The Complete Holiday Gift Guide for Each of the 12 Personality Archetypes

The Complete Holiday Gift Guide for Each of the 12 Personality Archetypes

life Dec 15, 2023

I know the holidays can be stressful when you’re trying to decide the perfect gift to give your friends, family, or team… or even when you want to treat yourself and just aren’t sure what to get!

If you’re stuck on how to find a personal, meaningful gift that you know they’ll love, then this blog post is for you! I’ve compiled a list of gifts that are perfect for each archetype – so you can stop wondering what the right gift is, and start curating the ideal gift for your recipient. 

But first, let’s get on the same page about the archetypes – the 12 Jungian Archetypes are fundamental, universal symbols or motifs that emerge from the collective unconscious. They are used to understand and interpret human behavior, personality traits, and cultural myths, and can give us great insights about our personalities, interests, values, and more. 

Each archetype carries its own set of characteristics, motivations, desires, and fears, which can influence a person's behavior and life choices. If you need to find your archetype, or want to have your gift recipient find theirs, take this free quiz. 

Check out my lists below, and consider these items if you need a great gift for someone else OR for yourself! And just so you know, some of the links below are affiliate links. 


The Explorer goes out in search of a better world. It's an inner and outer journey because they are motivated by a deep desire to find what in the outer world fits with their inner needs, desires, and goals. They are open-minded, independent, courageous, and candid. Their goal is to find deep fulfillment, purpose and freedom through daring to live an adventurous and unconventional life.

Nordace Backpack: This Nordace Backpack might look small, but she sure is mighty. There are so many highly-organized compartments that make this bag incredibly versatile. From towing your work setup to the local coffee shop, going on an adventure, or even using it as a carry-on (or in my case, your only bag) for your next trip – this bag has so many different uses. I highly recommend this for any explorer who loves to be on the go.  

Nature Meditations Deck: This Nature Meditations Deck provides thoughtful, simple ways to reconnect with yourself, and with mother nature. No matter where you are, you can take comfort in a variety of messages and lessons from mother nature, and quick mindfulness activities to try. And because of its compact size, it’s easy to carry with you to whichever piece of the Earth you connect with most. 

Papier Travel Journal: This Off Piste Travel Journal from Papier makes keeping track of your adventures easy! With multiple pages dedicated to each adventure, you can plan and remember each journey you take – there are even travel games to keep you occupied during longer flights or car rides, packing list sections so you know what you’ll need, and a place to log future trips you want to take, so you never have to stop dreaming of that next adventure!  

She Explores Book: I got this book in Acadia National Park on one of my campervan trips. It includes inspiring stories and beautiful pictures of women who dare to lead unconventional lives. I keep it with me in my van and love reading it to feel inspired and connected with other daring women! 

Chrysalism Jewelry: Handmade in Boulder, CO by Myla Sharp, these beautiful necklaces and earrings are made from natural materials like feathers, leather and raw crystals; perfect for the free-spirited, nature-loving Explorer in your life.

Travel Cable Organizer: This cable organizer makes traveling with tech so much easier! Give the Explorer in your life some structure to keep their tech contained and easy to access throughout their travels. 

Hydro Flask Coffee Mug: I use my Hydro Flask coffee mug all the time, whether I’m traveling or cuddled up and cozy at home. This is one of my best buys ever - I get so much use out of it!  

Scratch Off Map: If you know an Explorer who loves to travel the world, this scratch off map can help them keep track of their travels, and serve as a beautiful visual reminder of what’s left of the world to explore! 

Personalized Passport Holder: Never lose track of your passport again with this personalized passport cover! This cover adds a sense of luxury to your travel day essentials, and makes it a lot harder to lose. 

Language Learning Apps: Babbel and Pimsleur are two very reputable and widely-used language learning apps for the traveler in your life. Explorers are constantly on-the-go, and will likely want to learn some local language before visiting a new place. Subscriptions to these apps can help! 

Eco Friendly Gifts: The Explorer values taking care of our planet, so anything eco friendly will likely be a gift they’ll love. From reusable beeswax wraps to metal straws, water bottles, grocery tote bags, or clothing/accessories made from recycled materials, there’s no way to go wrong with an eco-friendly gift! 

Printique Gift Card: Give the gift of memories! These Printique custom photo books allow you to create a book out of any of your photos, so your Explorer can create a completely custom memento from their travels. 

Experiences: Explorers value new experiences. Dinner out at a new restaurant, a personal growth class designed to help them discover their truth, a day in the city or a country adventure planned by you, a vacation to a far-off part of the world, skydiving, hot air balloon ride, paragliding, ski trip, or anything where they can explore new places, people and things.

Jewelry organizer: All that travel and always being on the go can lead to some incredibly tangled jewelry (take my word for this one!). This is the best jewelry organizer I’ve found to keep all my jewelry organized and tangle-free, and will make a great gift for anyone in your life who loves jewelry, and loves to travel.

Rumpl Blanket: This is my go-to blanket for my van life adventures. It’s warm and cozy and I love that it has a clasp so I can wear it as a cape while I cook or make my coffee on a cold morning.

Travel Yoga Mat: If your Explorer also loves yoga, then this travel yoga mat will make the perfect gift for them, allowing them to take their practice on the go! 

North Star Necklace: For guidance, direction and purpose, this North Star Necklace makes a gorgeous addition to any adventure-lovers jewelry collection. 

Eno Hammock: I don’t go anywhere without my Eno hammock! It packs down small and it’s easy and quick to hang when you arrive at your destination. This hammock is perfect for relaxing during off-the-grid adventures, or even your backyard!


The Innocent archetype is a purist, a dreamer and an idealist at heart. Their glass is always half full and their purpose is to create happiness, spread optimism, and encourage new beginnings in their cheerful demeanor. They are kind, hopeful, uncomplicated, and trustworthy. Their goal is to feel peaceful and fulfilled living a simple, easy life. 

Natural Scented Candles: Candles help transform the atmosphere of a space, offering a warm, inviting, and peaceful feel, perfect for creating a relaxing environment for your Innocent dreamer. Two of my favorite all natural, clean-burning candles are the Cinnamon Chai Candle from Grace Candles and the Vanilla Nutmeg Cardamom Candle from Goodlight.  

