You are a visionary, an alchemist and a charismatic leader. You make things happen, trust synchronicity and use your influence to find the “win-win” in any situation. Your imaginative, clever and powerful essence make you the perfect catalyst for change and transformation. Your big purpose is to make dreams come true, understand the laws of the universe and spark that “big-picture” vision in others. You have a magical ability to help people dream big and guide them to manifest their dreams into reality.

Magician Brand Archetype Inspiration on Pinterest

Magician Brands Promise...

Transformation. To make your dreams come true.

The Magician Client...

Wants to know your vision, who you are and what you value. They need to experience meaning from your brand to be inspired to work with you.

Good for Brands That...

Sell the "secret" to longevity or any other cutting edge service or product that produces "miraculous" results. Link spiritual concepts of inner consciousness to outer performance.


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