did not exist until we decided we wanted to start a business! This idea that we had in our minds came to life through our manifestations and creations. 

The first iteration of Kadidja’s offer was all about how we create clients. As the creators of our business, we get to decide the types of people we want to attract, how many clients we want to attract, the goals we set for ourselves, and more. 

The most important step? Take action. So many of us feel the enthusiasm of an idea but never take the action needed to move towards that vision of what we want to create. 

Often, the hardest part of that can be releasing attachment. While staying committed to the thing you want to create, you also have to let go a little bit and realize that things happen in their own time. Honoring that you are a creator and taking action is the first step, then from there it’s about releasing attachment and letting it just come to be. Anytime we do something new, there is going to be fear and nerves – but we only grow our capacities by stepping outside of our comfort zones. 

Q: What is the difference between the nervous voice in our head and our actual intuition?

Kadidja shares an example of someone who was invited to do a podcast, but didn’t feel like they were ready or prepared enough. From there it’s time to inquire within: why do you feel like you aren’t ready? As a coach, we often go to the extremes – if you put your offer out there and nobody buys, then what? Or if you put your offer out there and it goes exactly as you had hoped, then what? 

Fear can be incredibly healthy. 

It’s also important to realize why we are doing the things we want to do – is it something you actually want, or is there an external force making you think that you should want it? 

Q: What does Daring mean to you?

To Kadidja, daring means doing things she feels afraid of. She also feels daring when she steps into the unknown – from moving across the country to starting new areas of her business, stepping outside of her comfort zone and saying yes (even without knowing the next few steps) is what daring means to her. 

Q: What are you most excited for right now in your business?

Kadidja is currently in the middle of her Business Queen Academy, and she’s loving seeing all of her clients find success in the things they’re doing and the relationships they’re building! The Business Queen Academy is an evergreen program where Kadidja helps her clients create their signature offer, then launch and market it. She gets into all the most important aspects of building a business with her clients, and also holds space for her group to feel like creators, like queens, and reconnect to their energy and excitement. If you are interested in joining her program, you can schedule a call with her here. 

Kadidja is also offering a free gift to our community, called The Ultimate Guide to Client Creation, where she covers the 4 pillars of creating clients – mindset, manifesting, missing pieces, marketing, and continuing to monetize all the gifts you’ve given. 

Q: How can someone get in touch with you?

If you want to learn more about Kadidja, visit her website here. Or follow her on Instagram at here.


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