Pilgrim Essential Oil Diffuser: My Teo oil diffuser is an absolute must-have for my office (but of course, it can be used anywhere). The bottom is real wood and the top is a ceramic-like material that can light up when it’s on. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s also incredibly functional. Essential oils help create the mood of my office while I work to keep me in a good headspace throughout the day. Plus, this one features a timer that turns itself off once the oils and water are gone. I highly recommend this for anyone who loves essential oils and just needs a better way to diffuse them, or for the Innocent in your life who loves anything that makes home feel more cozy. 

Dainty Freshwater Pearl Necklace: This tiny freshwater pearl necklace is handmade with real pearls from a small business and makes the perfect gift for the Innocent in your life! Not only does its simple style match almost anything, but the dainty feel adds a touch of simplicity to any outfit. 

Fresh Flower Subscription: Innocent archetypes love having fresh flowers in their home to bring some beauty, life, and vibrancy to their space. A subscription to a fresh flower delivery service may just be the perfect gift for them! 

Organizational Gifts: Anything to help the Innocent keep things simple, clutter-free and organized is going to make a great gift! Think things like label makers, tupperware organizers, desk organizers, packing cubes, aesthetic food storage containers, toiletry holders, or a coffee table tray – but remember, they’re going to prefer one that is as beautiful as it is functional! 

Tea Set: This simple, minimal Nordic Style Tea Set is perfect for those who love to relax and cozy up with a good book, soft blanket, and cup of hot tea. 

Tea Themed Gift Box: Curate your own or make it easy while supporting a small business by buying one on Etsy like this Organic Tea Gift Box. 

Iced Tea Pitcher: Perfect for year-round iced tea making, and just as beautiful as it is functional, this Anthropologie Floral Bunch Pitcher that was hand-painted in Italy makes a beautiful addition to your Innocent tea-lovers home. 

Picnic Basket Set: Nothing represents the Innocent quite like a picnic set, like this Willow Picnic Basket that is perfectly ready for them to treat a loved one to a beautiful, peaceful picnic at the park. 

Natural, Non-Toxic Cleaning Products: I use and love laundry strips from Clean People. I’ll never go back to liquid detergent. These strips take up way less space, are easy to use at home or on vacation and never make a mess. I also love my Branch Basics cleaning products. They make cleaning super easy with basically one product that does it all. Plus they have the nicest glass bottles so your cleaning supplies are not only functional but beautiful too – the perfect combination for your Innocent gift! 

Spa Day: Who doesn’t love a spa day!? Treat the Innocent in your life to a day of rest and rejuvenation at a local spa – allow them to indulge in face masks, massages, or hot stone treatments – just the relaxation they’ve been needing. 

Thank You Cards: Innocents, typically full of gratitude, remember the small yet significant details, like sending thank you cards. Each of these options have a very Innocent feel to them

Sunshine in a Jar: The Innocent in your life loves positive affirmations and meaningful moments they can create throughout the day. This Sunshine in a Jar affirmation jar includes 100 inspiring affirmation statements that anyone will love to open each day. 

Time to Relax Gift Box: This gift box gives the Innocent in your life an excuse and ability to have that long-awaited home spa day they’ve been dreaming of! 

Serenity Prayer Artwork: This non-religious Serenity Prayer Artwork serves as a beautiful reminder to live by one of the Innocent’s most important values of seeing the good in everything and making lemonade out of lemons. 

Lavender Eye PIllow: Another favorite relaxation item, this Lavender Eye Pillow provides the perfect amount of comfort to immediately relax you after a long, hard day, and can be either heated or cooled before use. 

Real Simple Magazine Subscription: Real Simple Magazine is perfect for an Innocent who wants to embrace the values and beauty of a simplified life. A subscription to this magazine can help the Innocent in your life truly embrace the simplicity they crave. 

Little Box of Positivity: Brighten their day with a Little Box of Positivity like this one from Etsy that includes 15 hand-illustrated cards with various positive phrases and sayings. 

Personalized Birth Flower Glass Mug: Flowers are a beautiful symbol to the Innocent archetype. This personalized birth flower glass mug is both beautiful, and serves as a reminder that you care enough about them to give such a personal, meaningful gift. 

Floral Notebook: Innocents love to read and write poetry, so you can give them a beautiful place to collect all their beautiful thoughts, like this Floral Notebook. 

Pressed Flower Bookmarks: If your Innocent loves to read, these pressed flower bookmarks are a beautiful and functional way for them to mark their spot.


Sage archetypes are planners, teachers, philosophers. They follow a logical, intelligent, and reliable approach to life, and believe in taking time to make the right decisions. The Sage is all about intelligence, research, facts, and sharing information. 

Masterclass Subscription: While Sages love learning, they care that who they’re learning from is a true expert in their field. This is where Masterclass comes in with over 185 classes taught by respected and renowned experts and celebrity instructors on topics from cooking, to business, to technology and more!

Letterjoy Subscription: A Letterjoy subscription is a unique gift for the Sage history buff in your life! Each week, they’ll receive an “old-school” letter in their mailbox that is a reproduction of a real letter (or telegram) written by legendary figures such as Theodore Roosevelt, Amelia Earhart and Thurgood Marshall.

Monk Manual: My commitment to using the Monk Manual every day for the past year has truly felt revolutionary in the way I manage my life and work. If you’ve been around for any amount of time you’ve probably seen me rave about this planner from time to time, so it was only necessary to include it in this gift guide. For even more reasons to love it, check out this blog post. Needless to say, I highly recommend this for almost anyone, and I know that it will make the perfect gift – especially for the Sage in your life who loves planning and gaining new insight into their life! 

Walnut and Maple Chess Set: This handcrafted walnut and maple chess set is the perfect gift for the intellectual in your life. Hand-made in Missouri, each set features uniquely custom work to create an heirloom quality showcase set – just the right combination of intellect and sophistication for the Sage. 

Adjustable Laptop Stand: I have been using this adjustable laptop stand every single time I work on my laptop lately – and it has been such a savior for my posture and my neck. You know the Sage in your life is all about research and learning, meaning they probably spend quite a bit of time on their laptop. This stand brings your computer up to eye level so you aren’t hunched over, straining your neck all day while you work, so they can comfortably learn everything they’ve ever wanted, and save their posture in the process. 

Puzzle Box: Your Sage is going to love this unique, hard-to-access philosopher’s puzzle box to store their important belongings. Plus, they’ll love a fun puzzle when they need to get into the box! 

Custom Book Embossing: Make their extensive book collection a point of pride by giving them a custom book stamp or embossing that they can use to mark the books they have on their shelves, and those they lend out to others. 

