Million-Dollar Brand Makeover

An exclusive 8-week branding program designed for the daring entrepreneur who is ready to attract high-level clients, opportunities and income

Are you amazing at what you do, but still find yourself holding back from opportunities that could propel your business to the next level?

Maybe it's because you feel...

  • Ashamed of the way your brand represents you, so you avoid sending people to your website.
  • Jealous when you surf the internet or attend a networking event and everyone else seems so certain and put together.
  • Frustrated because you’ve been in business for a while, but you’re still not where you expected to be by now.
  • Tired of attracting less than ideal clients who aren’t willing to pay you what you’re worth.
  • Confused about the decisions you’re making in your business, from program names to video topics, to speaking opportunities - you’re always questioning if your decisions are really “you”.

enough is enough!

It's time to get control over your brand so you stop spinning your wheels in the land of “just ok”.

You were born to be ahMAZING!

If you want to sell high-end programs, build your tribe and attract clients who see your value and are eager to pay you for it, then your brand must reflect your high level of sophistication, qualifications and experience!

Maybe you’ve tried hiring a designer, but no matter how much you explained your vision, they just didn’t “get it”.

Or maybe you’ve thought “branding is easy enough, I can do this myself” and you headed over to Canva or PicMonkey where you spent the next 5 hours trying to create a design that ended up looking unprofessional (because it was).

Here’s the thing…

Your brand doesn’t start with a logo, color palette or ANY type of design for that matter.

When you try to start with design, you’ll always be disappointed. I’ve seen it over and over again (and experienced it myself too back in the day).

Building your brand requires a deep discovery process to uncover your brand’s essence. You need to be crystal clear on things like your brand personality, values, vision, beliefs, emotions, style, intolerances, point of view, edge and so much more.

Then you need to understand your ideal client and the emotional impact you want your brand to have when interacting with the world.

Building your brand from within your own limited perspective is extremely difficult to do (if not impossible). And it’s unfair to expect a graphic designer to help you figure it out because that’s not their genius (their genius is design, not brand psychology and strategy).

That’s why working with a professional brand strategist (like me!) is absolutely essential… that is, if you don’t want to waste a bunch of time and money on a visual brand that you can’t stand to look at.

The Million-Dollar Brand Makeover

is designed for the daring entrepreneur who wants a professional brand that will launch her into the arena with the high rollers in her industry.

She’s done with DIY branding and the painful process of working with designers who just don’t get it.

She values her time and knows that focusing on her area of brilliance while letting the experts handle the rest is the smartest decision she can make.

Here's what you receive in the Million-Dollar Brand Makeover Program:

Brand Matrix

Your Brand Matrix pulls together every facet of your brand into one clear resource for you and your team to follow from this day forward. No more wondering: “is this me?” or “should I say yes to that opportunity?” - if it doesn’t align with your Brand Matrix, the answer is no.

We’ll spend 4 hours creating the bones of your Brand Matrix during your Million Dollar Brand Intensive. I’ll walk you through things like your brand archetypes, power colors, personality, values, big WHY, intolerances, edge, opinions, beliefs, promise, emotions, ideal client, themes/metaphors, words/phrases, brand story, program/product names, personal style… and much more.

We’ll document all of this in your Brand Matrix, which you and your team will be able to use to ensure your brand voice and visuals stay aligned through every part of your business.

This is a DEEP discovery process that is unlike working with any graphic designer I know. Why? Because although I’ve hand picked some of the best designers in the field to work on my team, I’m not the graphic designer. I’m the Brand Strategist.

I won’t give you a questionnaire and ask you to fill it out on your own, leaving you confused and wondering if you’re doing it right. I will be by your side every step of the way. My process is infused with my background in psychology, communications and coaching to ensure that you build a brand that is not only beautiful, but profitable too.

Complete Brand Communication System

Never scratch your head again, wondering how to talk and write about your business so people “get” what you have to offer. By the end of this program, and depending on your business’s needs, you will have a complete brand communication system that reflects your brand’s unique personality AND speaks to the hearts of your ideal clients, so they WANT to work with you.

Your Communication System includes things like:

  • Words and phrases library

  • Tagline

  • Marketing Message

  • Professional Bio

  • Program Names

  • Themes and Metaphors

  • Brand Story

  • Content Categories

Your Communication System is part of your Brand Matrix and is an invaluable resource you can use to keep your copy consistent and your brand voice authentic to you. We’ll create the bones of your Brand Matrix during your 4-hour Intensive. Then, for 8 weeks after your Intensive, you’ll have my support to complete your Communication System.

Visual Identity

Your brand visuals are your potential clients’ first encounter with your brand and are extremely important in setting a memorable first impression. You will receive a robust visual identity package strategically designed to reflect your essence and attract the right kind of clients and income-generating opportunities.

Your Visual Identity Package includes things like:

  • Brand Guide

  • Primary Logo

  • Secondary logo and /or Watermarks

  • Color palette

  • Fonts/Typography

  • Patterns/Textures

  • Icons

  • Social media icons

  • Social media headers
    (FB, Twitter, newsletter)

  • Stock image selection

  • Print collection (choose 3)

    - Business card
    - Stickers
    - Letterhead
    - Banners
    - Postcards

Each of these visual elements will provide material you can use to continue building a consistent brand presence in all of your marketing materials

Private Coaching & Email Support

During our 8 weeks together you will have my undivided attention as we work together to build your high-class brand. With one, 4-hour Intensive and four, 40-minute sessions, PLUS unlimited email and phone support, you will have the expert guidance you need to walk away with a brand you feel confident about and excited to share with the world!

