How to Set New Year's Resolutions Based on Your Archetype

How to Set New Year's Resolutions Based on Your Archetype

leadership Dec 22, 2023

The new year is almost here, making this the perfect time for some reflection on the past year, and goal setting for the next. 

While there are endless different goals you could set, and countless ways to approach the goal setting process, there’s one universal truth that so many overlook: we each have intrinsic strengths, weaknesses and ways we’re meant to make a difference in the world. When setting resolutions for the new year it’s important to dive deeper than surface-level desires and reach into the core of our being to find out what truly drives us. 

This is where the concept of the Jungian archetypes comes into play, and can be a lighthouse in the night for our personal development and goal-setting journey. These 12 archetypes are universal symbols that originate from the collective unconscious. They aren’t just patterns or psychological constructs, they are the core essence of our human experience. They are unconsciously recognizable and impactful, and resonate at a profound level, stirring deep emotions and awakening intrinsic qualities within us. 

Knowing our archetype gives us insight into our deepest motivations, fears, aspirations, strengths and weaknesses; and when we understand our archetype it can drastically change the ways in which we set and achieve our goals. 

If you’re unsure about what your main archetype is, you can take this free and quick quiz to find out right now. The key is to understand the archetypal energies within us and use that knowledge to set goals that are not just aspirational but deeply aligned with our true selves. 

Whether you're firmly aware of your archetype or still exploring, this guide will help align your New Year's resolutions with the truest parts of yourself, giving you a head start at setting and achieving your new years goals this year. 

And side note - I use the words “goal” and "resolution" a lot in this blog post, but don’t get too hung up on the words. You can think of these as new year's intentions, themes, goals, resolutions or whatever you resonate with most.

The Innocent 

The Innocent archetype embodies hope, goodness, and a positive outlook on life. Known for their idealism and loyalty, those who resonate with the Innocent archetype often seek fulfillment and simplicity in their lives.

The Innocent's greatest strengths lie in their optimism and ability to slow down and smell the roses of life. They bring a sense of joy, integrity, simplicity and faith that can be calming and uplifting to those around them. However, these strengths can sometimes become vulnerable weaknesses. The Innocent can be naive, overly trusting, and may lack worldly experience, leading to a fear of abandonment or exploitation.

For those aligned with the Innocent archetype, personal growth involves balancing your innate optimism with a realistic understanding of the world. This can look like seeking new experiences, embracing and learning to navigate life’s complexities, and building resilience. 

The Innocent is gifted at spreading joy and optimism, and inspiring others to see the good in the world. Their journey isn't just about self-improvement; it's about sharing their positive outlook and bringing light to others' lives. 

Below are some ideas to help guide the Innocent’s new year’s goals and intentions. If you are the Innocent archetype, you don’t have to commit to all of the ideas below, just choose the ones where you have the most room for growth. 

Innocent Business Goals and Intentions:

  • Declutter your business by removing any programs, products, services, systems or processes that create confusion and overwhelm for yourself and/or your audience. 
  • Review your brand to ensure your words and visuals are communicating joy, optimism and simplicity.
  • Simplify your calendar by choosing specific days to see clients, work on projects, etc. and then staying committed to your schedule.
  • Work with a personal presence or confidence coach to help you embody your inner strength (in your own gentle way) so you’re sure to be taken seriously by the people you want to serve. 

Innocent Personal Goals and Intentions:

  • Eliminate what doesn’t bring you joy. Mari Kondo’s famous question, “does it bring you joy?” doesn’t just apply to your closet - you can use it to take stock of your entire life too by removing everything you possibly can that doesn’t light you up. 
  • Prioritize spaciousness by adding baths, walks, art, cooking, time with friends or anything else that helps you feel content and calm into your calendar. 
  • Challenge yourself by choosing goals that deeply align with your values, but that you tend to avoid because they might bring up emotions like anger, sadness and fear. You’ll feel proud of yourself and expand your capacity to hold all of the human experience.  
  • Cultivate a deep inner knowing of who you are and what you stand for so you’re not as easily thrown off if someone judges you as bad or wrong.