Nightstand Book Holder: Sages love to read, and seem to always have a book on their nightstand. So, give them a beautiful way to mark their page, and a fun, bookish decoration with this nightstand book holder. 

Ancient Coin Collection: This unique, thoughtful gift is perfect for the intellectual in your life who loves a bit of history. With this ancient coin collection, you’re gifting them not only another talking point trinket, but something to spark their curiosity. 

Kanoodle Puzzle: Your Sage loves to use their brain! This fun little Kanoodle puzzle lets them take a challenge on the go, or gives them something think-y but casual to do at home. 

Ember Mug: This temperature-controlling mug is perfect for those long hours Sage spends at their desk, especially if they’re also a tea or coffee lover! It even has a built-in battery, automatic shut off, and a controlled temperature range that you can control from your phone, so you can keep your drink the perfect temperature for any amount of time. 

Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager: If your Sage spends a lot of time at the computer or hunched over a book, this neck and back massager is the perfect posture saver that also gives them a chance to relax their body while they work out their mind. 

Antique Globe: If your Sage is in need of some gorgeous home or office decor, this antique-styled globe is likely right up their alley! They’ll love having a unique piece of history they can look at, and will feel inspired by the world around them in the meantime. 

Kindle Paperwhite: Finally, your Sage can take their extensive library on the go! With a Kindle Paperwhite they can read their favorite books wherever they are, and don’t have to worry about choosing the perfect book to bring with them next time they leave the house, because they’ll have their entire library at their fingertips. 

New York Times Custom Date Book: The New York Times will compile every printed magazine from any chosen date throughout the allocated years, meaning this custom date book contains “this day in history” information throughout the lifetime of your Sage. They’ll love learning about what’s happened on their birthday or other special day throughout history, and showing off this incredibly thoughtful gift! 

Desk Yoga Deck: Your Sage might spend a little too much time at their desk… after all, there’s so much to learn online! So, make movement a little easier for them with this desk yoga deck, complete with 52 simple practices for mental and physical wellness. 

Riddles for Smart People: Filled with over 100 riddles, this book is perfect for a coffee table and will keep your Sage engaged and entertained for hours. 

Blue Light Glasses: These glasses have been a game-changer while working at my computer. My eyes used to feel so strained by the end of the day and this would often result in headaches. With these glasses those days are gone - I seriously can't work at my computer without them because I can instantly tell the difference. These glasses make the perfect gift for Sage archetypes who often spend a lot of time researching at their computers.


The Magician searches out the fundamental laws of how things work and applies these principles to getting things done. They are contemplative, visionary, intuitive, and maybe a bit mysterious. They believe in miracles, and desire to know the fundamental laws of the world and how the universe works.

Mindful Modern Meditation Cushion: I use this meditation cushion every single day for my meditation practice – and it is easily one of my favorite things. The incredibly soft velvet is just what I need when I wake up, and it comes in plenty of fun colors to match the design of whatever room you want to use it in. Using this makes my meditation practice more beautiful and comfortable, and my meditation practice is one of the things that keeps me most grounded. If you know a Magician who already meditates, or who wants to start, this is a great gift for them! 

Tarot Decks: These tarot decks from The Wild Unknown are my personal favorite – the illustrations are so beautiful and enchanting, making them so fun to use!

Wood Tarot Box: Don’t forget a place to store those beautiful new tarot cards! This wood tarot box makes a beautiful, mystical addition to your Magician’s space, and they’ll appreciate the gorgeous moon and stars carvings in the wood.

Personalized Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Psychic, Enneagram, or Human Design Reading: You can find these services either online or in-person. The Magician in your life will love learning more about themselves, and the world around them, as one of their main interests is understanding the laws of the universe. 

Jewelry: Magicians often love mystical, beautiful jewelry that helps them feel grounded and connected in the present. I love the Marcy Kentz, Chrysalis Studios, Sparrow Wrapped Gems, and Some Magic stores on Etsy. 

Zodiac Birthstone Necklace: Magicians are all about the zodiac signs as a way to identify with themselves and others. This zodiac birthstone necklace is the perfect combination of beautiful and meaningful for the Magician in your life.

Individual Zodiac Books: These are small and great for stocking stuffers. They’re fun to read and make great coffee table books for anyone in your life who loves the zodiac signs. Virgo, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Leo, Scorpio, Taurus, Libra, Aries, Cancer, Pisces, Gemini, Aquarius 

Galaxy Projector: Bring a little magic indoors during these chilly winter months with a Galaxy Projector for your Magician’s home. Whether illuminating their movie nights or falling asleep under the stars, they will appreciate being able to feel more connected to the cosmos. 

Vision Board Making: Give them the gift of attending a Vision Board Making workshop, or this Vision Board Making Kit if they’re more of a DIYer. This is the perfect way to help them ground all their lofty visions and big ideas, and help them manifest what they want to achieve. 

Innersense Organic Hair Products: This clean, non-toxic brand transforms washing your hair into a beautiful ritual. I personally use their products almost exclusively, and I love them. Their products are life-changing, dare I say magical, especially for curly and wavy hair types. 

Moon Planner: This gorgeous Moon Planner for 2024 gives the Magician a magical (and organized) start to the new year. This planner goes beyond standard, and is packed full of moon and astrology wisdom, perfect for anyone who loves all things moon, astrology, zodiac and cosmic.

House Cleansing Kit: Magicians believe in the energy of a space. This house cleansing kit gives them everything they need to reset the energy of their own space for the new year, so they can start fresh with a blank slate. 

Chakra Hanging Ornament: Bring a touch of beauty to their home or work space with this gorgeous Chakra Hanging Ornament that they can hang on the wall and that serves as a reminder to harmonize and balance the energy within oneself.

Night Sky Print: Being the astrology and astronomy lovers they are, the Magician in your life will love this beautiful, custom night sky art print that you can customize for any day, any year, giving them a glimpse of what the night sky looked like on one of the most important or memorable days of their lives. 

Stars and Constellation Ring Dish: Give the Magician in your life a place to store all of their favorite jewelry that fits perfectly with their aesthetic with this Stars and Constellation Ring Dish. 

Tamed Wild Seasonal Box Subscription: This Tamed Wild Seasonal Subscription Box delivers the seasonal magic of the Earth for the alchemist in your life, complete with rituals, intention-setting guidance, and other tools to help harness the magic of the season like crystals, herbs & teas, ritual tools, altar items, jewelry, essential oils & other lifestyle pieces.

