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Here's what you receive in the Ignite Your Website Program:

Everything from the Million Dollar Brand Makeover Program

To build your gorgeous and profitable website, first we need a clear understanding of your brand and all of its design elements. So we’ll begin your website journey by developing your brand identity, creating your unique communication system and designing your brand visuals.

Check out everything that’s included in the Million Dollar Brand Makeover Program!

A Gorgeous Website, Strategically Designed to Attract Clients

I will consult with you on the best website platform to help you achieve your vision. We might build your site in Wordpress, Kajabi or Squarespace depending on your goals.

Your website will include:

  • 5 core pages: home page, about page and program page, plus 2 pages of your choice.

  • Up to 3 additional pages with minimal copy. For example: lead page, blog feed, contact, work with me menu, or another page of your choice.

  • Blog set up

  • Essential SEO

  • Fully responsive design

Done-for-You Website Copy

You heard that right! We will write the copy for every page we design.

This saves you HOURS of time spinning your wheels and pulling out your hair, trying to write your website copy yourself.

Our system for collecting the information we need ensures that the words on your website sound like you and are strategically written to attract leads to your list and clients into your programs.

Of course, you can have all the input you want, or none at all - It’s up to you.

A New or Refined Signature Program

To write your program page website copy, first we need your program!

I will guide you to package and price your brilliance into a signature program that makes it easy for potential clients to see the value of working with you. Your program will save you hundreds of hours in the long run because you won’t be recreating the wheel every time you work with a new client.

Systems Integration and Set Up

Your website shouldn’t just sit there and look pretty. It needs to make your life easier and your client experience effortless. I will consult with you on the best systems and processes for your business. Then, we’ll set up your systems and teach you how to use them.

Examples of systems we might set up for you:

  • Online forms:
    - Lead capture forms
    - Client contracts and agreements
    - Program applications

  • Email integration

  • Online calendar

  • CRM

  • Shopping Cart

If any part of the system involves written copy - for example, client contracts, agreements, applications, etc. we will guide you with examples and templates, or if it makes sense, we’ll write it for you, with your input.

Lead Magnet and Nurture Sequence Design and Set Up

Don’t let website visitors slip away! I will help you choose the right lead magnet for your website and guide you with examples to help you easily create it. You will write your lead magnet content because your expertise is required for this task. But I will coach you every step of the way and edit the copy until it’s perfect.

After that, we’ll design your lead magnet so it looks beautiful and professional, and set it up on your website. Finally, we’ll write your nurture sequence emails for you… all in your brand voice.

Unlimited Support and Feedback

In addition to the 4-hour Intensive and (4) four, 40-minute sessions that you receive as part of the Million Dollar Brand Makeover Program, you will have my unlimited support on anything relating to your website until your website is complete (usually about 4 months). This includes email, phone and Zoom sessions, where we will connect as needed, to discuss your website and ensure we are staying aligned with your vision.

Please keep in mind that support must stay focused on your website and branding project. If you would like business coaching beyond your website, please learn about how I can support you on my private coaching page.

"I had hired two web designers in the past and all I had to show for it were mediocre sites that didn’t feel like “me”. I longed to find someone I could trust who could brand me in a way that aligned with who I am. Jessie May was the perfect person for the job! She helped me build a brand, create content and packages and design a beautiful website that all aligned with the true me. I am consistently complimented on my website, which has lead to increased sales, income and financial freedom. Through my work with Jessie May I have gained the confidence to step up and be a leader in my business. I am writing a book, creating a comedy about Lyme, stepping out as a guest speaker and onto Lyme telesummits as an expert in my field. Jessie May is 100% dedicated to making women successful in their business; she has done it for herself and she knows it from the inside out."

Leila Sun
Intuitive Healer, Transformational Life & Lyme Coach

"I recommend Jessie May to anyone who wants a boost of enthusiasm, hard work and energy into their brand! I came to Jessie May for help creating an online presence for my work as a Life coach and Zen artist. She’s organized, focused and committed to her private clients’ goals. Jessie May helped me to clarify the unique steps of my process, and the message that resonates with it; be the calm in the chaos. Together we created a brand to represent my work, both on and off line. I redid my website, created new logos, picked new colors and wrote new copy under her watchful eye. The results have expanded my work and deepened my impact. Thank you Jessie May!"