By understanding and embracing these aspects of the Innocent archetype, you can find a harmonious balance between goals that align with your natural strengths and goals that help you grow into more wholeness. 

The Everyperson 

The Everyperson archetype stands for realism, common sense, and a profound need for belonging. Individuals aligned with this archetype often seek meaningful connections and are appreciated for their down-to-earth nature, empathy, and authenticity.

The Everyperson's greatest strengths include their relatability, approachability, and solid virtues. Their empathetic nature often makes them the glue that holds communities together. Despite these strengths, their weaknesses can be struggling to develop a distinct identity, becoming overly conformist, sometimes fading into the background, and becoming unremarkable in their efforts to fit in.

For those who identify with the Everyperson archetype, personal growth involves: building a unique identity and cultivating a sense of individuality, learning to distinguish themselves, and balancing conformity with individuality. 

The Everyperson plays a crucial role in society by fostering community and spreading empathy. 

Below are some ideas to help guide the Everyperson’s new year’s goals and intentions. If you are the Everyperson archetype, you don’t have to commit to all of the ideas below, just choose the ones where you have the most room for growth.  

Everyperson Business Goals and Intentions:

  • Build an in-person or online community where your audience can connect with each other and feel part of something bigger than themselves. 
  • Increase your vulnerability on social media, in your newsletter and wherever else you connect with your audience by being open about your fears and failures and sharing everyday parts of your life and business.
  • Give back to a cause you care about by choosing an organization to support and donating a percentage of your income each month.
  • Review your programs, products and services to ensure that everything you’re putting out is solid, simple and easy to understand.

Everyperson Personal Goals and Intentions:

  • Learn to receive praise by really feeling the compliments and love others give you.  
  • Cultivate your ability to be guided by your own inner compass, rather than being so easily swayed by those around you. 
  • Expand your capacity for being alone so even if you feel left out you’re still ok within yourself.  
  • Stretch yourself to stand out from the crowd by identifying the qualities that make you special and owning them in your life and business! 

By embracing these aspects of the Everyperson archetype, you can create a fulfilling life that harmonizes your need for belonging with your unique identity, contributing meaningfully to your community while also growing as an individual. 

The Hero 

The Hero archetype is a symbol of courage, boldness, and unwavering determination. Heroes are characterized by their pursuit of overcoming challenges and achieving remarkable feats. They are driven by a fear of weakness or cowardice, constantly seeking to prove their strength and valor.

The Hero's main strengths lie in their courage, perseverance, and ability to inspire others. They possess a strong sense of justice and are often decisive in their actions. However, these strengths can sometimes transform into weaknesses. Heroes may display arrogance and an incessant need for another battle, leading to excessive competitiveness and aggression.

Individuals resonating with the Hero archetype can focus on these areas of personal growth – learning humility, balancing their innate competitiveness with empathy and understanding for others, and channeling their courage and strength into causes that benefit not just themselves, but others as well. 

The Hero plays a pivotal role in society by encouraging people to face their challenges and overcome them, using their strength to fight for justice and fairness, and serving as a role model for courage and determination. 

Below are some ideas to help guide the Hero’s new year’s goals and intentions. If you are the Hero archetype, you don’t have to commit to all of the ideas below, just choose the ones where you have the most room for growth.  

Hero Business Goals and Intentions:

  • Cultivate more connection and relatability with your audience by reflecting on the challenges you’ve overcome and sharing them vulnerably with your community. 
  • Create a list of brand values and make sure your brand is acting in alignment with these values everywhere you show up.
  • Review your brand to ensure your words and visuals are motivating, encouraging and empowering. 
  • Take stock of your products, programs and services and uplevel them wherever possible. Your goal is to be the best in your field.