Crystals: Crystals from your local shop or an online shop like this one make the perfect gift. Be sure to research the meaning of the crystal you’re gifting to the Magician in your life - they appreciate intentionality!

Trust the Universe Candle: This trust the universe candle will not only bring beautiful scents to their space, but also serve as a beautiful visual reminder of one of their core values: trusting the universe. 

Trust Stone: These engraved stones serve as the perfect reminder of something the Magician needs most. And, they can carry it with them wherever they go, so they always have a touch of magic up their sleeve (or in their pocket). 

Gift Certificate to Your Local Apothecary: Magicians love to create “magic potions” such as tinctures, soaps, creams, lotions, hydrosols, serums and scrubs from natural herbs, oils, flower essences, salts, and more. If they live near Boulder, CO, get your Magician loved one a gift certificate to Rebecca’s Apothecary. Otherwise, find an apothecary near their home and buy your gift certificate there!

Owl or Butterfly Jewelry or Artwork: Owls symbolize wisdom, transformation, intuition and self actualization. Butterflies symbolize transformation, rebirth and freedom. These are all qualities and values of the Magician in your life, and they’ll love the symbolism of these pieces.


The Outlaw is a rebel and a revolutionary. Wild at heart, they are unconventional and not afraid to take risks. Their outspoken, authentic and passionate nature allows them to inspire radical change and challenge the status-quo. They stand by their values no matter what, break through oppressive systems, and bring a fresh perspective that inspires change. Their main goals are to find different, better ways to do things and help others achieve personal freedom.

Calm the Fuck Down Gift Box: Sometimes the Outlaw needs a subtle (or not so subtle) reminder to just calm down! This gift box will give them the things they love for some self-care and the reminder they need.  

Bad Girls Throughout History: Ann Shen, a bestselling author and illustrator, showcases the lives of 100 remarkable women through stunning watercolor portraits and insightful essays. Her collection honors these influential trailblazers who changed the rules for all who followed.

Bad Bitch Energy Affirmations Jar: Embrace your inner bad bitch with this Affirmations Jar. They can pull a new affirmation every day for 100 days that contains the wisdom they need to stay aligned with the bad-ass they really are. 

Quartz Middle Finger: A fun, outlaw twist on a classic crystal gift makes this quartz middle finger the perfect item to give your Outlaw! 

Dazzle Dry Nail Polish: It wasn’t until I found Dazzle Dry nail polish that I fell in love with painting my nails. It's non-toxic, lasts 7-14 days, and the best part is it dries in literally five minutes, so the Outlaw in your life can quickly get back to leading their revolution. Some great colors for the Outlaw are Bold, Rebel and Violet Velvet.

Black Mosaic Cow Skull: This ethically sourced cow skull is sure to be an attention grabber in your Outlaw’s home. While skull symbolism is up for interpretation, skulls naturally symbolize death, which is integral to the Outlaw archetype. Not necessarily literal death, but the death of outdated systems and structures.

Jewelry: Outlaws often love punk or grunge jewelry that helps them feel brave, bold and badass. Check out these Etsy shops to find the perfect piece for the Outlaw in your life: Gothic Orb Jewelry, Statement Collective, Mox Flare Studio, Rrrobinnn, SevenFeyJewelry, Our Window and Oddities I Curiosities.  

Raised Fist: Whether it’s a necklace, earrings, t-shirt or a painting, your Outlaw loved one will appreciate this symbol of their perseverance and power to instigate change.

Liquid Death Mountain Water: Outlaws exert a lot of energy toward their cause. Help them stay hydrated in style with a Liquid Death mountain water subscription.

Leather Jacket: Add to their already bad-ass style with (another?) leather jacket, so they can communicate exactly who they are and what they’re about without a single word. This is a great item to thrift if they’re into slow fashion, or you can find a custom one online. 

The Middle Finger Project: The perfect book for an Outlaw loved one who wants to embrace radical self-reliance and inner authority while building their life on their terms.

Tattoo or Body Piercing Gift Certificate: Outlaws like to express themselves in counter cultural ways, which often comes in the form of adorning their bodies with tattoos and piercings. They’ll love the flexibility of a gift certificate so they can splurge on new body art when the inspiration strikes.

Concert Tickets: Surprise your Outlaw loved one with concert tickets to Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Mylie Cyrus, Lizzo, Pink, or any other artist with rebellious vibes. They’ll be able to work off some steam on the dance floor while having fun at the same time!

Plane Tickets to Las Vegas: What happens in Las Vegas Stays in Las Vegas! The perfect destination for your Outlaw to express their naughty or rebellious cravings.

Raise Hell T-Shirt: Outlaws aren’t shy or reserved in expressing themselves, so they’ll love a shirt that shows the world what they’re about in two simple words “Raise Hell!”  

Dr. Martens Boots: Bold, edgy and practical, these boots will take the Outlaw everywhere she needs to go in style.

Bad Bitch Mug: Give your Outlaw friend the perfect mug for their way-too-strong coffee with this Bad Bitch Reminders mug

Listen Bitch Affirmation Cards: This outrageously funny affirmation cards make a great gift for the Outlaw in your life who needs a little bit more positivity (in their own unique way, of course)

Explicit Essentials Shower Steamers: Nothing says relaxation for your Outlaw like expletives and indulgences. Allow them to give themselves a break from the day with these fresh out of fucks shower steamers.

Last Nerve Candle: Do you know an Outlaw who needs a simpler way to communicate that they’re at their wits end with their family? This funny candle is just that!


The Hero abides by high standards and is drawn to challenge. Their resiliency and strength make tough jobs look easy, and they have an uncanny ability to motivate, inspire, and heighten other’s consciousness. The Hero's decisive, determined and energetic nature make them a force to be reckoned with. They are powerful, determined, action-oriented, and energetic, and they love to win. 

Fitness Tracker / Smart Watch: Heroes are always on the go, and their movement is important to them! Fitness trackers like the FitBit allow them to track what matters most to them, no matter where they go or what they do. 

Vuori Joggers: Heroes deserve a little relaxation too, and I am not exaggerating when I tell you I have a pair of these Vuori joggers for almost every day of the week. These are hands-down the most comfortable pants I’ve ever worn, while still being presentable with a touch of sporty if you do have to get up on a Zoom call or answer the door. 

Everywhere Belt Bag: Your Hero is likely always on the go, so this Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag gives them an easily accessible and sporty style space to store their phone, keys, and wallet wherever they go. 

