You are innovative, spontaneous and the life of the party. You enjoy life, think outside the “box,” break things down with humor and embrace joy. Your fun-loving, live-in-the-moment and zany personality help us break from the norm, shift perspective and lighten up everyday stress. Your big purpose is to spread joy, lighten up the world and help everyone have a little fun in the process. You have the priceless ability to inspire people to love life more, appreciate the moment and embrace playfulness.

Jester Brand Archetype Inspiration on Pinterest

Jester Brands Promise...

That life doesn't have to be so hard. To help us lighten up and be a spontaneous. To help us process the difficult absurdities of the world.

The Jester Client...

Appreciates cleverness and creativity. Gets bored easily. Wants to have more FUN and shake up their boring routine.

Good for Brands That...

Have a natural tendency toward humor (Jester can't be forced). Sell fun foods or services that might be unhealthy. Help us have a good time.


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