Hero Personal Goals and Intentions:

  • Notice where you might be headed for burnout in your life, then dare to slow down, relax or even quit the things that are leading you there.
  • Seek challenges for a greater cause: Engage in endeavors that not only test your limits but also contribute to the greater good (this could be an athletic competition, volunteer opportunity or anything else that challenges you while giving back).
  • Give empowering and uplifting compliments to yourself, and the people in your life, freely.
  • Untangle your self worth from what you produce or achieve by working with a coach, therapist or starting a journaling practice.

In embracing these elements, individuals connected to the Hero archetype can continue their journey of overcoming personal and external challenges, all while empowering others and advocating for justice and fairness in the world.

The Caregiver 

The Caregiver archetype embodies the essence of nurturing, generosity, and compassion. Those who resonate with this archetype are driven by a profound desire to help and care for others, aiming to make a significant positive impact in the lives of those around them. 

Caregivers are characterized by their strengths of immense compassion and generosity. Their nurturing nature, patience, and selflessness make them invaluable in offering support and care. However, these strengths can lead to potential weaknesses. Caregivers may fall into the trap of martyrdom, being overly protective, enabling others’ dependency, or neglecting their own self-care.

For personal growth, individuals aligning with the Caregiver archetype should focus on learning to set healthy boundaries to avoid self-sacrifice and burnout, prioritizing their own well-being as much as they do for others, and ensuring a balance between caring for others and for themselves. 

The Caregiver contributes significantly to society by offering unwavering support and care to those in need, and spreading the values of compassion and selfless giving in communities.

Below are some ideas to help guide the Caregiver’s new year’s goals and intentions. If you are the Caregiver archetype, you don’t have to commit to all of the ideas below, just choose the ones where you have the most room for growth.  

Caregiver Business Goals and Intentions:

  • Choose a charity to donate a percentage of your income each month.
  • Take stock of your current customer service practices and make improvements to help your audience feel deeply cared for through every interaction. 
  • Review your website to ensure it feels welcoming and safe to everyone who visits.
  • Evaluate your current client relationships - where are you doing too much for your clients, to the point of enabling them and burning yourself out? Where can you empower your clients to learn to take care of themselves?

Caregiver Personal Goals and Intentions:

  • Choose a hobby that personally interests you and dedicate a few hours to it each week.
  • Look at what you’ve been tolerating in your life that’s sucking your joy and energy. Have the courage to eliminate it, even if it means disappointing someone.
  • Cultivate a grounding practice that helps you feel at home in your body even when outside circumstances are unstable.
  • Plan a weekly spa day, hike in nature, massage or anything else that feels nurturing to yourself and stick to it.

By embracing these elements, Caregivers can continue to provide the much-needed support and care in the world, while also ensuring their own well-being and growth. This balance allows them to sustain their compassionate efforts without the risk of personal depletion.

The Explorer 

For those who resonate with the Explorer archetype, life is a continuous quest for adventure, discovery, and personal freedom. This archetype is characterized by an insatiable curiosity and a relentless desire to experience new things and explore their own identity.

Explorers are known for their strengths of independence, ambition, and adaptability. Their courage and eagerness for lifelong learning drive them to constantly seek new horizons. However, this constant quest can have its weaknesses. Explorers may experience restlessness, a sense of dissatisfaction, escapism, or a tendency to challenge conventional norms, sometimes to their detriment.

For personal growth, Explorers should focus on seeking satisfaction and fulfillment without the need for constant change or new stimuli, and balancing their love for adventure with the need for inner discovery and personal stability.

Explorers contribute to the world by inspiring others to step out of their comfort zones and explore new possibilities, and advocating for openness to new experiences and ideas.

Below are some ideas to help guide the Explorer’s new year’s goals and intentions. If you are the Explorer archetype, you don’t have to commit to all of the ideas below, just choose the ones where you have the most room for growth.  