Race Bib and Medal Display: If your Hero is also a long-distance runner, they’ll love this decorative race bib and medal display shelf to proudly display their race bibs and medals from the countless miles and marathons they’ve run. 

Personalized Award: Personalize this glass award for any hero in your life and give them whatever award you want, e.g. “best dad” “funniest friend” “Kindest person” etc. Heroes love being recognized for their efforts. 

You Are Brave Candle: This inspirational candle is a great reminder for the Hero to have in their space, and they’ll love the positive reminders!  

You’ve Got This To Do List Notepad: Everyone needs a little reminder now and then that they can do it, including your Hero. This You’ve Got This notepad is the perfect place for them to keep track of everything they have going on. 

Habit Tracker: Heroes are busy, and throughout all they do they are striving to reach goals of their own. This functional habit tracker gives them exactly what they need to stay on track with their goals. 

Pomodoro Timer: This is a great way to help your Hero keep productivity up throughout their day-to-day tasks. The Hero strongly dislikes wasting time, so they’re going to love how useful this pomodoro timer is! 

Courage Over Comfort Sweatshirt: This sweatshirt serves as a cozy reminder of one of the Heroes biggest values – being courageous. They’ll love wearing this reminder around with them, and will feel completely understood when they unwrap this gift.

Unbreakable Strength Bar Pendant Necklace: This bar necklace serves as a beautiful reminder that they are stronger than whatever they are facing, which is just what the Hero needs for themselves and to communicate with others. 

Hero Print: Why not call them what they are with this Hero print? The Hero in your life will love to hang this in their home or office, and will be pleased to know that you see them the same way they see themselves. 

Discipline Over Motivation Mug: The Hero is all about being disciplined and getting stuff done, and this travel mug serves as a reminder that they can carry with them throughout the day to inspire both themselves and others. 

Courage Necklace: Heroes are courageous, and that is a very important characteristic to them. This courage necklace can help them remember who they are and what they stand for.

Strong as Fuck Necklace: This beautiful morse code necklace hides a subtle message that the wearer is strong as fuck – the Hero in your life is going to love the deeper meaning of this piece they can wear anywhere. 

Workout Sessions: Whether gifting a gym membership, a session with a personal trainer or coach, or a subscription to a fitness app, the Hero archetype values fitness and hard work, so they’ll love the opportunity to work out in a way that’s potentially different from their usual. 

Donate to a charity in their honor: Heroes are all about making a difference in the world. A donation to their favorite charity, in their honor, is a great way to honor the legacy they’re leaving in the world.


The Everyperson is a realist, a BFF, and an advocate. They live by common sense, kindness, and respect, and are a genuine, down-to-Earth, practical hard worker who “gets things done.” Equality is their middle name and connection is their jam. The Everyperson's real, actionable and warm approach make it easy for people to relate to them. They are welcoming, genuine, humble, and conscious, and their ultimate goal is to create an inclusive community where you're seen and accepted just as you are.

Digital Photo Frame: Give the Everyperson something to remember all their favorite people with even from the comfort of their own home! This Skylight Digital Photo Frame will always remind them how loved and cared for they are, and how connected they are to their people. 

Our Place Always Pan: The Everyperson in your life is going to love how this Our Place Always Pan makes them feel like they’re in on the hottest kitchenware trend of the year. Plus, they’ll be able to beautifully prepare meals for their loved ones, and themselves. 

Canon Mini Photo Printer: This Canon mini photo printer finally gives your Everyperson a way to print out their favorite photos to decorate their home and office, without going to the store or ordering prints online. They’ll love the thoughtfulness of this gift, and the ability to savor their favorite memories with friends and family! 

Compact Swivel Cheeseboard: Does every Everyperson love to host gatherings? If so, this compact swivel cheeseboard could make the perfect gift! It’s as fun as it is functional, and makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves to host a casual gathering. 

Homesick Candles: These candles from Homesick give your Everyperson an easy way to remember their favorite places and memories, bringing them right back to those places through the power of scent. They’ll love how connected they feel to their favorite things with these candles! 

Custom Family Recipe Box: Give your Everyperson a meaningful gift with a curated, custom family recipe box or book. You can find a personalized box like this one, or create one yourself, and fill it with family-favorite recipes!

Comfortable Loungewear: These cozy sweatpants from Lululemon are perfect whether your Everyperson is relaxing at home and getting things done, or running to meet a friend for coffee. 

Trendy Candles: Fun candles like these or these make the perfect home decor talking piece, and give your Everyperson another way to cozy up and relax for a movie night with friends.

Be Kind Keyring: This Be Kind Keychain not only gives your Everyperson a cute way to organize their keys, but also serves as a reminder of one of their most important values in life – kindness for all. 

Book of the Month Subscription: The Book of the Month monthly subscription box is a great way for your Everyperson to start a virtual or in-person book club to foster more connection within their community, and choose from a wide variety of books, including ones that touch on important social issues and topics they care deeply about. 

Desk Calendar: This Little Joys Desk Calendar gives your Everyperson a beautiful and functional way to keep track of all their plans with friends and family, and they’ll love the beautiful pop of color that each month’s doodles add to their desk. 

Personalized Worry Stone: We all get anxious sometimes, and your Everyperson is going to love this beautiful and useful personalized worry stone reminder that you are with them, through the good and the bad.

Family Birthstone Necklace: This beautiful birthstone necklace allows your Everyperson to keep close to them a beautiful reminder of the people they love most. 

Long Distance Friendship Mug: Nothing shows your Everyperson you care like a concrete reminder of just how much you love and miss them! Mugs like this one are a great gift, especially if you live farther away from your Everyperson friend. 

Glass Tile Coasters: Add a pop of color and beauty to their at-home gatherings with these glass tile coasters, giving all of their guests a place to set their drinks that is just as beautiful as it is functional. 

Personalized Music Plaque: Do you share a special song with someone, or is there a song that reminds you of them? This personalized music plaque with a song and photo of your choice is both a meaningful and beautiful gift for someone who loves to know just how connected the two of you are. 

Mini Cactus of Positivity: These crocheted positivity cacti make a unique desk decoration, and are a great way for your Everyperson to feel how much you care for them no matter where you are, or what they’re doing. 

Custom Photo Puzzle: Give your Everyperson the gift of a fun time connecting with friends or family, and let them relive a favorite memory at the same time as they put together this custom photo puzzle. 

