How to Define Your Own Version of Success in 2022

How to Define Your Own Version of Success in 2022

life Jan 21, 2022

Being immersed in the coaching industry and entrepreneurial world for 11+ years, all of the messages coming to us about how to do business the right way can get incredibly overwhelming. Not only that, but so many of these messages have mixed meanings, and some of them even completely contradict each other. Trying to find your way in a world of messages constantly coming at you from all different directions can be incredibly challenging. 

Now, there’s nothing wrong with having an opinion and a perspective – actually, I teach my clients that we need to have strong opinions and share them with the world! But, as the community members of the people sharing these messages, we have to remember that what people are teaching is what they themselves have practiced and become good at, and what’s worked for them. But, that doesn’t mean that it’s the only way to success.

There’s not only one path to success. 

What is success?

As entrepreneurs, we’re constantly being told that success looks a certain way – making 6 or 7 figures in your business, traveling full-time, having fancy cars, etc. 

But the problem is – we need to define success on our own terms. Because if we aren’t happy, we aren’t successful. 

To me, a 6 or 7 figure business means nothing if you aren’t happy. 

You have to define what success means to you, and then build a business that helps you live in alignment with that life that makes you happy. Any other way is not success for you - it doesn't matter if it worked for someone else. 

How do we achieve success?

After you define what success looks like for you, the next step is finding a business structure and strategy that makes it possible for you to achieve your version of success. Many coaches and entrepreneurs today will tell you that there is only one right business model if you want to be successful… but again, that’s just not true. 

For example, I know people who have followed the advice of creating leverage in their business by hosting a huge annual event that feeds into a group program and runs for the entire year, which has been a prominent model over the past few years. A colleague of mine who went down this path actually found herself more stressed and significantly less happy in this business model than when she was working with 1:1 clients. Not only that, she actually brought home the same amount of money at the end of the year – putting on huge events is not cheap! 

Now, I’m not telling you that this is the wrong way to run your business, because I also know colleagues who have tried and loved this business model and found great success through it. 

That’s just the point though. It’s not about the business model or the strategy you’re using. 

It’s about YOU. It’s about finding what lights you up and what makes you happy. It’s about how you like to spend your time and the life you want to live. 

You are a unique, special, brilliant human being put on this planet to fulfill a unique and special purpose – so try not to get sucked into all the “shoulds” people are telling you that you have to be doing in order to be successful. 

Reflection questions to help you define your own version of success

Below, I’ve outlined some questions that may be helpful for you to start outlining your own version of success this year. I recommend taking the time to think about or journal your answers to these prompts. 

  • What lights you up inside?
  • What do you want your daily life to look like?
  • In your work, what is most fulfilling to you?
  • What parts of your work drain your energy? 
  • Do you need a certain income to be successful? What is that number? 

If you’re ready to feel fully confident about where to focus your time and energy in 2022 to achieve your most successful year yet (whatever that looks like for you), then I invite you to join my upcoming workshop! What you'll learn during our 3 hours together will STOP you from going down the wrong path and potentially wasting thousands of dollars and hours in the process. Click below to learn more and reserve your seat today!


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