The 5-Step Formula for Creating the Exact Life You Want to Live

daring member of the month Apr 06, 2023

Each month, we select one of our Impact Tribe members to be our “Daring Member of the Month.” And this month, I'm excited to introduce you to Life and Health Coach for Dental Professionals, Beth Heilman!

Beth brings so much spunky energy to the Impact Tribe, and isn’t afraid to cut out the BS to get straight to talking business of what needs to be done to reach our goals. We love having Beth in our Impact Tribe, and especially appreciate her straightforward, bright personality.  

Today, Beth and I will be discussing:

  • The step-by-step formula she’s created to help you achieve your dreams
  • What you can do to not only be more productive in your work, but also to make more time for your personal priorities
  • How you can build a better, more trusting relationship with yourself 

Meet Beth Heilman

Beth Heilman is the life and health coach for dental professionals who want to create wildly successful careers and meaningful personal lives without sacrificing one for the other.

Pulling from her health coaching certifications, personal health journey, and over 20 years experience as a dental practice co-owner, Beth’s practical process helps you transform exhaustion, stress, overwhelm and those pesky pounds, into energy and happiness to share with your family, co-workers, and patients.

She’s the creator of the Dental Life podcast that launches this April.

Q: How did you get started as a life and health coach for dental professionals?

Beth managed her husband’s dental practice for 20+ years, and throughout that time they had a big dream to leave the practice in Louisiana and move out to Colorado. Once they achieved that goal, she looked back and realized that in hindsight, her life didn’t look the way she thought it would. Because of that realization, Beth is incredibly driven to help dental professionals create a life they really want to live - a life that fulfills their dreams and desires. 

Q: Who do you work with, and what’s the biggest challenge you help them overcome? 

Beth loves working with dental professionals because she knows they have the biggest service-based hearts – they want to serve their patients, be there for their families, and help everyone along the way. Oftentimes, they give and give and give so much during the day that they don’t have anything left when they go home. 

She’s seen time and time again that they feel like they often have to choose between a professional or personal life – but she knows from experience that’s not the case. 

The fast-paced life of a dental practice can feel hectic at times. Working in a profession that relies on such intimate relationships with patients requires a lot more than many other industries. 

Plus, dental professionals put so much emphasis and time into developing their career that they can end up sacrificing their personal life. While dental professionals are so focused on dental hygiene, they often overlook their own mental hygiene. When we don’t check in on our thoughts and really observe what’s going on in our heads, things start to slip. Beth helps her clients separate from their thoughts and observe them from a perspective of bettering themselves in all aspects of life, as well as their mental health. 

Q: How do you help your clients create the exact life they want to live?

Beth’s self-evaluation model is what helps her clients uncover what they are truly feeling, and understand what they want out of life. She helps you classify everything in your life into one of the following five categories: circumstances, thoughts, emotions, actions, and results.

We often think the results we have in our lives are because of our circumstances (our jobs, the amount of money in the bank, where we live, relationships we have, etc.). Beth argues that all circumstances are actually neutral. They don’t have any effect on us until we have a thought about them – while circumstances are out of our control, the thoughts we have in response to our circumstances are the things that actually determine how we feel. 

Our thoughts generate emotions, which then is what dictates all of the actions we take in our lives, which is what determines our reality. Becoming aware of our thoughts doesn’t mean we have to change them, it just means we have the power to change them if that's what we decide to do. A majority of our thoughts actually run on autopilot unintentionally – she helps her clients choose with intention what they want to think. 

Q: How do you help clients find all this success without burnout along the way? 

Beth’s work involves a lot of planning and scheduling. One of the first things she works on with clients is choosing priorities of where they want to spend their time, then scheduling them as non-negotiables. 

It’s just like scheduling a patient to come in for an appointment at 2pm… you expect them to be there. So why wouldn’t you expect the same from yourself? A lot of her work revolves around helping her clients honor their calendars just as they would their appointment book.

One of the main things she teaches is throwing away your to-do list and instead replacing it with a scheduling power hour. Every Sunday, Beth sits down and lists out everything she has to do that week, then schedules it and allots a certain amount of time on her calendar… including the non-negotiables of her personal life and of her business. 

When you practice this, not only does it ensure you make time for your personal priorities outside of work, it also helps reduce the decisions you have to make each day. You’re no longer looking at a to-do list and deciding whether you feel like doing a certain task or wondering what you should do next… instead you’re just executing what’s already planned out on your calendar. 

Q: What does daring mean to you?

Beth recounts that daring, to her, means showing up even when you don’t feel like it, putting yourself out there, feeling all the feelings and showing up anyway. She has also learned that it is incredibly daring to give up on perfectionism. Rather than sitting around waiting for “the right thing to do,” you have to just take action. 

Q: What are you looking forward to most in your business right now?

Beth just launched her Dental Life Academy membership, and is starting a podcast this month! 

She is also sharing a free resource with us, her Mental Hygiene Checklist to help us manage our minds so we can thrive. You can access the checklist at this link.

You can learn more about Beth's work and upcoming programs on her website here.

If you want to join Beth and other amazing members in the Impact Tribe, we would love to have you! When you join the Impact Tribe, you get access to a library of biz-booming courses, next-level coaching, and an inspiring, uplifting community of women on a similar path as you. Learn more and join us today at this link.


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