7 Ways a Professional Brand Will Save You Time

branding Jan 10, 2018

1. Never create a dead end program or course again

You probably know how time-consuming creating programs and courses can be. Outlining the course, creating the content, shooting the videos, writing the promotional emails, giving your webinar, supporting clients inside the Facebook group - the list could go on. 

But what if you spend all that time on a course that, at one point you thought was a good idea, when in reality it was a diversion from the true direction you want to take your business?

When you have a solid brand in place, you won't waste time creating courses and programs that don't align with your business. You'll know what your brand is about and where it's headed, so any course idea that doesn't align will be stopped in its tracks before you waste months pursuing it.

2. Eliminate the competition

The sea of service-based soulpreneurs is getting more and more crowded every day. This means that the longer you delay in setting yourself apart with a high-end brand, the longer it will take for your ideal clients to find you.

Your brand is like a bright light that transmits out to the world and makes it possible for your dream clients to quickly find you. If your light is dull (if you have no brand or an unclear brand), your potential clients will have to sort through the sea of other options before they find you. 

And that's if they ever find you at all. In the process of searching, they may find someone else, with a brighter, clearer light and decide to work with them. If only they had known how amazing you are...

3. Stop working with time (and energy) sucking clients

Have you ever worked with a client who is a terrible fit? Maybe they...

  • are never satisfied
  • don't do their homework
  • have a warped idea of what you are there to help them with 
  • are indecisive
  • are untrusting
  • are overly critical

Or maybe it's a personality conflict and you just can't stand their brash way of engaging with you and the world.

The time you spend trying to help these clients (when they will never be satisfied) and the time you spend thinking, worrying and feeling bad about something they said, could be used to support ideal clients who do the work and get amazing results.

Instead of leaving grumpy and telling everyone how terrible you are, your ideal clients will spread the word about how great you are, thus leading to more amazing clients, more money for your biz and less time caught up in disputes with clients who weren't a good match in the first place.

So how do you stop attracting time and energy sucking clients? You build a high-end brand designed to attract high-end clients! When your brand's signal is clear, it attracts the right clients. Simple.

4. Simplify content creation

Writing your newsletter, posting on social media, creating videos for Youtube and publishing to your blog, can be overwhelming without clear focus and direction. 

The problem isn't a lack of ideas, the problem is too MANY ideas and not knowing which ones to pursue.
And when you don't have a solid brand, you'll end up pursuing the wrong ideas - ideas that don't attract your ideal clients, ideas that don't lead to sales and ideas that aren't aligned with your brand personality or what your brand stands for.

Time spent overwhelmed, thinking about what to write, and time spent on content creation that doesn't lead to results, is time wasted. Get clear about your brand so you can stop wasting time on content creation.

5. Build a results-driven website the right way, the first time!

Your website is a huge project. And an important one. It represents your brand to the world, positions you as a credible expert, and if it does its job, attracts the right clients. 

With all its importance, you may know from personal experience, what a time suck your website can be. Especially if you're trying to design it yourself (which I do not recommend unless you are a professional designer).

The biggest time-wasting mistake I see soulpreneurs make (aside from trying to build their website themselves) is trying to have their website designed without first having a brand.

Trying to build your website without a brand is like trying to build a house without a foundation. It will crumble, and you'll have to start over from scratch. Maybe you were trying to be economical by not investing in your brand first, but think about how much time and money you'll waste when you have to scrap the entire project and start over again.

6. Delegate with confidence!

Trying to wear all the hats in your business is very time-consuming. Not only because you end up with more than 24 hours of work to accomplish in a day, but also because there are other people who can probably do 80% of those tasks more efficiently than you. 

But delegating can be scary. How do you ensure that other people will do what you want them to do... and what if they don't? 

The answer is in your brand. When you have a solid brand, you can delegate with confidence. Your brand becomes the guiding light that your team follows to ensure they are properly representing your business to the world.

Your brand also saves you tons of time during onboarding and training. It eliminates questions, prevents mistakes and gets your new team members up to speed quickly and with clarity!

7. Get more referrals

Referrals are your single most powerful marketing strategy. They will save you TONS of time and marketing dollars compared to anything else you can do.

For example, I recently enrolled a new dream client into my top-level program from a trusted referral. It was a quick and easy sale because she knew that she trusted me and wanted to work together before we even met! 

That is the power of referrals. When your colleagues understand what you do and who you serve, it makes it easy for them to send the right clients your way. This can only happen when you have a clearly established brand. 

And there you have it! I bet you didn't realize how much time (and money) having a solid, high-end brand could save you! 

If you're ready for a new brand that represents where you are now and where you're going, and if you want a gorgeous website that's built to sell, I would love to talk!


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