Explorer Business Goals and Intentions:

  • Use social media to show how your life and business break free of conventional norms. 
  • Update your programs, products and service to ensure your clients have options to personalize their experience working with you.
  • Evaluate your brand to ensure it inspires independence, freedom and nonconformity. 
  • Create an experiential retreat focused on helping your clients cultivate more meaning and purpose in their lives. 

Explorer Personal Goals and Intentions:

  • Explore a monthly new experience, by yourself or with loved ones - it could be dining at a new restaurant, taking a new class, hiking a new trail, visiting a new town or anything else that sparks your interest.
  • Work with a coach or therapist to explore the depths of your soul so you can get to know your truth and start living more in alignment with it.
  • Join a community that shares similar values where you can find home and belonging.
  • Commit to a morning journaling practice where you can reflect on your experiences and cultivate meaning from your adventures.

By integrating these elements into their goal-setting, Explorers can continue to embrace their adventurous spirit while also ensuring personal growth and stability. This balance allows them to enjoy the thrill of discovery without losing themselves in constant change, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling and well-rounded life.

The Outlaw 

The Outlaw archetype, often seen as a rebel, is defined by a deep-seated disdain for the status quo and a burning desire to challenge and overturn systems and norms that are not working. This archetype thrives on disruption and seeks to initiate revolutionary changes.

Outlaws are known for their strengths of questioning authority, breaking rules for the greater good, demonstrating resilience, and seeking freedom. Their courage to challenge and disrupt is often the catalyst for significant change. However, this rebellious nature comes with its weaknesses. Outlaws can sometimes cross boundaries destructively, leading to alienation. They may be perceived as untrustworthy or even criminal in their actions.

For personal growth, Outlaws should focus on learning to use their disruptive tendencies for positive change while avoiding self-alienation, and ensuring that their revolutionary actions do not burn bridges but rather build new ones.

Outlaws contribute to the world by questioning and challenging systems and norms that are outdated or unjust, being a source of inspiration for societal or systemic change, and standing up for and representing the interests of marginalized groups. 

Below are some ideas to help guide the Outlaw’s new year’s goals and intentions. If you are the Outlaw archetype, you don’t have to commit to all of the ideas below, just choose the ones where you have the most room for growth.  

Outlaw Business Goals and Intentions:

  • Use your social platforms to speak out about the causes, issues and topics you feel passionate about. 
  • Review your brand to make sure it’s communicating your energy, intensity and passion. Dare to use messaging and visuals that could be shocking or even offensive.
  • Evaluate your business model and offerings to make sure they are breaking conventions and not following the same old rules that everyone else in your industry is following.
  • Assess how you’re showing up in client relationships. Are you being too nice or gentle? If so, it’s time to bring more heat … your clients have been waiting! 

 Outlaw Personal Goals and Intentions:

  • If you’re a repressed Outlaw struggling to let out your fire, join a singing, acting, improv or pole dancing class to help you become more fully expressed.  
  • Channel your anger in constructive ways by finding a healthy outlet and committing to using it weekly or monthly. Anything that helps you move anger through your body could be helpful such as attending a rage room or high intensity dance class.
  • Join or lead a protest that advocates for change and supports marginalized communities.
  • Work with a coach or therapist to learn how to express yourself authentically without turning others away in fear.

By embracing these aspects in their goal setting, Outlaws can ensure that their desire for change and disruption leads to positive outcomes, both for themselves and for society. It's about finding the balance between revolution and relationship-building, ensuring that their actions lead to a better world without losing sight of the importance of community and connection.

The Lover 

The Lover archetype centers around the themes of intimacy, relationships, and passion for life. Characterized by their desire for deep connections and meaningful experiences, the Lover fears being unloved or feeling unwanted.

Lovers are known for the strengths of their passion, commitment, and sensuality. They have a unique appreciation for beauty and are usually very relationship-focused, often bringing warmth and intimacy into their interactions. However, their deep need for connection can sometimes lead to weaknesses of over-dependence on others, jealousy, and a loss of personal identity. They may also exhibit hedonistic tendencies, seeking pleasure sometimes to their detriment.