Soludos Sneakers: These on-trend and versatile Soludos sneakers make an adorable addition to your Everyperson’s wardrobe, complete with fun colors and the comfort they need to keep up with all their plans or attend that upcoming protest. 

Community Workshop Membership: If your Everyperson loves creating, they’ll love a membership to any community space with regular workshops - from art studios to cooking classes, this is a great way for them to feel more connected to their community. 

Women’s Empowerment: Things like this mug or this sweatshirt are great reminders for something your Everyperson cares deeply about – empowerment for all, with a touch of activism. 

Group Board Games: The Everyperson loves spending quality time with friends and family, and game nights are one of the best ways to make quality time fun! Board games like Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza or Rabble make a great addition to their favorite game nights. 

Activist Apparel: The Everyperson feels very strongly about inclusivity and equity for everyone around them. Shirts like this, this, or this allow them to express their values in a fun and stylish way that is less likely to ruffle feathers. 

Mental Health Merch: Sweatshirts like this, this, and this are a great way for the Everyperson to show that they care about others without ever having to say a word. They’ll love the casual style and positive messages on these sweatshirts, especially if your Everyperson is also passionate about mental health.

Daily Reminders Coffee Mug: A functional gift that can elevate their day-to-day life like this positive reminder coffee mug makes a great gift for the Everyperson who needs a little more positivity with their morning joe.


The Lover is an enthusiast, a romantic at heart and an intimate soul. They live with heart, openly share their passions and make relationships their priority. Their passion, appreciation and good taste make their enthusiasm contagious and exciting. They are deep, soulful, romantic, and passionate, and they desire to be surrounded by beautiful things, people and places they love.

Silk Pillowcase and Eye Mask: The Lover is all about luxury and beauty. This silk pillowcase and sleep mask set is just as luxurious as it is beautiful, and they’re going to love the silk texture at night. 

Silk Robe: Give your Lover the ultimate luxury and comfort with this 100% mulberry silk robe from Cozy Earth. This robe is super soft, and comes in two colors perfect for the Lover archetype: Champagne and Merlot.  

Floral Tea Kettle: This tea kettle makes the perfect thoughtful gift for a Lover, giving them a beautiful way to share their most intimate secrets with loved ones over a cup of tea.  

Wild Rose Romantic Bath Salts: This all natural bath salt, perfect for solo or partner soaks, is designed to promote relaxation and bliss for the body and mind.  

We’re Not Really Strangers Game: This unique We’re Not Really Strangers game features a deck of conversation-starter cards, that are meant to foster deep connection and conversation, two things the Lover in your life will really appreciate getting to share with those closest to them. 

Scentbird Monthly Perfume Subscription: This monthly designer perfume subscription service delivers high-end designer scents to your door every single month, perfect for the Lover in your life who loves to indulge themselves. 

Fancy Dinner Night: The Lover in your life likely likes fine dining, so they’ll love the chance to take someone special on an upscale night out with a gift card for a local restaurant. 

Spa Gift Card: Nothing says luxury like a day at the spa! Lovers love to pamper themselves, so a gift certificate to your local spa is a great way to show how much you appreciate them, while also giving them the gift of some much-needed self pampering. 

Date Night Tokens: These date night tokens are a great way to make date nights easy for the Lover in your life – they just pick a token out of the jar, and have an experience ready to go for them and their loved one. 

Reasons Why I Love You Jar: This jar comes with blank sheets of paper so you can fully express just how much you love the Lover in your life. They’ll love feeling so deeply connected to you when they open each letter from the jar. 

Tabletop Glass Fireplace: Give your Lover the gift of comfort with this cozy tabletop glass fireplace so they can curl up in a sensually soft blanket with a warm cup of tea at the end of the day. 

Gold Foil City Map: This beautiful gold foil city map gives your Lover a beautiful reminder of a place that’s important to them – they’ll love remembering their favorite times in that city, and having a beautiful new piece of art for their home. 

Mulberry Silk Bed Sheets: Lovers love to indulge themselves in pure luxury and elegance, with everything around them being something they love. These silk bed sheets are the perfect place to rest at the end of the day.

Gourmet Chocolates: Gourmet chocolate gift boxes like this or this are the perfect way for the Lover in your life to indulge their taste buds. 

Dance Lessons: Lovers love to feel connected to others, and dance lessons with a loved one are a great way to give them a fun, unique, connection-based experience they’re going to have a blast with! 

Harry and David Wine, Fruit, and Cheese Subscription: This monthly subscription box from Harry and David complete with wine, fruit, and cheese is sure to impress even the connoisseur. 

Fresh Flower Subscription: Lover archetypes love surrounding themselves with beauty. What better way to do this than with a subscription to a fresh flower delivery service?!

Jewelry: Lovers love feeling beautiful and they will appreciate being able to adorn themselves with a meaningful piece of jewelry given to them by a loved one. Here are a few options that your Lover will be sure to swoon over:


The Jester is innovative, spontaneous and the life of the party! They enjoy life, embrace joy, think outside the “box,” and break things down with humor. Their fun-loving, live-in-the-moment and zany personality help us break from the norm, shift perspective and lighten up everyday stress. They are funny, quick-witted, playful, and magnetic, and they believe that laughter is the best medicine. 

Comedy Show Tickets: The Jester is all about laughter, so they’ll have tons of fun enjoying a local comedy show with you! 

Funny Shirts: The Jester loves to let their lighthearted spirit shine no matter what they do, so fun shirts like this or this make a great conversation starter, and speak to their humorous nature. 

Joke Books: Who doesn’t love a good laugh!? Your Jester friend is sure to love this hilarious F in Exams book, full of the funniest wrong test answers you can find. 

Novelty Socks: The Jester will love this fun nod towards something comical, or something they love with novelty socks like these or these that are customizable. 

Goodr Sunglasses: These colorful sunglasses will make a great addition to the Jester’s wardrobe, and each pair has a comical name etched into the side when they’re in need of a laugh. 

Joke a Day Calendar: Functional and funny, the Jester is sure to love this hilarious joke a day calendar for their desk to laugh at throughout the year. 

Retro Video Game Console: The Jester is all about fun and play, so a retro video game console may be a great addition to their entertainment options that they don’t already have. 

Quirky Planter Pots: Unique and colorful planter pots like this and this make a beautiful home for your Jester’s favorite house plants, speaking to their unique style that highlights their individuality and creativity. 

