The Benefits of Using Kajabi to Host Your Signature Offer

The Benefits of Using Kajabi to Host Your Signature Offer

kajabi websites May 21, 2021

Creating a signature offer or program in your business gives your clients easy access to your knowledge, allows you to streamline and simplify all that you do, gives you another revenue stream, and delivers great results to your clients. While the type of offer that’s best for your business is going to depend on you and your business, one thing is the same for everyone who creates a signature offer – you need to deliver your offer in a way that works for both you and your clients. 

Why Kajabi is Great for Courses and Memberships

Setting up your offer on Kajabi saves you time and energy on the back end, and creates a friendly user experience for your clients to navigate and find what they need, when they need it. Not only can Kajabi host your course or membership, but it also has a website builder, built-in email marketing, list management, payment systems, and so much more. Most importantly, Kajabi makes it easy to set up your course in a way that is logical, easy to follow, and easily accessible to your clients. 

Once you’ve determined the transformation your course will help your clients achieve and outlined the content you want to include in your course, the next step is to organize it in a platform that works for you and your clients. Kajabi allows you to break down your course materials into main topics and sub-topics, and even provide end-of-topic recaps or quizzes. For example, below is a screenshot of the first two topics in one of my Impact Tribe courses, “The Power of Programs.” As you can see, Each topic is broken down into relevant sub-topics. The green check marks on the right hand side of the course show me that the section is published, which makes it incredibly easy and convenient to manage on the back end. 

Also, Kajabi makes it easy for your students to track their progress through the course by showing whether or not they’ve completed the topics and sub-topics from their main page. You can see the student view of this course in the screenshot below. This course has been designed to match my branding, and Kajabi makes it easy to customize the look and feel of your content to match your branding as well. 

Within each subtopic, Kajabi gives you the space to host a video (with audio, captions, and speed adjustments), a title and description of the section, downloadable resources, and additional information in the side panels. It also gives course attendees a place to leave comments and questions that you can easily answer, allows them to mark the section as complete, and easily navigate to the previous or next topic. The screenshot below is the first subtopic within the first topic, “Get Started with Your Premium Program.”

Setting up your course or membership in Kajabi is easy-to-follow with their user-friendly interface and Kajabi University, containing lessons on anything and everything you can use Kajabi for. Once you have the course set up, it’s incredibly easy and intuitive for your clients to navigate through and for you to manage over time. With countless features such as video hosting, saving content as a draft before publishing, setting up a custom drip-sequence, adding rewards and special offers, built-in communication systems, member tagging, and so much more, Kajabi truly offers everything you need to set your course or membership, and your clients, up for success. 

I host everything on Kajabi, including my courses and Impact Tribe membership, and I recommend it for any service-based business owner who’s looking to set up a course or a membership. 

If you believe Kajabi has what you need to set up your course or membership successfully, I have an affiliate link for you to use, and as a bonus, you’ll receive a FREE 40 minute Kajabi Kickstart session with me to help you begin your journey on this amazing platform! 

CLICK HERE to explore the platform and start your 30-day free trial!


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