"When you become a coach, you realize there are a lot of coaches out there who may do something similar to you, and I knew that I wanted to clarify my message so that I could truly walk in my purpose and be my authentic self. Jessie May helped me differentiate myself from all the other coaches while staying true to myself. She is truly magnetic and it’s that type of energy I look for in a coach. During our time together we determined every little part of my brand from my mission, vision, and values to colors, brand personality and more.
 Jessie May is the real deal, her smile lights up the room and the hearts of all of her clients. I can definitely say I’m true fan and blessed to have worked with her!"

Tiffany Lanier
Business and Clarity Coach

"Before my work with Jessie May, I knew my brand wasn’t communicating clearly to reach my favorite people, but I hoped my work would speak for itself. Now, after working with Jessie May, I am *on fire* to share my unique set of talents and perspectives with the world! Jessie May helped me connect what I do with who I am. She has beautiful insights about how to honor your most cherished values. If you’ve been feeling a little lackluster about your brand, go get a dose of sparkle with Jessie May - you will be sure to benefit from her elegant presence and action-driven advice. She is much more than just a branding coach!"

Katherine Campbell, LAc

 Prior to working with Jessie May, I struggled to convey my message in a way that “landed” with the person I was talking to. This left me feeling very frustrated – while I was certain of how much I could help someone, the way I was communicating fell short. It was so disappointing to see someone walk away, knowing that I could make a such big difference in their life, but unable to actually do so because my message was not clear. Jessie May helped me develop very targeted strategies for creating a seamless platform upon which to build my business, including cohesive messaging and branding across my newly created program, in presentations, for my newsletter and at networking events, just to name a few. It feels amazing to have a successful approach now, and I feel like I have learned important tools to continue building in any direction I choose! "

Dr. Karen Hufnagl, DC, MS

Schedule a time to discuss working together to build your high-class, stand out brand!


Is this Program Right for You?

If after looking over the above information, you still wonder if this program is right for you, please find some additional information below to help you decide.

We'll be a great fit to work together if…

  1. You are a visionary entrepreneur who is the inspirational face of your brand.
  2. You’ve reached a certain level of success in your business, but you know that if you want to take your income and impact to the next level, you need a brand that reflects your expertise.
  3. You’re excited to put yourself out there in a bigger way and care deeply that your brand is a true reflection of your inner awesomeness when you do.
  4. You have a vision for the direction you want to take your business, you just need support bringing your brand into alignment with that vision.
  5. You understand that building your brand requires deep inner reflection, answering challenging questions and making decisions, all within a limited timeframe, if you want to get the results from this program that you came for.

Please don't apply to this program if…

  1. You are extremely indecisive - you over-analyze and second guess every decision you make.
  2. You don’t have a vision for the direction you want to take your business.
  3. You don’t believe that branding is important.
  4. You can’t make the time to invest in the work it will take.
  5. You want to keep your reach small and have no desire to create massive impact and influence.

Meet Your Brand Strategist

Hello Daring Entrepreneur!

My name is Jessie May and I’m on a mission to help you take your brand from confusing, boring and forgettable to captivating, professional and gorgeous so you can be seen, heard and hired for the amazing expert you are!

Through the power of archetypes and color psychology, my masters degree in Communications with a focus in New Media and Internet Marketing, my degree in Contemplative Psychology and my Coaching Certification, I help my clients identify their true brand expression, then create beautiful visuals and clear messaging that reflect their expert-level knowledge.

If you feel like your current brand (or lack thereof) is holding you back from taking your business to the next level, then we should definitely talk.

The sea of entrepreneurs is overflowing and it's only getting more crowded. A high-end brand that sets you apart is no longer an option if you want to stand out and be hired for your exceptional services.

Schedule a time to discuss working together to build your high-class, stand out brand!


Program Investment

Full Pay: $6,900

*Save $700 compared to the payment plan option.

Payment Plan:

Secure your spot with a $2,600 one-time, nonrefundable deposit and divide the remainder of your investment into 2 equal monthly payments of $2,500. *You will invest a total of $7,600 with the payment plan option.

"Before my personal branding intensive with Jessie May, I wasn’t making the consistent money I needed to survive and I wasn’t attracting consistent clients. I wanted to utilize my passion better in my business—not just work with people who I could help, but work with clients who I felt completely inspired by. During my work with Jessie May, she asked all the right questions to help me align my business with what I truly care about: helping single women find love. Now my passions are being fully utilized and it feels really good. I’m also making money. And not just enough to survive. I reached my first $6,000 month shortly after my intensive with Jessie May. "

Gianna Rackham
Love Coach

"Now, I feel so much more confident because I know how to communicate to others what I do…and they understand what I’m talking about!"

Ginna Larson
Health and Nutrition Coach

"Don’t be fooled by her beautiful almost pixie like presence, Jessie May is a Master at her craft. She has the class and elegance of an Authentic Leader and the grit of a Rock Star to meet you where you are and dive to the depths of recovering the deepest parts of yourself. And boy will this woman help you get your Shine back on.  You will discover much about yourself as she expertly, efficiently and so effectively guides you through the waters of your your brand so seamlessly that you arrive feeling like you were on a luxury yacht.  Make no mistake, you must be committed and clear about where you want to go, but there is no guide I could possibly recommend more highly to get you there."

Alecia Evans

Schedule a time to discuss working together to build your high-class, stand out brand!


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