Fun and Unique Date: Your Jester will love to share a special experience with you, such as a fun date at a water park, amusement park, arcade, roller rink, or something else that’s slightly out of the ordinary. 

Candy Kabobs: If your Jester has a sweet tooth, they’ll love this fun and unique candy kebab or something similar.

Custom Neon Sign: The Jester is all about colorful decor when it comes to their homes, so this custom neon sign is a great way to help them decorate their space in their own unique way! 

Pranks: Your gift itself could be a prank on the Jester in your life or your gift could be something to help them prank others. Here are lots of ideas on Etsy.

Sweets Making Class or Kit: The Jester will love the fun and tasty experience of a donut, cupcake, or candy making class or kit, either online or in-person. 

Jewelry: Jesters love to express themselves in fun and unique ways, and these Etsy stores do just that with creative jewelry. 


The Ruler archetype is powerful, confident and a natural born leader. Rulers adhere to personal responsibility, high standards, and leading by example. Their structured, sophisticated and ambitious personality will keep them and their community on top and above the competition. The Ruler has an innate ability to motivate, inspire, and lead, and are authoritative, confident, classy, and sophisticated. They desire to be powerful and in control so they can help the world.

Drinkware: The Ruler in your life seeks to elevate everything they do. This beautiful gold and glass drinkware set makes the perfect addition to the craft cocktails they serve their friends. 

Fountain Pen: Nothing says sophistication like this golden fountain pen! Your Ruler is going to love the weight of this pen as they check things off their to-do list and write reminders on their gorgeous stationery. 

Luxury Planner: Your Ruler definitely wants to feel classy while they organize their days, and this luxury planner is the perfect way they can do just that, complete with different colors and textures, and bound with gold or black rings. 

Personalized Stationery: Staying organized is important, and to the ruler so are high standards. The confidence and togetherness that personalized stationery conveys is right up the Rulers alley. 

Lion King and Queen Art: Lions are an important Ruler symbol, so they’re going to love lion art like this that reminds them everyday how powerful they are. 

Watch: Leaders need to keep track of time so they can keep up with the high standards they set for themselves and others. Gold watches like this are the perfect addition to their accessory collection. 

Bracelets: Rulers love looking put together wherever they go, and adding some accessories like bracelets to their wardrobe are a great gift for your Ruler. Here are a few to check out:

Earrings: Similarly, earrings make a great accessory for your Ruler – here are a few ideas: 

Rings: Last up for jewelry is rings – the Ruler loves to wear beautiful accessories, and these will make a great addition to her collection:

All Inclusive Resort Vacation: Nothing speaks to the Ruler quite like indulging themselves in relaxation at an all-inclusive resort for vacation. Take your Ruler on the ultimate trip to an all-inclusive resort to show them just how much you appreciate their hard work.

The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership: Rulers are leaders, and typically they want to be the best leaders they possibly can be. The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership book is a great way for them to improve themselves in an area they love to learn about. 

Crown Headpiece: Nothing says Ruler like a crown right? Gift your Ruler a literal crown headpiece so they never forget who they really are – a Ruler! 

Wall Hooks: If your Ruler loves home decor or is looking for fun new additions to their walls, these classical crown hooks are sure to suit their fancy. 

Gift Certificate to a Fine Dining Restaurant: Give your Ruler a little piece of luxury with a gift certificate to a fine dining restaurant. They’ll love the chance to take their loved one (or you) out for an upscale evening. 

Wealth Building Class or Workshop: Rulers love building wealth and financial growth, so a wealth building class or workshop, either online or in person, is a great way to show them that you understand this desire, and gives them a chance to learn about something they’re truly interested in. 

Wine Tour: Whether you’re headed to Napa or your local vineyard, your Ruler is going to love the experience of visiting the winery and tasting some of the freshest, finest wines around. 

Public Speaking Class or Course: Rulers are all about leadership, and leaders tend to have lots of public speaking opportunities or commitments. So, a public speaking class or course, either online or in person, is a great way for them to hone in on an important skill that really speaks to the Ruler in them. 
Luxury Spa Day: Give them the gift of pampering themselves in luxury with a gift certificate or a pre-planned day at your local luxury spa. Ruling is hard work, they deserve the break!


The Caregiver is an altruist, an empath, and a true giver. They lead with compassion, listen with intent, show genuine care for others, are deeply attuned to the needs of others, and are reliable in times of crisis. They have a unique gift of making people feel safe and cared for as they are patient, generous, comforting, and gentle. They believe in treating others as they want to be treated, and desire to make you feel seen and cared for.  

Stress Away Essential Oils: I am constantly diffusing this stress away essential oil in my office. It smells amazing, and is literally made to help keep you calm, which is the ideal scenario for a Caregiver. This has been my favorite oil lately, and is definitely a winner for anyone who might be a little too stressed, or who wants to reduce the stress they feel, or others feel. 

Bearaby Weighted Blanket: This cotton knit weighted blanket is the perfect place to cuddle up for ultimate comfort and relaxation. The fabric is super soft, and it comes in a variety of colors to suit any style. Weighted blankets help you sleep more deeply, and wake feeling rested and revitalized, perfect for the Caregiver in your life who needs to care for themselves as much as they care for others.  

Organic Tea Set: This organic tea and honey gift set is handcrafted in small batches from a small business in Illinois. Each set contains a customizable card, herbal and black tea varieties, a tea infuser, Wisconsin Raw Honey, hand-poured candles, and homemade biscotti. This is the ultimate comfort kit that any Caregiver is sure to love – give them a gift that allows them to pamper themselves for once! 

Green Thumb Gift Set: Caregivers love to care for things, including plants. Which makes this green thumb gift set the perfect gift for a caregiver in your life! This collection of garden essentials makes planning and planting veggies and flowers easier than ever, and includes: a gardener's planner, multi-tool, and seed saving kit.

Comfort Foods Cookbook: The Caregiver in your life will love how easy it is to prepare delicious, comforting meals for themselves and their loved ones with comfort food cookbooks like this one from Williams Sonoma or this Homestead to Table Cookbook.

Volunteer Day: Caregivers love to give back to others, so planning a day full of volunteering locally or for some of their favorite causes is a great gift to show them just how much you care about helping them make the world a better place. 

Meal Delivery Service Subscription: People who are constantly giving to others can easily overextend their efforts, leaving nothing left for themselves at the end of the day. So, a meal delivery service like EveryPlate or HomeChef is a great way to make sure they’re cared for and well fed. 

