Your Business is Like Crossfit

Your Business is Like Crossfit

I haven’t really shared much about this yet with you, my fabulous tribe…but I’ve been kicking butt at Crossfit since the end of February.

I decided to join a Crossfit gym this year because I had put on 20 lbs since my wedding in 2010. I was fed up with feeling out of shape. It was time to get serious about feeling better and showing up more energized for my clients.

My regular gym, just wasn’t working for me anymore. I wanted to be part of a community where I’d be held accountable, where there was a culture of like-minded people who could inspire me and lift me up, and where there were workouts that I actually enjoyed doing! Crossfit provided all of this and more.

Since February, I’ve made Crossfit a consistent part of my life. I go 5 times a week and absolutely LOVE it. It’s fun! I enjoy the workouts and I actually wantto keep going back for more.

One of the most exciting parts is that I’m starting to notice physical results. I feel stronger and leaner, and even though I don’t care that much about actual pounds, I’ve lost about 8, which feels great!

I’m going to keep this up and look forward to showing off my muscles to you in a few months, lol.

But really, this article isn’t so much about Crossfit, as the biz lessons that can be gleaned from this experience.

There are 2 major lessons that I that I learned from Crossfit that are directly related to your business:

1. Consistency

As much as some business gurus out there want you to believe - there isn’t a magic bullet that will boom your biz to six figures over night. Nor could I go to the Crossfit gym once and expect a lean, muscular body right away. Consistency is what gets results.

I see business owners get discouraged all the time because, after a couple tries, they decide that a marketing strategy isn’t working. This isn’t how it works. You must be consistent and build foundation – sometimes for months, before seeing results.

2. Community

I wanted to be a strong, lean, muscular, Crossfitter, so I joined a Crossfit community where I would be held accountable and inspired by people who had what I wanted.

This goes the same for your business. If you want to be a successful business owner, you must surround yourself with other successful business owners who will inspire you, lift you up and hold you accountable to achieving your goal.

This could look like hiring a business coach, joining a mastermind group and attending events where the type of business owner you want to become spends her time.

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