You are an altruist, an empath, and a true giver. You lead with compassion, listen with intent and show genuine care for others. You are deeply attuned to the needs of others and are reliable in times of crisis. Your generosity, thoughtfulness, and commitment make it easy for people to open up to you. Your main goals are to embody the art of caring, to help others feel nurtured and supported. You have a unique gift to make people feel safe and cared for.

Caregiver Brand Archetype Inspiration on Pinterest

Caregiver Brands Promise...

To keep you safe and cared for. To make you feel heard and understood.

The Caregiver Client...

Knows that talk is cheap - they need you to show them you care, not just tell them you care. Is usually consumed in caring for others.

Good for Brands That...

Help caregivers take care of themselves. Want to stand out for exceptional customer service. Sell health or financial products and services.


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