For personal growth, Lovers should consider learning to find fulfillment and happiness within themselves rather than relying solely on relationships for satisfaction, and cultivating a strong sense of self that exists independently of their relationships.

Lovers contribute to the world by bringing more love, warmth, and affection into the world, helping others cultivate deep and meaningful connections, and encouraging an appreciation for the beauty in life and in relationships. 

Below are some ideas to help guide the Lover’s new year’s goals and intentions. If you are the Lover archetype, you don’t have to commit to all of the ideas below, just choose the ones where you have the most room for growth.  

Lover Business Goals and Intentions:

  • Create intimate programs, retreats or workshops for your clients that help them feel deeply seen, heard, known and loved for exactly who they are.
  • Come up with a way to give your clients special recognition in front of your community. 
  • Evaluate your brand - everything from your logo, to your clothes, to your office space -  for beauty. Add more beauty wherever you can!
  • Uplevel your marketing through cultivating meaningful partnerships and referral relationships. 
  • Wear your heart on your sleeve in how you show up as the face of your brand. Sharing your thoughts and feelings freely will help your audience feel intimately connected with you. 

Lover Personal Goals and Intentions:

  • Prioritize pleasure - whether it’s savoring a delicious piece of cake, enjoying a sensual evening with your partner, getting a massage, taking a bath, or buying yourself luxurious bed sheets, Lovers need to experience pleasure in their life to feel fulfilled!
  • Surround yourself with more beauty to uplift your spirits - this could be anything from gifting yourself roses to watching the sunset.
  • Evaluate your life for areas that feel dull or uninspired and either eliminate them or find a way to infuse them with new passion. 
  • Commit to a daily self-love practice to promote self-acceptance and appreciation. This will help you move through feelings of loneliness and rejection faster.

By focusing on these areas, Lovers can ensure that their quest for deep connections and experiences is balanced with a strong sense of self-love and individual identity. They can create a world where relationships are enriched, and beauty is appreciated, all while staying true to themselves.

The Creator 

The Creator archetype is characterized by a deep drive for innovation, imagination, and the desire to create something lasting and impactful. This archetype fears mediocrity and not being able to realize their vision, striving always to push the boundaries of creativity and original thought.

Creators are known for their strengths of creativity, vision, and artistic talent. Their imagination and innovation are often the driving forces behind artistic and cultural advancements. However, their pursuit of perfection can lead to weaknesses of impracticality, an obsession with creation, and sometimes neglect of more practical aspects of life and work.

To achieve personal growth, Creators should focus on learning to see the beauty in the imperfect and understanding that not everything they create has to meet impossible standards, and finding ways to blend their imaginative ideas with practical execution.

Creators make the world a richer place by encouraging others to think outside the box and embrace their own creativity, and adding to the world's cultural fabric through their artistic expressions and innovative ideas.

Below are some ideas to help guide the Creator’s new year’s goals and intentions. If you are the Creator archetype, you don’t have to commit to all of the ideas below, just choose the ones where you have the most room for growth.  

Creator Business Goals and Intentions:

  • Find ways to be more self-expressed in your business, whether that’s through vlogging, podcasting, speaking or another creative outlet that inspires you.
  • Evaluate your business for quality. Is what you’re putting out there top quality? If not, refine it until it is.
  • Ensure your brand is a reflection of your soul. While this is important for all archetypes, this is an absolute MUST for the Creator.
  • Use your social platforms to inspire your audience, letting them know they can recreate themselves into anything they can imagine.

Creator Personal Goals and Intentions:

  • Work with a coach or therapist to help you release perfection so you can enjoy the creative process. 
  • Put yourself in situations that make you feel out of control (skydiving anyone?) so you can loosen your grip in everyday life and experience more freedom and flow.
  • Block off time in your schedule to create! Whether that’s painting, composing music, cooking, gardening, vision boarding or whatever else your heart desires. Creators need space to create to feel fulfilled!
  • Discover things that bring meaning to your life beyond creating so you don’t fall into stagnation or depression when you hit a creative block.

