​You are an enthusiast, a romantic at heart and an intimate soul. You live with heart, openly share your passions and make relationships your priority. Your passion, appreciation and good taste make your enthusiasm contagious and exciting. Your primary goal is to enhance the overall experience of life through intimacy, pleasure, beauty, and quality. You have a special gift to connect people with their deepest desires while making them feel special and loved.

Lover Brand Archetype Inspiration on Pinterest

Lover Brands Promise...

To make you feel special and beautiful. To help you experience greater pleasure in your life and relationships.

The Lover Client...

Wants to feel an intimate, genuine and personal connection with your brand. Prefers products and services that are one of a kind.

Good for Brands That...

Foster beauty, communication or closeness. Sell an indulgent and sensory experience. Associate with romance or sexuality.


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