Monumental Mindset Shifts to Take Your Service-Based Business to the Next Level

Monumental Mindset Shifts to Take Your Service-Based Business to the Next Level

business Oct 28, 2022

Are you stuck spinning your wheels, feeling like you stagnated in your business, and unsure how to get to the next level? If so, I have a very important question for you. 

When was the last time you took an honest look at your mindset towards your business? 

I strongly believe that our mindset is the foundation of everything we do – especially as entrepreneurs. Our mindset towards ourselves and our businesses guides the way we see the world, leads the way for the decisions we make, and paves the path we end up following. 

So, if it’s been too long since you’ve consciously considered how your outlook impacts your business – then this blog is for you.  

You’ll discover several mindset shifts that have been monumental to the way I show up and lead in my business. When fully embraced, these mindset shifts have the power to help you bust through the blocks that are keeping you small so you can attract more clients and courageously reach your income and impact goals. 

Your clients aren't buying your service or program, they're investing in a relationship with YOU

If you're a coach, author, speaker, healer or any type of service-based entrepreneur, your clients actually aren't investing in your service. They're investing in a relationship with YOU! They choose to work with you because they like you, they resonate with what you stand for, and they want your personal guidance to help them solve their problem. And the only way they'll know if they want this relationship in the first place, is if you bring more of YOU into your brand.

Your brand is the promise of an experience that shows up wherever you go. This experience is delivered through everything your business does, and becomes how the world sees and gets to know you.

Essentially, as a service-based coach or healer, your ideal clients’ experience with your brand is their impression of YOU – your personality, how they feel when they’re around you, what you do and how you do it, what it’s like to work with you, what you sound like and even how you dress. 

Branding is just as important for coaches, healers and service-based business owners as it is for big corporations

I used to believe branding was limited to huge companies like Apple and Nike, and it wasn’t important for small businesses like mine. What I didn’t know was that this belief was incredibly detrimental not only to attracting clients, but also to envisioning how my business would grow in the future. 

I was stuck struggling to grow my business because I believed I couldn’t and shouldn’t invest in my brand. Once I realized I was stuck, I took a look around at successful small businesses, service providers, and coaches I respected, to try to find the common thread. And what I found?

They all had a clearly defined brand.

So, I took that as the sign I needed to focus on building a brand so I had a clear, consistent way to communicate with my audience.

I realized that a brand is not just about logos, colors and fonts, but it’s the promise of an experience that needs to be consistently delivered across your business if you want to become sought after, sell out your programs and ultimately make the difference you’re here to make … and this is extremely important for small businesses and large business alike. This mindset shift was worth millions – because without it, I wouldn’t have been able to build my business into what it is today. 

One thing I’ve learned from investing in, and upleveling my own brand over the years, is that when I upgrade my brand, it has a way of powerfully upgrading my energy and mindset too, giving me the courage and confidence to leap forward in ways that felt unimaginable before.

Confidence is built through ACTION. Stop waiting to feel confident before you shoot that video, create that course, speak on that stage, etc …

A lot of people have the misconception that you have to already be confident in order to take action. When, in reality, you have to take action in order to become confident. You won’t be able to feel comfortable, feel less nervous, and build confidence until you take messy, scary, uncomfortable action. 

Unfortunately, there is no way around it – you have to go through it. Not everything is going to be perfect, easy, or pretty in the beginning. But, you aren’t going to get to that point until you build your way up to it through uncomfortable, un-confident action. 

 ⬇ PIN IT ⬇ 

People DO judge a book by its cover, especially online

The outer expression of your brand IS actually something people will judge you by – this includes your visuals, messaging, and how you show up as the face of your brand. I like to think of your brand as your first impression to the world – it’s the first thing sending a subconscious message to your audience about who you are and what it would be like to work with you, and it guides how you communicate and interact with your audience. 

We need to make sure our first impressions are doing us a favor by working for us, rather than working against us. If we don’t put the time and energy into solidifying the outward expression of our business through our brand, then we won’t give our audience presence that makes them trust us, feel positive about interacting with us, and ultimately consider our businesses over others. 

Less is more

Often, we feel like we need to do more, be more, have more, offer more, because we think that’s going to be “better, ” and we’ll sell to more people or have more options for potential clients to consider. This mindset actually comes from a place of insecurity, even if you aren’t immediately aware of it.  

It’s so easy to over complicate our businesses as entrepreneurs because we have so many ideas and often don’t know which ones to pursue. I’ve seen so many entrepreneurs end up pursuing too many “shiny objects” and getting overwhelmed. The worst part of this, is that our clients end up feeling overwhelmed too because it isn’t clear to them how we can best serve them and how they can work with us.

A confused mind always says no – so, make it easy for your ideal clients to choose you, and to feel confident in that choice. Keep your offerings simple, keep your brand simple, and keep your business simple. 

Turning some people away is actually a good thing

As counterintuitive as it may sound, you actually don’t want to work with everyone – there are some people you’re going to want to say no to. When you focus on one ideal client who perfectly resonates with you and your values, then you are not only able to serve them better, but you’re also able to build a business that feels better for you, and is easier for you to run. Not only that, but you’ll actually make MORE sales when you focus on just one ideal client, because they’ll be able to hear you more clearly through the noise of others. 

Consistency isn't just about posting everyday on social media

When you hear about consistency in the online business space, you mostly hear about the frequency you post on social media or send emails to your list. But, consistency is about so much more than just how frequently you show up. 

You also need to be consistent in how you show up, your messaging, who you’re talking to, and how you speak to them. If these things aren’t solidified and made consistent before you start showing up consistently, then your audience will end up confused. 

If you want to stand out, make an impact, and build that freedom-based lifestyle you want, consistency is your key. 

NOT selling to your audience is doing them a disservice

I’ve heard from countless people that they feel “icky” selling to their audience – if that’s you, then this mindset shift can truly revolutionize your business. You have a service that has the potential to transform your clients’ lives and help them thrive. When you don’t share that, you don’t give them the opportunity to receive the benefits of your offer. 

Just imagine you’re going to a restaurant hungry, ready to eat. You choose a restaurant, sit down at the table, and the waiter never comes to bring you a menu or take your order. How would you feel? 

The online space is similar – you have created a space you’re welcoming people into… but then what? Are you sharing your offers with them for them to consider? Or are you leaving them "hungry" by not offering them anything? If they’re in your world online, they are choosing to be there, and they are there because they want to be. So, serve them!

Perfection is a turn off

Nobody is inspired by the perfect leader. Think about the people you look up to and love – there is probably something about them that feels real, relatable, open. They likely aren’t polished and perfect 24/7. When you try to portray perfection without showing behind the scenes, you just come off as boring and closed-off – which makes it nearly impossible for your audience to build the know, like, and trust factor they need to ultimately hire you for your services. 

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