how to become the business owner you've always wanted to be, now

No More Waiting ... How to Become the Business Owner You’ve Always Wanted to Be ... NOW

leadership Apr 09, 2021

You know that business owner you want to become? The woman you picture in your head when you think of your future as a fempreneur? Well, a key part of evolving yourself and your business and becoming the leader you want to be, is to start showing up as her now. 

Everything you do – whether something small like snoozing your alarm or having a healthy breakfast, or something bigger like being prepared for an important meeting or giving a speech, it all adds up to form who you are and who you are becoming. Though, it’s not all just about the decisions you make and actions you take on any given day, it’s also how you present yourself physically, and how you show up for yourself mentally. 

By showing up now as the person you want to become, you’ll allow yourself to attract better opportunities, break into that next level, and experience truly impactful growth both personally and in your business. 

Every choice, every belief, every action you take today, accumulates to create your future self. 

Show up Mentally

Showing up for yourself mentally can take many forms. Making sure to take care of your mental health so that you can show up as the best version of yourself is an incredibly important first step. But, showing up for yourself mentally isn’t just about mental health – it’s also about your belief systems and how you talk to yourself. 

Here are some mental exercises to start practicing so that you can start showing up for yourself better…  

  • Stop making excuses. Whatever reason you have for not taking bold action in the past isn’t relevant to your future. You are the one in control of the journey to your end goal, it’s up to you to make the important, difficult, or even impossible-seeming decisions that you need to in order to achieve your dreams. 
  • Practice positive self talk. When you tell yourself that you’re a failure, that you aren’t good enough, that you aren’t capable – eventually you’ll start to believe those things and those beliefs will get in your way. Practice flipping the script and tell yourself that you’re capable, that what you’re doing matters, that you’re giving it your all, and that even when you fail, you’re still on the right path and have learned something valuable from it. 
  • Invest in your (healthy) indulgences. Do you love to read but fly through your library? Does yoga or meditation allow you to feel centered and grounded so that you can take on the day? Rather than sleeping in a few extra minutes, plopping down in front of the TV for hours on end, or endlessly scrolling through Instagram yet again, indulge in the things that enrich your wellbeing. Invest time and energy into things that you love, things that make you feel good, and things that nurture your mind, body, and soul. 

Show up Physically

Showing up physically as the business owner you want to become is not as shallow or expensive as it may initially sound – you don’t have to have designer clothes or live in a mansion to be show up for yourself. But, thinking about how you want to dress, how you want to present yourself to the world, and the physical space you show on video will allow you to fully define and embody the person you want to be. 

Here are some things to consider when deciding how to physically show up as the person you want to become… 

  • Your environment. It’s been proven that our physical environments have a great impact on our mindset, productivity, and the energy we bring to the world. Not only that, but creating a nice physical environment is absolutely essential to anyone filming videos, chatting on Zoom, or taking photos to post. Take a look at your office and the background of your photos – does it look presentable, put together, and representative of you/your business? Not only will having a beautiful, put-together physical environment allow you to present your best self, it will also help you (and your clients) believe in the power and reality of your business.
  • Your wardrobe. If you walked into a room full of your ideal client, would you appear as someone they would want to work with? Does how you present yourself to the world represent the leader and fempreneur that you want to be? More often than not, people’s minds make decisions based on first impressions. Make sure that your first impression is one that is representative of the person you want to show off to the world and the leader you want to be. 
  • Your energy. Think about the energy that your brand has and that you as a leader bring to it. When you stand up to talk in front of a room full of people, how are you going to greet them? Are you going to speak energetically and enthusiastically, or are you going to appear more wise and reserved? Identifying the type of energy that your clients will resonate with most, and then showing up with that same energy can have a massive impact on your business. 

Take Things One Day at a Time

Sometimes the vision we have for our businesses and who we want to become as the leader of our businesses can feel far off and overwhelming.

I’ll admit, when I think about everything I need to do to get my health, vitality, and weight back to where I want it to be, after feeling like I got completely knocked down by the hormonal challenges I've gone through this year (not to mention the global pandemic, injustice, death of loved ones, and mass shootings going on around me), it can feel extremely daunting. So much so, that there are moments when I wonder if I'll be able to do it. 

But when I think about it as bite-size actions, like in every moment I simply have to make one choice that moves me toward my goal, it feels much more manageable. 

Make a choice in every moment that moves you closer to your vision. When you can approach it this way, all the little actions you take in each moment add up to create the life, business, and health you desire. 

One of the biggest myths ever is the “overnight success.” We hear a lot about those “inspirational” people who built a six-figure business in a week or lost fifty pounds last month - but really, I don't think anyone is an overnight success. It might seem like it happened overnight from the outside, but we rarely hear about all the little steps, actions, choices, and mindset shifts that a person made on their journey that led to that "overnight" success. 

Rather than focusing on the big picture and overwhelming yourself with the prospect of having to do a million things, be a million people, and go from zero to one hundred overnight, take each goal step by step each day. The important thing is that you start today with small decisions that get you one step closer to who you want to be. Remember, it’s the small things that add up to big results. 

Becoming the leader and fempreneur you want to be isn’t going to happen overnight. It’s going to happen as a culmination of conscious, thoughtful action – the big results will form through small actions and thoughts each day. So, in order to become who you want to be, what small shifts can you make in: how you spend your time, the stories you tell yourself, the people you hang out with, your environment, how you dress, and the tasks you focus on in your business?

Showing up as the best version of yourself, the version you aspire to be, is essential to start practicing now. Whether you decide to get up an hour earlier, go for a walk instead of watching TV after work, or book that call your imposter syndrome has been making you delay, decide definitively how you are going to show up as the leader you want to become, and then start taking action today.

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