By focusing on these areas, Creators can harness their immense creative potential while also grounding their ideas in practicality. This balance allows them to bring their innovative visions to life in a way that is fulfilling and impactful, both for themselves and the world around them.

The Jester 

The Jester archetype embodies the essence of joy, humor, and light-heartedness. This archetype thrives on bringing laughter and lightness to the world, challenging the mundane and conventional with their unique brand of humor.

The Jester's key strengths lie in their ability to bring humor and liveliness to any situation. They excel at easing burdens through laughter and challenging norms in unconventional ways. However, they do have their weaknesses. Their inclination towards frivolity can sometimes lead to disrespect, irresponsibility, and a tendency to shy away from serious matters.

For personal growth, Jesters should focus on understanding when it's time to be serious and take responsibility, and learning to use their humor as a tool for connection and insight, not just entertainment.

Jesters contribute significantly to the world by lightning up the atmosphere and providing relief in stressful situations, and using their humor to make people think and question the status quo.

Below are some ideas to help guide the Jester’s new year’s goals and intentions. If you are the Jester archetype, you don’t have to commit to all of the ideas below, just choose the ones where you have the most room for growth.  

Jester Business Goals and Intentions:

  • Review your programs, products and services to make sure they include plenty of FUN! 
  • Evaluate your brand’s entertainment factor. If you’re a Jester, you’ve got to bring the party! Boring is your worst nightmare. How can you make your brand more entertaining?
  • Use Humor to connect and enlighten. Whether it’s on social media, your website or a speech, leverage your comedic skills to shine light on the truth and inspire your community to think in new ways.
  • Choose a goal for your business and stick to it! It could be a financial goal, a program you want to create or anything else. The point is that you CHOOSE and then you stay focused to see it through. 

Jester Personal Goals and Intentions:

  • Add spontaneity into your life -it’s so important to the Jester! If you have an impulse or desire, practice allowing yourself to give in. You won’t feel fulfilled until you do.
  • Sprinkle in a little structure. Jesters tend to avoid structure at all costs, but adding in just a little can create the balance they need to take their lives to the next level rather than getting stuck in the same place for years.
  • Cultivate the ability to be serious when it’s called for. Sometimes humor can be a protective shield for the Jester allowing them to avoid facing difficult situations head on. Don’t lose your fun personality, but do stretch yourself to know when humor is appropriate and when it’s not.
  • When you’re faced with an opportunity, stop, breathe and think it through before impulsively diving in head first.

By balancing their natural inclination for humor with a sense of depth and responsibility, Jesters can maximize their impact, both personally and professionally. Their ability to bring lightness to the world is a gift, and when harnessed with intention, it can lead to meaningful connections and insightful revelations.

The Sage 

The Sage archetype is characterized by a deep quest for truth, knowledge, and wisdom. Those who embody this archetype are driven by a desire for insight and understanding, and they often fear ignorance and being misled.

Sages are known for their strengths of wisdom, intelligence, and thoughtfulness. They possess an innate ability for deep insight and are committed to the continual pursuit of knowledge. However, they can sometimes fall into weaknesses of becoming overly contemplative, leading to inaction. Their critical nature might detach them from practical realities, making it hard to apply their knowledge in real-world situations.

For personal growth, Sages should focus on leveraging their wisdom in ways that have tangible impacts, and ensuring that their pursuit of knowledge is grounded in real-world applications and situations.

Sages contribute to the world by sharing their wisdom and knowledge to enlighten those around them, and helping others to develop critical thinking skills, enabling them to seek their own truths.

Below are some ideas to help guide the Sage’s new year’s goals and intentions. If you are the Sage archetype, you don’t have to commit to all of the ideas below, just choose the ones where you have the most room for growth.  