Pompe Strater-Vidal
Life Coach and Zen Artist

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Is this Program a Good Fit?

If after looking over the above information, you still wonder if this program is right for you, please find some additional information below to help you decide.

You're a Perfect Fit for the Ignite Your Website Program if:

  1. You want to give your old brand and website a total makeover… or if you’re starting a completely new business and want to do it right from the beginning.
  2. It’s important to you that your brand and website look and sound like YOU!
  3. You’re ready to take your income and impact to the next level and you need a website that can help you get there.
  4. You’re done with DIY branding and website design. You know your time is better spent focused on your areas of brilliance.
  5. You’re looking for a complete program that will help you set up all of your website’s moving parts. You’re not interested in finding, managing and piecing together designers, developers, copywriters and tech gurus to make everything function together.
  6. You have a vision for the direction you want to take your business, you just need support bringing your brand and website into alignment with that vision.

Please don't apply to this program if…

  1. You are extremely indecisive - you over-analyze and second guess every decision you make.
  2. You don’t have a vision for the direction you want to take your business.
  3. You don’t believe that your brand or website is important.
  4. You can’t make the time to invest in the process. Yes, we’ll be doing as much as humanly possible for you, but we still need your participation to ensure the final product aligns with you and your vision.
  5. You want to keep your reach small and have no desire to create massive impact and influence.

Meet Your Brand Strategist

Hey there, Daring Entrepreneur!

My name is Jessie May and I created the Ignite Your Website program because it breaks my heart when I see brilliant business owners make the same website mistakes over and over again.

Mistakes like:

  1. Spending hours pulling out your hair, trying to write copy, that ends up confusing and repelling the clients you want to attract.
  2. Wasting time trying to design your own graphics and visuals, that only end up screaming “unprofessional!”
  3. Investing time and money to carefully build your brand, only to hire a website designer, or worse, a website developer (because you don’t know the difference), who makes a mess of all your hard work.
  4. Trying to build a website without a clearly defined and documented brand identity. Instead of creating connection with future clients, your website ends up an empty shell that blocks future clients from getting to know the real you.
  5. Losing clients and leads because your website doesn’t have a clear system set up to invite people to the next step with you.
  6. Choosing the wrong systems that end up creating chaos, confusion and overwhelm for you and your clients.
  7. Trying to build your website without having a clear and structured way to work with you so potential clients can see the value of their investment.

My goal is to help you communicate your brilliance through a beautiful, strategic and profitable website without wasting precious time, energy and money on a website that might look nice and shiny (if you’re lucky), but isn’t strategically set up to attract clients.


Program Investment

Full Pay: $15,000

*Save $1,500 compared to the payment plan option.

Payment Plan:

Secure your spot with a $5,000 one-time, nonrefundable deposit and divide the remainder of your investment into 4 equal monthly payments of $2,875. *You will invest a total of $16,500 with the payment plan option.

"One of the best things I received from working with Jessie May is the quiet confidence I now have in being my brand. I love how it is reflected in my look, my messaging, my website, my conversations, and the Everyday52™ Contentment Cards. With her guidance, I designed and created the cards and the platform that supports coaching a contentment movement. My Everyday52™ cards launch was a phenomenal success—and I’m now selling Everyday52™ card decks to people all over the country and am well on the way to cultivating a contentment movement! I could not have done all of this without Jessie May’s support. There are so many moving pieces to bringing a vision to life, and although you might feel like those pieces should be common sense, they simply aren’t. Jessie May brought the structure and container I needed in a way that was extremely focused and clear. When I became discouraged or overwhelmed she compassionately brought me back to my vision and brand."

Stacy Boston
Contentment Coach, Founder/Creator of Everyday52™

Schedule a time to discuss working together to build your high-class, stand out brand and website!


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