Audible Subscription: Caregivers are always busy giving their time to others. So a great gift for them is something that allows them to prioritize their own interests while they care for others. An Audible subscription is a great way to give them easy access to the things that interest them, without hindering how they can care for others.  

Sound Machine: This Hatch sound machine is a great way to gift comfort to the Caregiver in your life, making it easy for them to take their mind off the busy world so they can finally rest. 

Handcrafted Soaps and Lotions: Soft and supple handcrafted soaps and lotions like these from Joy Lane Farms or these from Salt and Stone show someone who’s always caring for others that they can easily care for themselves too. 

Customized Apron: If your Caregiver loves cooking, a customized apron like this one is a great way to remind them how appreciated they truly are. 

Indoor Herb Garden: Easy access to fresh herbs is going to perfectly complement all the meals they cook for their friends and family – an indoor herb garden is a great addition to the Caregiver’s kitchen. 

Wellness Retreat: Give your Caregiver the gift of relaxation for themselves, they deserve to reset and rejuvenate after all that time spent caring for everyone else! A wellness or yoga retreat is a perfect way for them to honor themselves and their needs this season. 

Personalized Front Door Welcome Mat: Give them the gift of welcoming others into their home with a personalized door mat that makes everyone feel welcomed. 

Shearling Birkenstocks: I wear my cozy shearling Birkenstocks as house slippers for comfort and support all day long. The Caregiver in your life will love feeling like they’re walking on clouds as they care for those around them. 

Cozy Hats, Mittens and Scarves: Winter is in full swing and the Caregiver in your life deserves to bundle up in cozy comfort for the season! Here are some cozy hats, mittens, and scarves to check out for them: 


The Creator is a dreamer, a builder, and an artist. They lead with imagination, follow through with self-expression and heed with dedication and skill. Their expressive, dedicated and hardworking nature is perfect to bring a vision into reality. They desire to create something that has never existed before that will endure through time, allowing them to leave a legacy. Since Creators are so hands-on, they may prefer experiential gifts to material ones. 

Local Pottery Class: The Creator in your life probably dreams of having the freedom to create whatever they want, whenever they want. So, a gift certificate for a local pottery class is the perfect hands-on, creative activity they’ll love to share with someone they love (like you!). 

Art Dice Set: We all experience creative blocks at some point, and the Creator is no exception to that universal human experience. This Art Dice Set helps alleviate those blocks by providing random creative ideas to get you unstuck. There is also a version for writer’s block, if the Creator in your life is more of a writer than a visual artist. 

Colorful Coffee or Tea Mug: Your Creator will appreciate having this unique mug to enjoy their morning drink while they work on their next creation.

Krinto Throw Pillows: While decorating our van and new home these past couple years, we spent lots of time looking for beautiful, natural textiles to use throughout these spaces. One of my favorite things I’ve found has been these Krinto pillows. They are available in several beautiful designs, and make the perfect gift for your favorite home-improvement enthusiast, and anyone who loves a pop of fun patterns in their space. 

Sketch Book and Markers: This Ohuhu Sketchbook and Dual Tip Markers are perfect for any Creator – whether they need a low-pressure space to doodle, or a place to keep track of all their creative ideas, this set is sure to get some good use in their life! 

Paint Brush Rests: For any Creator you know who loves to paint, these beautiful yet minimal ceramic paint brush rests give them what they need to keep their space clean without interrupting the creative process. 

Fun Earrings: Colorful, unique earrings are perfect for the Creator in your life who loves to stand out. Give them a bold fashion statement to rock whenever they need a little extra pizazz! Here are a few ideas to help get you started:

Jewelry: Creators love showing off their unique personalities, and jewelry is a great way for them to do that! This is an easy addition to their wardrobes to gift them, and there are endless styles out there to fit your unique Creator! Here are a few Etsy jewelry stores that have products full of Creator vibes:

Thai Chef Kitchen Knives: For your culinary Creator, this set of authentic Thai chef kitchen knives is just what they need to bring a bit of fun to their creations and take their setup to the next level. 

Color Problems by Emily Noyes Vanderpoel: This unique book makes color theory easily accessible, and provides practical color analysis from things you find in your daily life. Any Creator is sure to love learning more about some of the things they love most: colors! 

Vivia Original Color Sheets: This portable watercolor kit allows you to finally bring your watercolors with you on the go, without the mess. Each sheet contains a supersaturated pigment, so all you have to do is wet your brush, dab the sheet, and color away! 

Weaving Starter Set: Not only is this weaving beginners set a new creative outlet for them to try, it is also a great way to unwind at the end of a long day. This set includes everything you need to create a beautiful wall-hanging weaving: a frame, needle, yarn and roving, warp thread, a hanging dowel, and instructions on how to do it. 

3D Doodle Pen: The Creator in your life is sure to have endless hours of fun with this new 3D doodle pen, allowing them to bring their 2D visions into 3D life! Creating endless 3D structures, there is no limit to what can be expressed in this new creative medium. 

Cactus Bookends: These beautiful cactus bookends bring beauty to your space, and give you a place to hold all of your journals, cookbooks, sketchbooks, and more. 

Curio Embroidered Journal: This hardcover embroidered journal with blank pages is the perfect empty canvas for whatever creative visions come to their mind throughout the day, and give them a beautiful place to store their ideas. 

Craft Storage Cart: The Creator in your life likely has lots of bits and bobs strewn about their space, so gifting them a way to organize it all, like this Honey-Can-Do Craft Storage Cart, will not only help them keep track of everything they have, but also keep it organized. 

Handmade Watercolor Paint: Your Creator will love creating something beautiful and one-of-a kind with this handmade collection of twelve eco-friendly mineral watercolors from natural sources.

Etsy Gift Certificate: Creators love Etsy for the unique, homemade, handcrafted finds that are waiting at every click, and they’ll really appreciate a gift card that can be used on any Etsy items they’ve had their eye on! 

Local Cooking Class: Give your Creator the gift of experimentation with food in a fun cooking class! Creators love hands-on creation and trying new things, and they’ll appreciate getting to share this experience with you.

Using archetypes is such a unique, meaningful way to find gifts for your recipient (or you!) that they will truly love and cherish this holiday season. Take the stress out of holiday planning and refer back to this gift guide throughout your holiday shopping! 

And if you aren’t quite sure of how your recipient would identify themselves, have them take this free quiz so you know which of these lists to look through!

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