Bye Bye, Bland Brand!

Bye Bye, Bland Brand! Introducing Our Canva Build Your Own Brand Bundles

branding Apr 22, 2022

Your brand is the promise of an experience that shows up everywhere you do, and in everything your business does. It’s what helps your clients get to know you, know what to expect from working with you, and ultimately to decide to hire you for your brilliance AND personality. 

Being crystal-clear and highly intentional about your branding allows you to create a curated experience for your clients and community, and allows you to determine what you’re known and remembered for. 

Brand Archetypes

You're a multifaceted human being. Figuring out how to unite everything that you are under one memorable brand can be hard! 

That's why the Brand Archetypes can be so helpful! Using archetypes to guide your branding will help you build a business that's aligned with your truth, and help your potential clients come to know, like, and trust you faster because you fit within their framework of understanding the world.

When you infuse archetypes into your brand, you create instant familiarity and emotional connection with your audience. Although they may not realize it, they trust you more because they understand who you are and what you stand for.

This emotional connection and trust is what inspires them to take ACTION – to hire you as their coach, sign up for your course, or join your Facebook group.

There are 12 primary archetypes, and while you probably have many at play within your personality, when you take the Brand Personality Quiz, you’ll discover your top 3. This free tool will help you hone in one your brand personality through the lens of the 12 Jungian archetypes. Archetypes, although we may not realize it, are at the core of how we view the world and understand the people around us.

Build Your Own Brand Bundles

I’ve recently released a new resource in the Impact Tribe – the Build Your Own Brand Bundles. This is an archetypes-based collection of brand building blocks, as well as collateral designs, for you to use so you can create a professional, relatable brand that’s authentic to YOU, without spending thousands on a designer!

You're amazing at what you do. And you're ready to make a bigger impact.

So isn't it time you had a beautiful and professional brand that shows potential clients what you're worth?

This resource walks you through how to use our archetypes-based Canva Building Blocks and Templates to build a beautiful visual brand that resonates with who you are AND speaks to your ideal client.

Imagine if you could stop wasting time trying to DIY your own brand, only to have it look unprofessional and repel potential clients; if you felt ready to openly embrace opportunities that could take your business to the next level because you finally have a brand you feel confident sharing with the world; if you could create a seamlessly beautiful and professional brand, without a designer, even if you have limited or no design experience yourself.

If all of that sounds too good to be true… it’s not! 

With this system, you will be able to easily build your own completely customized brand with our curated building blocks, including: logo sets, color palettes, font combinations, accent elements, patterns, textures, images, mood boards, brand books and more! PLUS, design your own marketing collateral, such as business cards, social media graphics, banners and lead magnets, with our customizable Canva templates.

Are you ready to build a brand you can finally be PROUD of? If so, click the link below to join us in the Impact Tribe and get immediate access to these incredible resources and start building your brand, your way!


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