Sage Business Goals and Intentions:

  • Review your brand to ensure you’re making your audience feel informed and intelligent. 
  • Give yourself more teaching opportunities where you can share your knowledge in classes, speeches, workshops, webinars or guest blog features.
  • Review your website to ensure you’re positioning yourself as a knowledgeable expert. Be sure to include credentials, awards or testimonials that speak to your expertise.
  • Scan your marketing copy for any hints of hype and get rid of it! Always communicate in a factual, truthful and logical manner.
  • Practical Application of Wisdom: Ensuring that their goals have practical implications, thereby bridging the gap between knowledge and real-world challenges.

Sage Personal Goals and Intentions:

  • Enroll in a class that helps you expand your knowledge about a real-world topic. This will help you grow in a holistic and meaningful ways.
  • Challenge yourself to be a little more spontaneous so you don’t get stuck analyzing and never taking action.
  • Learn to let it go. If you’re caught in an argument, learn when it’s time to let it go, even if you know the other person is wrong.
  • Untangle your self worth from your knowledge or intelligence by working with a coach, therapist or starting a journaling practice.

By focusing on the practical application of their knowledge and staying connected to real-world issues, Sages can effectively use their strengths to make meaningful contributions. Their goals should not only involve the acquisition of knowledge but also its dissemination and practical use, ensuring that their wisdom benefits themselves and others in concrete ways.

The Magician 

The Magician archetype symbolizes the power of transformation, vision, and imagination. Individuals resonating with this archetype are often seen as the alchemists of the modern world, driven to create meaningful change and turn visions into reality.

Magicians strengths are transformational, visionary, and charismatic. Their intuitive nature makes them influential, capable of inspiring and leading others towards change. However, they can sometimes fall into the weakness of manipulative tendencies. They may struggle with deception, hidden motives, or a detachment from reality, which can skew their ethical compass.

For personal growth, they should focus on harnessing their charismatic and influential powers for good, ensuring that their actions benefit others as much as themselves, and recognizing that their ability to inspire change comes with a responsibility to consider the broader consequences of their actions.

Magicians contribute significantly by guiding others through transformative processes, helping them realize their potential, and showing people how strong vision and belief can lead to tangible results and real-world changes. 

Below are some ideas to help guide the Magician’s new year’s goals and intentions. If you are the Magician archetype, you don’t have to commit to all of the ideas below, just choose the ones where you have the most room for growth.  

Magician Business Goals and Intentions:

  • Review your brand to ensure that it inspires dreaming BIG and making the seemingly impossible, POSSIBLE!  
  • Create a program, course or workshop that guides your clients through a powerful transformation.
  • Evaluate your business, including your work with clients, to make sure everything you do is infused with ritual, meaning and magical experiences.
  • Create a community that focuses on the interconnectedness of everyone there.
  • Make sure the content you share is innovative, cutting edge and leads the way with new ideas.

Magician Personal Goals and Intentions:

  • Cultivate a daily ritual that helps ground your big dreams into reality. Don’t abandon your big dreams, just ground them so you can bring them to life. 
  • Develop a self-worth practice that reminds you of your value, even when you can’t keep a promise or a vision falls through. Know you are doing your best. 
  • Create friendships with people who believe in your dreams and don’t knock the wind out of your sails by calling you crazy or unrealistic. 
  • Practice trusting yourself, others and the universe. Magicians tend to be great at this, but if you’re a magician who struggles with trust, this is a muscle you definitely want to build!

By focusing on ethical influence and understanding the real-world implications of their actions, Magicians can use their natural abilities to inspire and lead transformation in both their personal lives and the broader community. Their goals should be centered around personal growth, ethical leadership, and inspiring change in a way that is grounded and tangible, ensuring that their vision translates into meaningful and sustainable transformations.

The Ruler 

The Ruler archetype embodies the quintessence of leadership, control, and a desire for status. Individuals who resonate with the Ruler archetype often possess an innate ability to create and maintain order, striving to lead their communities or organizations towards prosperity and success.

