The Hustle Scam: How Creating Spaciousness in Your Day Leads to More Fulfillment and Financial Freedom

The Hustle Scam: How Creating Spaciousness in Your Day Leads to More Fulfillment and Financial Freedom

life May 07, 2021

How many entrepreneurs do you know or see online who boast about working 24/7 and wear their burnout like a badge of honor? 

If you’ve fallen for the “hustle scam,” you’re not alone. It’s easy to get sucked into the idea that we have to work every night and weekend, never taking time to slow down or take a break, if we want our business to be successful. 

Over the years, I’ve learned that this way of life isn’t sustainable, and I believe that our entrepreneur culture as a whole is starting to realize this too and move into a slower, more sustainable way of life and business. But, watching and experiencing this unfolding throughout the years hasn't been easy.

My Story

Flash back to 2009 – a young Jessie May had just started down the path to entrepreneurship. Everyone I looked up to preached that constantly hustling and grinding was the way to achieve success – that if you wanted to succeed in your business, you would work 24/7 and never stop.

So, I worked and worked and worked until I literally worked myself sick. It was all about the hustle – how hard can I push myself, how many hours can I work, and how many things can I cross off my to-do list in one day? I pushed and forced and worried and hustled and worked for hours and hours on end until I burned myself out and actually ended up with adrenal fatigue as a result.

I was pushing myself so hard for so long, that my business wasn't fun or fulfilling anymore. I had to wonder: Is this it? Is this what I've worked so hard to achieve? Who am I outside of my business? I had completely lost my health, my identity, my joy, and any fulfillment in the process.

It took me many years to figure out that hustling and grinding 24/7 was the fastest route to failure, and that I needed to create spaciousness in my mind and in my day if I truly wanted to feel happy and fulfilled as a business owner.

And that’s what I want to talk with you about today: how creating more spaciousness in your day leads to more fulfillment and financial freedom.

Integrating Spaciousness into the “Seasons” of Business

I believe there are various seasons in business, and that some will require us to work harder than others – and that’s okay – I am not against hard work. However, I also believe that there are seasons of business that are better suited for rest, taking a step back, and prioritizing yourself and your wellbeing. 

It’s so important to slow down sometimes in order to avoid working yourself into the ground. We have to prioritize taking care of ourselves in the process of building our business so that the hustle doesn't become our only way of life – and we have to do this consciously.

Not only that, but creating spaciousness in our mind and in our life allows us to be better leaders for our businesses and our communities. It allows us to show up for ourselves and for our clients, to show up for our commitments. Being fulfilled, and happy, and healthy allows us to bring energy to our marketing, our clients, our branding, and ultimately to make more money in our businesses.  

Think of the reasons you went into business in the first place – was your goal to work 24/7, never take a day off, and constantly feel burnt out? 

My guess is no. 

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy, and there are times when working long hours will be inevitable, however, it’s important to make a conscious effort to also create space to take care of ourselves and enjoy the benefits of being an entrepreneur that inspired us to take this path in the first place. You get to decide what being an entrepreneur looks like for you.

5 Ways to Create More Spaciousness in Your Day so you Don’t Lose Track of What Really Matters

Creating space in your day gives you breathing room to see the bigger picture, to be creative, and to make empowered decisions that will move your business, and life, forward, rather than getting sucked into constantly putting out fires – all things that you can't see when you're grinding and pushing constantly. 

1. Plan Your Weeks in Advance, Including Rest Time

Planning your week out in advance and assigning your priorities to each day allows you to purposefully designate time for rest, creating spaciousness in your days and weeks that will help prevent you from getting burnt out.

I personally plan out both work tasks and personal tasks like meditation, yoga, working out, hiking, and walking my dogs, which allows me to make sure that I do them, and that I consciously make time to prioritize my own health and wellness. 

2. Purposefully Spend Time Unplugged

You have to make time in your day and your week for the things you love, without having your business in the back of your mind or in front of your face. Turn off your notifications, close your email, leave everything at your desk, and spend time with the people and things you love the most.

Whether it's a few hours a day, a few days a week, or even a whole week at a time where you completely unplug, it's absolutely critical to give yourself a complete break so that you have a chance to shift your perspective and see the bigger picture. 

3. Allow Time and Space for Creativity

Allowing yourself to be freely creative, without a plan or direction, creates spaciousness in your mind. Whatever your creative outlet is – whether it’s drawing, painting, cooking, photography, dance, writing, singing, gardening or anything else – give yourself the space to create without complications and competition.  

4. Create Mental Space

Cut out comparison, guilt, pressure, distractions, fear, and anything else that makes you feel mentally overwhelmed. As a person living in today’s culture, let alone a female entrepreneur, it’s easier than ever to get sucked into these mental traps – especially with social media being part of our daily lives.

However, freeing your mind from worrying about them will allow you to create the mental space you need to feel happier and more fulfilled, not only in business, but also in life.

One of my favorite tools to create mental space and lessen the pull toward destructive, time-sucking thoughts and emotions is meditation. It doesn’t have to be complicated, I simply take 10-20 minutes each morning to sit, breathe, observe my thoughts and practice letting them go when I find myself going down a path that leads me away from believing in my greatness.

It works wonders for my day-to-day fulfillment and happiness because when I find myself jumping on a destructive thought train, I have the awareness to know it’s happening and the practice getting off, and the ability to constantly show up in my truth.

5. Stop and Smell the Roses, Literally

Whenever you’re feeling busy, overwhelmed, or overworked, remember that it’s important to create spaciousness, even in small moments, throughout your day.

Whether it’s enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning without your phone, savoring your lunch away from the computer, stopping to appreciate the beauty of the sunset, or literally, taking a moment to step outside and smell the blooming flowers. When you need a break, take a break. When you have time to unplug and rest, unplug and rest. 

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