Rulers have the strengths of natural leaders, characterized by their sense of responsibility, structured approach, and success-oriented mindset. Their ability to maintain control makes them excellent at organizing and stabilizing their environments. However, their weaknesses can lead to their leadership style sometimes veering into authoritarianism. They may struggle with inflexibility, elitism, or a tendency to be overdominant, which can hinder their effectiveness and relationships.

For personal growth, Rulers should focus on learning to understand and empathize with those they lead, recognizing that true leadership involves listening and valuing others' perspectives, and realizing that sharing power and decision-making can lead to more sustainable and accepted outcomes.

Rulers contribute significantly through their structured approach that brings much-needed stability and order to chaotic situations, and using their leadership skills to foster prosperity, not just for themselves but for the entire community or organization they lead. 

Below are some ideas to help guide the Ruler’s new year’s goals and intentions. If you are the Ruler archetype, you don’t have to commit to all of the ideas below, just choose the ones where you have the most room for growth.  

Ruler Business Goals and Intentions:

  • Review your brand to ensure that it inspires your audience to feel powerful and in control of their lives.
  • Evaluate your programs, courses and even your onboarding procedures to make sure you’re guiding clients through clear processes that make them feel safe - like you’ve got everything handled.
  • Take a leadership course to ensure you’re providing kind, empathetic and clear guidance to your team.
  • Create a community that helps members set and achieve high standards. Make sure your community feels safe, stable and organized and that members feel seen, heard and empowered.

Ruler Personal Goals and Intentions:

  • Uplevel your physical environment so the energy and things in your space help you embody the true Ruler you are!
  • Create a daily routine for yourself and stick to it. This will help you feel powerful and in control of your life.
  • Take a wealth-building course to ensure you’re setting yourself up for a prosperous future through all your hard work.
  • Practice being more vulnerable with your friends and family (and even your clients). Vulnerability creates connection, even for Ruler archetypes who can unintentionally keep people away by appearing so perfect that they become unrelatable and intimidating.

By embracing empathetic leadership and a willingness to share power, Rulers can enhance their natural leadership abilities and create environments where everyone thrives. Their goals should not only focus on maintaining order and achieving success but also on developing leadership styles that are inclusive, empathetic, and beneficial for all involved. Through this, Rulers can lead their communities towards prosperity and stability, while also evolving personally as leaders who are respected and admired for their fair and inclusive approach.

A Purpose-Driven Approach to the New Year

So, we've taken a pretty deep dive into the world of archetypes and seen just how much they can impact our personal growth and the way we set our goals. These archetypes aren't just abstract concepts; they're practical tools that can help us navigate our lives more effectively. 

Each archetype brings its own set of strengths and challenges, and they're not just about our own personal stories. They actually play a part in the bigger picture, influencing how we all connect and interact with the world around us.

As we're about to step into a new year, it's the perfect time to get curious about these archetypes. Think about which one feels like it fits you best. Maybe you're the type who's always looking after others, like the Caregiver, or perhaps you're more about blazing your own trail, like the Explorer. Each archetype has its own unique underlying personality, and areas where it can really shine (or where it might need a bit of work).

Understanding your archetype can make setting your goals a whole lot more meaningful. Play to your strengths and embrace those parts of you that make you, well, you! 

If you're still not quite sure where you fit in the archetype world, why not take my free, quick quiz and see what you discover? It can be eye-opening to find out what's been driving your decisions and interactions without you even realizing it.

When you align your goals with your archetype, you're setting yourself up for a journey that's not just about achieving things on a checklist, but one that’s also about personal growth and living true to yourself. So, here's to a New Year that celebrates everything that makes you unique and helps you grow in ways that are right for you. Let's make this year one where we all find a little more purpose, get to know ourselves better, and align our lives with who we truly are. 

Cheers to that!


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